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Best tweets:

ALEXIS AYRES 16/10/2019 03:52
Just lost even more respect for her. How the hell are you going to nominate an octogenarian recent heart attack patient for the presidency of the United States during these impossible times? Literally cannot fathom the stupidity. #NeverBernie https:// s/1184300037653831681   …
I don’t hate Bernie Sanders, I simply do not like his ways. What the hell was the purpose of this tweet? On its face, it looks to be an unnecessary defense of the MAGA hat wearing angels who spent the ...
Xing 15/10/2019 06:03
Good. #NeverBernie
Alberta: A Cautionary Tale For #NeverBernie Wed, 24 Apr 2019 15:18:00 GMT
A Canadian reader writes with a warning to Americans who think the US is too sensible to vote for a socialist like Bernie Sanders for president: Normally I wouldn’t be one to share the minutiae of ...
ConfusedDallas 16/10/2019 03:35
Shocking, one socialist backing another socialist #neverbernie https:// 184302826115067904   …
Sen. Bernie Sanders officially announced his long-expected 2020 run for the White House, and his agenda will position him as perhaps the most progressive candidate in the already crowded Democratic ...
Well that's disappointing. But I'll still like them both (article image about AOC and Ilhan Omar endorsing Bernie). #neverBernie https:// s/1184315719418138624   …
You know, the #NeverBernie people. WP: But in the general election, if you get there, how were you going to handle the first thing mentioned in the memo β€” the essay you wrote about not wanting to move ...
#Bernie gets a pass because we wouldn't want to upset him too much and we must say he did well because he doesn't need stress right now. #DemDebate #NeverBernie
Beto O’Rourke still hasn’t announced if he’s running for President in 2020. His supporters are really excited about the idea that he might run, but they’re getting desperate for an actual announcement ...
GTrain 16/10/2019 03:31
Every debate further reaffirms I am #NeverBernie. I wish they kept the democratic debates to just Democrats. 2 less people on stage tonight would have been helpful. #DemDebate
mg81992 16/10/2019 04:20
One more reason not to vote for Sanders. #NeverBernie https:// atus/1184321596560945152   …
#Neverbernie your #healthcare plans are NOT financially feasible. #SaveACA and Improve it!!
#Neverbernie your #healthcare plans are NOT financially feasible. #SaveACA and Improve it!!<br>
Bernie Sanders is INCAPABLE of regurgitating his same old talking points #Snooze #DemDebate4 #NeverBernie
Will Freed 16/10/2019 04:35
I ask that question of the #neverbernie crowd at least 10 times a day, and honest to God, not one of them has ever answered it.
Evan Ross 16/10/2019 04:37
In case you needed another reason to be #NeverBernie He will call out @realDonaldTrump and Republicans for antisemitism. He will also promote an endorsement from antisemitic congresswoman @IlhanMN. https:// /1184316688529055750   …
Justin Cadavier 16/10/2019 03:13
Live footage of AOC announcing her endorsement to her NeverBernie fans.
cari 16/10/2019 12:10
Is Bernie going to stay in the race far after we already know the nominee again? #NeverBernie
Who needs Jill Stein when you have Bernie Sanders? #DemocraticDebate #NeverBernie
β€œThe Bernard Sanders we have all grown to know and love,” - Nina Turner who thinks we all actually think this. #Hardball #NeverBernie
JFC When will #Neverbernie stop with his canned talking points??? Let's talk #ForeignPolicy #DemDebate
JFC When will #Neverbernie stop with his canned talking points??? Let's talk #ForeignPolicy #DemDebate<br>
Northeast Democrats 15/10/2019 11:28
#BernieSanders Lies as much, if not more than every Republican in Washington. What a crackpot! #NeverBernie https:// status/1184194072145268736   …
SophiaL 16/10/2019 03:29
Good for them! I'm still #NeverBernie #Election2020
Karolyn Schalk 16/10/2019 03:24
Cali Frank 16/10/2019 02:57
You actually managed to post that in order from best, most sane candidate to worst, most crazy one. Well done. #NeverBernie
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