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Hawks For Allstar 19/06/2019 02:21
Paul Millsap #NBAVote
To the media member who voted Dwyane Wade to an All-NBA team, Wade appreciates the vote, but believes it should have gone to someone more deserving. That person being Golden State’s Klay Thompson, who ...
Kristian Winfield 18/06/2019 11:40
Jayson Tatum All-Star 2020 #NBAVOTE
Honesty from your spouse is a bedrock of any good relationship. But come on Gabrielle Union, show your man a little love. Dwyane Wade got one second-team All-NBA vote, and he took to an Instagram ...
Hawks For Allstar 18/06/2019 10:51
Kent Bazemore #NBAVote
Dwyane got an All-NBA vote in his last season, but it wasn’t from Gab Union 😅 The whole Wade house voted for Klay (via @DwyaneWade) Despite making his fifth ...
Jack Jones 18/06/2019 06:00
Gordon Hayward deserves to be an all star #nbavote
The All-NBA teams were released this week, and Klay Thompson was among the most notable players to not be named to any team in 2019. According to Dwyane Wade, the media member who cast a vote for the ...
Hawks For Allstar 18/06/2019 05:21
Jeff Teague #NBAVote
Dwyane Wade appreciates getting a vote to be on an All-NBA team, but he doesn't think he should have gotten it. In a post to his Instagram story on Friday, Wade reacted to the news that he received a ...
Hawks For Allstar 18/06/2019 11:51
Al Horford #NBAVote
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