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Best tweets:

Dr Natasha Dowey 19/08/2019 02:36
Well Hello Hull!! @GeologyHull #NewJob #FirstDayWhirlwind
For the last few weeks, plenty of his 403,000 Instagram followers—not to mention whole swaths of the fashion industry—were left gagging as to what exactly he meant by his copious use of #newjob. Now, ...
JW Lees Careers 18/08/2019 04:01
We have a great opportunity for a passionate & talented Sous Chef to join the team at @londonbridgeinn, Warrington. For more information on how to apply, please visit our careers page: https://   #jwlees #jwleesbrewery #jwleescareers #souschef #chefs #newjob
Today, I’m excited to join Tagboard as their VP of Platform. I’ve known the Tagboard team for about four years, meeting them from time to time at the Klout offices, constantly impressed in their ...
Bobbi 16/08/2019 08:20
Never in a million years did I think I would work in the city, yet here we are... #newjob #BuildingMyWayUp
They’ll post anywhere, including on sites with hashtags that starts “firstday,” “newjob,” or “intern.” What could be a threat? Here’s a few examples: Posting a photo of you and your new colleagues in ...
Mark Joseph Adhen 16/08/2019 08:01
10 years, met some great people and done some great stuff along the way I’ve had amazing journey with @stjohnambulance ... Now time for another challenge....#newjob #backsoon
The film's just called Bob's Burgers: The Movie. That was easy. So I started a new job today... . . . . . . . #bobsburgers #editorial #newjob #editingskills #assistantediting @bentoboxent A post ...
Joanne 16/08/2019 05:32
Lovely leaving gifts from #TeamAlliance! #newjob
#newjob selfies spread across Instagram It doesn't appear that there will be any kind of universal agreement to measure citizens' happiness and well-being anytime soon. But proponents -- such as the ...
Paul O'Connell 16/08/2019 09:24
Happy Friday! 1st week (almost) done here at @FMIHeadOffice. #newjob #friday
tay 16/08/2019 05:00
New chapter in my life #newjob #blessed
So grateful for almost a decade with @Monash_Arts with outstanding colleagues and students. Thank you for so many opportunities to learn and grow. And big thanks to my fab colleagues in @MFJMonash who definitely know my new-found of dogs #newjob #startingsoon
Teresa Douglas 15/08/2019 01:03
Starting a new remote role comes with a lot of mixed feelings. Here's how to approach crafting your day to day schedule from day 1. #RemoteWork #NewJob https:// our-new-remote-job-on-the-right-foot/   …
Bobby FU 14/08/2019 11:20
my new station #newjob
Lesley B 14/08/2019 07:27
New ID badge today #itsofficial #newjob
Nicole Willis 13/08/2019 10:23
I come to @CorePowerYoga to fill my cup #newjob #newtown
Hororman   🇧🇪 13/08/2019 07:09
So i started my new job this week and its actually fun :P i work in a warehouse atm, #newjob @SenseiOrg
topsy 13/08/2019 06:48
#JobSearch is a hustle while you're already managing work and responsibilities and you can’t afford to make these mistakes if you want to deal a new role asap. #jobinterviews #interviewtips #newjob #backtowork #workingwomen
Gems Dixon Shaw 12/08/2019 07:53
When you see the impact your new job has on the high street and you have to stop and take a pic! @liveshq #newjob
Lara Ehrlich 12/08/2019 05:02
View from the #newjob!
So today starts a new journey working with @Crestron in EMEA, with my colleague Charlie James. 100% focus on #MicrosoftTeams devices #NewJob
David Tng 12/08/2019 11:01
First official day of #work at the School for Field Studies (@TheSFS) at Yungaburra, Australia as Centre Director. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to continue working in the wonderful part of the world in north Queensland with a wonderful team. #newjob
Caroline Anderson 12/08/2019 10:21
First day at @NHSBartsHealth Excited to be here and get started on The @CernerUK e-prescribing project (but first, induction time!) #WeCare #WeConnect #Newjob #EPMA #eprescribing
Louise Miles-Payne 12/08/2019 08:04
First day at big school aka @cardiffuni - wish me luck #newjob #enterprise
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