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Varsha.Dhruv 22/08/2019 04:57
This party is of antinations secondly Cong did not drive away British it netajis Azad hind Sena whose free drove them away Ur Nehru conspired against netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Sadar patel shall I give u facts or u will find come in open who are cowards u will know
Union Minister Giriraj Singh on December 20 accused the Congress of burying Mahatma Gandhis policies despite using his name for political gains. "Mahatma Gandhi not only boycotted Manchesters clothes ...
Satyajit Dutta 22/08/2019 02:08
Don't mislead ppl,dont dare take Netajis name neither Patel's... For your personal benefit... You can say your party n you belongs to rahul ,sonya, Nehru's ... @JhaSanjay https:// us/1164447605453017093   …
A fresh controversy erupted over a Hindi film on Subhas Chandra Bose (Netaji), as his family members, and his party, the All India Forward Bloc (AIFB), expressed outrage over the portrayal of the ...
Janak Chauhan 22/08/2019 12:45
For @INCIndia Ghandys Vadras Chiddus r more important then Savarkars Netajis Bhagatsinghs https:// tatus/1164502528341315584   …
Ruling out the theory of Netaji returning to India and living under the guise of Gumnami Baba in Uttar Pradesh in the 70s, Anita said, the mystery surrounding Netajis disappearance had given birth to ...
Harshvardhan Modi 22/08/2019 03:33
@anujdhar Hello Mr Dhar. There is some discussion around Netajis impact on our country and freedom nowadays. Since you are an expert, it would be great to organize a meeting with a group of people. Do let me know if interested. Thanks.
Test the ashes, says Netaji’s daughter Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:28:00 GMT
Amid a fresh row over the mystery surrounding Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s death, his daughter on Thursday sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention for a DNA test of the ashes believed to be ...
Alan 21/08/2019 05:09
Nd it's the same Savarkar who had recruited sepoy against netajis Indian national Army.
Ashes kept at Japan's Renkoji temple, which some believe are Netaji's (File photo) In 2015, the West Bengal government had released 64 files pertaining to Netaji held by the state home department ...
Praveen 21/08/2019 04:53
Our money looted by Netajis in past couple of decades has to be recovered and defaulted put behind bars at a rapid pace. There r many more DESh ka Damad, Behanji of UP, Bahiyaji, Sharad Pawar, and many more...
Praveen 21/08/2019 04:49
Catching Chidrambram shows how powerful congress has made the Netaji in the past few decades. We expect Modi to stand for the common man and make law equal for all. There are many Netajis who hv looted us in past decades since independence. We want our money to be recovered
BJP Jerks were going a bit too fast to legitimize Netajis death date. Under public pressure they rescinded the news of PIB India. Can you imagine if bloody Italian Bar-Maid tried to pull such shit news on Netaji?
Revanth® 20/08/2019 02:07
How come these dumb people suddenly talk like Netajis ?
Hemang Solanki 19/08/2019 06:14
Netajis lobby was contesting election which were winning more then 40 MP seats each time and nehru Gandhi lobby failed to get even less then 7 seats, Even allahbad his home town seat nehru unable to have won before independence
Soumyakanta Satpathy 19/08/2019 06:05
Which would have naturally inherited by sardar but when Netaji got Patel's ancestors property as a gift from Patel senior Patel jr could not digest it.patel sr died in Austria as netajis wife is an Austrian lady so it's easy for Netaji to
Soumyakanta Satpathy 19/08/2019 05:26
I have gone through netajis biography by a famous Marathi writer where it is mentioned furor was helpful towards India and as a result he helped to establish Azad hind radio and many more things are there.
Hemang Solanki 19/08/2019 05:05
Check that Hitler has helped India or not, Just netaji met Hitler once and after that what was netajis views on Hitler you should check , Hitler was much more dangerous then britishers actually
Debabrata Paul 19/08/2019 01:27
Netajis voice is just amazing
SRIMANTA CHOUDHURY 18/08/2019 07:31
Can ur party officially disclose any evidence regarding Netajis death? How dare U to play with the sentiment of Greatest National Hero.
Gaurav Singh 18/08/2019 05:50
You have done nothing to maintain Netajis legacy.. So SHUT Bengal Bachao, Momota ko Bhagao..
NaMo 2.0 18/08/2019 02:44
How do you care U have Ruined Netajis birthblace
Colonel Abdul khan 16/08/2019 03:17
No body gave a cry jai hind and killed A Muslim , Just to clarify and update your knowledge about India, the slogan Jai hind was coined by Zain ul abdin hasan from Hyderabad and adapted by netajis army (INA ) led by Mohammed Zaman Kiani
AbhishekRoyChoudhury 15/08/2019 08:50
We should declare Netajis birthday a national holiday and begin to do more for one of the greatest Indians ever. He never got his due when he was alive
Chulbul Panda 14/08/2019 09:52
I've spotted 2-3 Bapus, 2-3 Netajis, 1-2 Swami Vivekanandas and 1 dozen Jhansi ki Rani miniatures since morning. Either parents are terribly lazy while thinking of Independence day costumes for their little girls or history lessons have done grave injustice to women role models
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