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John Stackten 25/06/2019 11:00
Sometimes it get rough, but you gotta be tuff before a nigga call yo bluff. I then stared down that barrel and the shit is fucked up but if the gang with me nigga I aint getting touched #openingstatement @sfcoop_
“Justin Ayars is the victim,” Morris Munoz said during his opening statement. “He defended himself from a vicious act of violence committed by his ex-fiancé.” The testimony is part of a three-day ...
ArslanRajput 24/06/2019 06:07
Sporting News Video Hub One of the most iconic sports media brands. Conceived in 1886, Sporting News offers a trusted perspective on multiple sports through cutting edge digital story-telling on all ...
The lead prosecutor of a decorated Navy SEAL charged with killing a wounded teenage ISIS prisoner under his care in Iraq and other war crimes described the defendant in his opening statement Tuesday ...
Daniel J. Abby-Normal 23/06/2019 01:40
I’m brought to tears that OUR #POTUS didn’t want to attack Iran because of the unmanned drone. INNOCENT lives are more important to #PresidentTrump than endless war. #OpeningStatement #JudgeJeanine @JudgeJeanine
Today, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology is holding a full Committee hearing titled, “Combating Sexual Harassment in Science.” Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s (D-TX) opening ...
John Ferris 23/06/2019 01:32
Incredibly insightful #OpeningStatement @JudgeJeanine!...#Trump’s electoral momentum can be compared to a #Lamborghini...A #Countach!...Roughly translated it means “Holy Cow”...For the Dems it’s going to mean “Holy Cow!...We just can’t compete with this guy!” #Trump2020Landslide
BATON ROUGE – His team’s new aggressive, full-court pressure produced the type of results Holden’s first-year coach Landon DuBois was hoping for in the first half of Wednesday’s Woodlawn High Summer ...
LINEESHKUMAR 19/06/2019 12:26
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Franklins Solicitors LLP 18/06/2019 08:00
@FranklinsSols Accredited Mediator @SarahJCanning gives us her version of mastering the mediation joint meeting - specifically in regards to preparing your opening statement https://   #mediation #adr #disputeresolution #jointmeeting #openingstatement #dispute
Jeanine Pirro 16/06/2019 01:13
[email protected] is transparent…that’s why people love him....He’s not going to be impeached. The bottom line is the democrats hate his style and they hate him. I'm here to tell you- his legacy will be decided at the polls—not in congress or in the courts. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 09/06/2019 01:13
It all comes down to one thing. The strength of The Pres. to again defy the odds, the naysayer and the doubters. To do what no other Pres. has done. Fix this mess. This is Donald Trump’s moment in history. And I believe in the man and the moment. So should you. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 28/05/2019 02:53
The President has had it. And I don’t blame him. Every day he gets up taking incoming from these halfwits, stuck on stupid, telling him that he didn’t win fair and square. But the facts are incontrovertible. He won. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 19/05/2019 01:10
I told you more than a year ago former FBI Director Comey was the head of his own crime family & that he ran the upper echelon of the FBI like an organized criminal enterprise.... The rank and file wouldn’t have tolerated this. Even Barr questioned it. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 12/05/2019 01:11
We need a House of Representatives that represents the people in this great nation. Not people who want to remake America and maintain their own power. God help us. God help us if we elect these same people and they stay in control of our country. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 21/04/2019 01:10
Barr is a true warrior and I believe he will follow through on his mission as attorney general. And finally, at long last, bring justice to the people who really deserve it. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 10/03/2019 02:14
President Trump was right when he said the democrat party is now the anti-Israel party. Don’t forget Nancy, history has proven over and over when you appease to anti-Semitic sentiment, the worst happens. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 27/01/2019 02:20
The war isn’t over yet. Remember Donald Trump is a man willing to take the shots to change the norm in order to do what he thinks is best for the country. Very often, he’s dead on…Never underestimate this President. He lives to fight another day. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 20/01/2019 02:22
Trump has been at the W.H. virtually every day working & waiting...[Dems] not only disrespect him, they sometimes don’t even show up. Refuse his every overture, put a stake in the ground, proving that politics are more important than putting people back to work. #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 06/01/2019 02:17
"By the way show me where in the Constitution, Rashida, it says you can impeach a president because you hate him." My #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 23/12/2018 02:18
"Mr. President, the American people are tired of our government standing with illegals over American citizens. They are tired of the destruction of the rule of law in our country." #OpeningStatement
Jeanine Pirro 16/12/2018 02:35
"We are in a dark and dangerous place in America tonight, where politics is driving our system of justice, instead of lady justice being blind to politics." #OpeningStatement
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