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Neverforget911 31/05/2020 03:46
Can a reporter please ask why these protestors are allowed to be out during a government shutdown??? PPL have been arrested & summoned for the past several months. IS NYC back open?
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 04:04
I’m the biggest advocate of ALL constitutional rights. HOWEVER, bc of the ridiculous stay at home Order to “social distance” many of my rights have been violated the past 3 months! OPEN NYC back up!
Neverforget911 25/05/2020 04:59
is he headed west or back toward NJ?
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 02:01
PEACEFUL - FLINT Watch @midmichigannow's broadcast: LIVE: Protest march for George Floyd happening in Flint Twp, Michigan Read More: https:// tice-for-george-floyd-protest-in-flint-twp   … https://www. R0JMVnlvamV8MWpNSmdRa1BrTHlLTCIFI703SLqgKihANInRRO3pohDKwbU2d-P-OCu5nYyn   …
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 02:55
WTF? Where the hell is @NYCMayor and @NYGovCuomo - what do we pay and election officials to lead in times like this?? THEY should be jailed!
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 05:35
Watch @houstonpolice's broadcast: Commander Ron Borza Media Briefing on Multiple Persons Shot 9635 Scott St https://www. R0JMVnlvamV8MVlxR29Rb0xqbU54duc4HLCfUJzOH6sdC9bjpabkZfSgxQfRm9SPnKcMn1D0   …
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 02:40
He’s “calling in” ? Interested, we he called for the “Jews” to be rounded up for breaking social distancing order he WENT DOWN TO THE SCENE!
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 01:15
Neverforget911 31/05/2020 01:10
They had things thrown at them! And ppl jumping on top of their cars? wtf
Neverforget911 30/05/2020 05:33
Whoa whoa whoa- soooo it’s ok to bunch a police officer with a closed fist in the face??? Wow
Neverforget911 29/05/2020 06:11
Was he taken into custody with an attorney? Was he handcuffed? Or taken in thru a side door?
Neverforget911 29/05/2020 05:11
BULLSHIT! These people literally DONT WORK!
Neverforget911 29/05/2020 05:09
CAN he now REOPEN all retail stores to operate like other stores like supermarkets, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc???? This CURBSIDE pickup is ridiculous!
Lyndsay Myjokessuck 28/05/2020 10:44
Neverforget911 wants to know why SWALWELL isn't working for the people right now? "Never forget 911" but lets not discuss the ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people who died whilst Trump lied and tweeted.
Freedom Flag Foundation 28/05/2020 06:11
A powerful quote. The Blue of the Freedom Flag symbolizes All Americans United Together for Freedom. May 30, 2002 - 18 years ago - marked the end of rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero. #together #neverforget911 https:// /status/1265761206251503616   …
Neverforget911 28/05/2020 04:24
Don’t pay this fool Swalwell any attention! Why isn’t he WORKING for the ppl right now? Instead he’s having a Twitter fight.
The Captain 27/05/2020 12:28
Just got word a former coworker that responded to the World Trade Center with me has passed as a result of that 1st day. #NeverForget911
Bagels And Shade 25/05/2020 12:10
What it a missile Did you see a plane Was it a controlled demolition #9/11 #NeverForget911
Watching Flight 93 on Netflix. I did not know this much went into the airlines working with military when it comes to a hijacking of a flight. This is an incredibly sad film. #neverforget911
Neverforget911 24/05/2020 10:36
LET PEOPLE LIVE! I feel like back in the day in Egypt when they said...”LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!”
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