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Hanna 15/10/2019 12:20
If this isn’t true, your just as bad as what your trying to make him out to be ruining someone’s family is nothing to joke or lie about. You could accuse him of something and he could go to prison then those girls would be without there dad.. I just cannot. #nomoredrama
Sotto: No more drama; Senate posts 90% filled Thu, 18 Jul 2019 17:00:00 GMT
Sen. Vicente Sotto III said he did not expect controversy when the Senate opened its session and assigned committee chairmanships on Monday. The Senate leader said more than 90 percent of committee ...
nomoredrama 15/10/2019 11:00
Engaging in conversations with loved ones of all ages brings a... More for Capricorn  
NO MORE DRAMA Mon, 05 Aug 2019 10:46:00 GMT
“ Broken heart again Another lesson learned Better know your friends Or else you will get burnt Gotta count on me Cause I can guarantee that I’ll be fine” I am tired. Tired of this drama. As I think ...
Thomas Ditlefsen 15/10/2019 12:54
Yesterday was a TEAM VICTORY! @stefondiggs was one of the key “weapons” yesterday to make that happen. Great team players understand that not every week will be a 3-TD week. As a Vikings fan I hope that @stefondiggs plays his ass off regardless...for the team! #nomoredrama
Without AB, it looks like the Steelers are feeling a lot better. Over the last few months, wide receiver Antonio Brown made it his mission to do as much damage to the Pittsburgh Steelers as possible.
alicia ♡ sooktober 14/10/2019 11:16
— thursday i think https:// st/1003498613?t=1571094992   …
While the Pittsburgh Steelers try to figure out how to move receiver Antonio Brown, they’ve apparently decided to not complicate their offseason by dragging out the drama with their other unhappy star ...
nomoredrama 14/10/2019 11:00
A coworker’s strong desire to be top dog in your workplace cou... More for Capricorn  
That’s what investors are looking for in commodities in 2019 after the complex, and ofttimes toxic, political interplay between the U.S., China, Russia, and the Saudis helped to drive down prices for ...
♚ Chess Club Live ♚ 14/10/2019 04:24
The more steps you do in @ChessKungfu the stronger you get. #chessmemes #nomoredrama https://www. ?igshid=yi6anvcdecns   …
alicia ♡ sooktober 13/10/2019 12:13
— i was an accident https:// st/1002714220?t=1570968824   …
Vidro King 13/10/2019 11:45
I admire @WendyWilliams for telling her story because it's similar in so many ways too mine #StartingOver #NoMoreDrama #HowYouDoin #RespectTheQueen #BadKevin #WendyWilliams #HotTopics #Memoir #Atlanta #AskMJ #LonnieBee
nomoredrama 12/10/2019 11:00
Some habits are so routine that they’re hard to see. However, ... More for Capricorn  
Mousey 11/10/2019 06:47
You know your are stronger mentally when you are stabbed in the back and you can laugh about it. I haven't got time for playground games, you either like me or you don't! It's quite simple. #moveon #skipofffluffy #dontneednegativity #yourloss #mygain #nomoredrama
nomoredrama 11/10/2019 11:00
Ferreting out discrepancies, secrets, or lies may seem like ch... More for Capricorn  
BodyinMindPilatesLV 11/10/2019 02:21
Life is full of traps. Sometimes this fact is never more apparent than in our relationships with others. One of the biggest traps that we all fall into at one time or another is getting stuck in the whirlpool of unnecessary drama. #nomoredrama #lifecoaching
nomoredrama 09/10/2019 11:00
Eye-opening conversations with colleagues or neighbors build t... More for Capricorn  
Matt Atkinson 08/10/2019 06:49
I unfollowed a lot of ...that... crowd. Couldn’t deal. #NoMoreDrama - but send some links over. Could do with a laugh
alicia ♡ sooktober 08/10/2019 12:23
im gonna sleep now goodnight ill leave this here in case anyone wants to leave anything but probably not https:// 1570494187   …
alicia ♡ sooktober 08/10/2019 12:22
— um idk https:// st/1000213694?t=1570494161   …
Aisha B   🦄 07/10/2019 05:54
Skrrt skrrting away from people’s bullshit like - - - #longboard #skateboard #girlswhoskate #skatergirl #nomoredrama #birthday #birthdaygirl #birthdayvibes #octoberbaby #libraseason #boybye #skrtskrt #andioop… https://www. ?igshid=1ly0lltrtx1fi   …
nomoredrama 07/10/2019 11:00
An emotional tie to a cherished possession is what makes it a ... More for Capricorn  
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