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AFL GODFATHER 17/11/2018 01:03
50 yrs ago, on 11/17/1968 The Heidi Game. The #Raiders scored 2 TDs in 9 seconds to beat the NY Jets, 43-32. TV viewers missed it because with just 65 seconds left in the game the NBC broadcast was switched for the movie Heidi. This game initiated change in NFL & network policy.
NFL Network's Mike Garafolo discusses how former Chicago Bears player Charles Tillman was in the Bears' facility this week talking to the defense.
Anthony Saba 17/11/2018 03:57
In a bar and they’re showing the Dan Marino documentary on NFL Network. Every highlight throw depresses me. It’s been so long. How many 1st rounders would you give for a guaranteed 23 year-old version of him? I’ll say 6. What say you?
NFL Network celebrates 15th anniversary Wed, 07 Nov 2018 09:41:00 GMT
When NFL Network launched 15 years ago — on Nov. 4, 2003 — Hans Schroeder was a low-level employee in the league’s nascent media department. Now COO of NFL media and business, Schroeder is the only bu...
Seattle Seahawks 16/11/2018 09:49
“A genius idea, saved the Seahawks for us.” - @Hasselbeck #AFootballLife: Mike Holmgren airs TONIGHT (5PM PT) on @nflnetwork.
Last year, Columbia College Today profiled NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Class of 2002, who discussed at length how he often has to drop what he’s doing to address the latest news of the day on NFL Networ...
NFL Network 16/11/2018 09:30
The defense. @Mtrubisky10. Matt Nagy. @ReggieBush loves everything about the @ChicagoBears right now (and he's taking them over MIN this weekend). : @NFLTotalAccess | #DaBears
Ian Rapoport’s son took advantage of being home sick from school to get some nationally televised airtime during his dad’s appearance Wednesday on NFL Network. Rapoport was making one of his several d...
NFL Network 16/11/2018 08:15
10 receptions. A career-high 166 REC yards. What a performance by @packers WR @tae15adams on #TNF! #GoPackGo
10 receptions. A career-high 166 REC yards.  What a performance by @packers WR @tae15adams on #TNF!  #GoPackGo <br>
ESPN’s Bill Barnwell can take a bow. In July, the wrote that the Chiefs have the best offensive arsenal in the NFL, and it’s hard to argue that’s not the case right now. Those rankings were based sole...
Seattle Seahawks 16/11/2018 04:57
“Believe big, that’s how great things happen.” - @DangeRussWilson | @nflnetwork
NFL Network 16/11/2018 04:45
"Think BIG, believe BIG. That's how great things happen." @DangeRussWilson led the @Seahawks to a huge victory tonight on #TNF. #Seahawks
NFL Network 16/11/2018 04:39
[email protected] came up BIG tonight! #Seahawks | #TNF
.@DangeRussWilson came up BIG tonight!  #Seahawks  | #TNF<br>
NFL Network 16/11/2018 04:20
FINAL: #Seahawks 27 #GoPackGo 24 #GBvsSEA | #TNF
FINAL:  #Seahawks  27  #GoPackGo  24  #GBvsSEA | #TNF<br>
NFL Network 16/11/2018 03:54
FLEX ON 'EM @tae15adams!!! #GoPackGo
SportsDay Cowboys 16/11/2018 02:48
On this day in 2016... (via @nflnetwork) #CowboysNation
bubba watson 16/11/2018 02:39
How y’all watching the game tonight? @NFL @nflnetwork @packers @Seahawks #ThursdayNightFootball
NFL 16/11/2018 01:57
That dude @AaronRodgers12 doing @AaronRodgers12 things! #GBvsSEA #GoPackGo : @nflnetwork + @NFLonFOX +:
NFL Network 16/11/2018 12:38
Ready for primetime #GBvsSEA | #TNF
Ready for primetime  #GBvsSEA | #TNF<br>
NFL Network 15/11/2018 09:45
The many play calls of Sean McVay including "Halle Berry" : #TNF First Look
NFL Network 15/11/2018 06:00
[email protected] and Mike Holmgren’s relationship was heated in the beginning, then a quick change “saved the @Seahawks." #AFootballLife: Mike Holmgren airs TOMORROW (8pm ET) on NFL Network! #Seahawks
NFL Network 14/11/2018 06:30
Who has more team pride: @packers fans or @Seahawks fans? Tweet your best look using #ItsOnTNF and #contest for a chance to win a trip to #SBLIII.
Who has more team pride: @packers fans or @Seahawks fans? Tweet your best look using #ItsOnTNF and #contest for a chance to win a trip to #SBLIII.<br>
NFL 13/11/2018 05:00
UP NEXT: @packers vs. @Seahawks on #TNF! Thursday Night. 8pm ET. #GBvsSEA : @nflnetwork | @NFLonFOX | @PrimeVideo
UP NEXT: @packers vs. @Seahawks on #TNF!  Thursday Night. 8pm ET. #GBvsSEA  : @nflnetwork | @NFLonFOX | @PrimeVideo<br>
Nick Jacobs 12/11/2018 06:53
With the week finally arriving, I’m reminded of Marcus Peters interview back in late February on NFL Network’s Total Access #Chiefs #Rams
NFL Network 12/11/2018 05:05
[email protected] star RB tandem @MarkIngram22 & @A_kamara6 know it's Super Bowl or bust. And guess who crashes the call? Maybe this will give you a clue... "You ever seen a on FaceTime before? (via @DeionSanders) : @NFLGameDay Prime | #GoSaints
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