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#MyTCDoesntKnowI look exactly like my AVI.
Freddy Fred 11/02/2019 07:23
#MyTCDoesntKnowI think of them while I poop
#MyTCDoesntKnowI am addicted to her.
Suze Likes Cake 11/02/2019 07:02
#MyTCDoesntKnowI have 17 TCs. Per week.
Emma Flinders 11/02/2019 07:05
#MyTCDoesntKnowI am slightly crazy
Ms. Dreamer  🔮 11/02/2019 07:04
#MyTCDoesntKnowI’m playing this tag right now.
Dances with Voles 11/02/2019 07:28
#MyTCDoesntKnowI have others
Maybe Pile 11/02/2019 07:24
#MyTCDoesntKnowI never smile for a reason.
irma enoughsaid 11/02/2019 07:30
#MyTCDoesntKnowI know what he tagged last summer.
Jake Robison 11/02/2019 07:37
I know these “#MyTCDoesntKnowI” tweets are about me.
Crystal 11/02/2019 12:58
#MyTCDoesntKnowI know where they live
#MyTCDoesntKnowI am 60 squirrels in a human suit.
Jules  🐼   🌷 11/02/2019 07:27
#MyTCDoesntKnowI have a crush
Rusty At Large 11/02/2019 07:53
#MyTCDoesntKnowI was followed by Tori Spelling.
#MyTCDoesntKnowI was followed by Tori Spelling. <br>
𝐃’𝐀𝐫𝐢𝐚 11/02/2019 07:07
#MyTCDoesntKnowI have 6 other TCs.
Syed Abdul Razak 11/02/2019 07:18
#MyTCDoesntKnowI Know That we Know But pretend We Don't Know
Insanely Sane 11/02/2019 07:08
#MyTCDoesntKnowI Don't know what TC is!? Is it @TacoCabana
Sam Goodman 11/02/2019 07:25
#MyTCDoesntKnowI like to eat Pringles in bed
Kim Pillay 11/02/2019 07:19
#MyTCDoesntKnowI Have A Monument Of Him
Syed Abdul Razak 11/02/2019 07:30
#MyTCDoesntKnowI 'm stalking. Virtually
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