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Mimi Rocah 21/03/2019 08:20
Waiting for the Mueller Report is like waiting for the baby to be born. We’re in the end of the third trimester and just want it to be over. But, as every parent knows, once the baby comes - that’s when all the real work begins.
The impending release of the long-awaited report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidintial election has caused no small amount of excitement in Washington and Moscow. It’s also become the ...
Tim Hogan 21/03/2019 06:07
If the Mueller report contains grand jury information (and it is almost certain it will) and Barr shares it with Trump, Barr is looking at six month in the lock up and disbarment for willful violation of Rule 6(e).
But we may be focusing on the wrong report. There may in fact be two Mueller reports. This is because from the very beginning, Mueller has worn two hats and borne two missions relating to the Russia ...
Quinta Jurecic 21/03/2019 05:12
The Mueller report is both a wave and a particle
President Donald Trump blasted special counsel Robert Mueller in a Friday morning tweetstorm, characterizing him as a biased prosecutor. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the special counsel probing ...
Preet Bharara 21/03/2019 05:01
It’s 1 pm. Do you know where the Mueller report is?
Months after President Donald Trump took office, Russia’s disinformation teams trained their sights on a new target: special counsel Robert Mueller III. Having worked to help get Trump into the White ...
James Finn 21/03/2019 05:00
I don't usually tweet memes, but I can't resist this one! Is #Trump so deranged by the #MuellerReport's imminent release that he's losing whatever was left of his sanity?
I don't usually tweet memes, but I can't resist this one! Is #Trump so deranged by the #MuellerReport's imminent release that he's losing whatever was left of his sanity? <br>
Washington (AFP) - US President Donald Trump unleashed a series of attacks Friday on US Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team, with the prosecutor expected to release documents that could shed ...
Kyle Griffin 21/03/2019 04:55
Following Lindsey Graham's move that blocked a vote on a bill to make the Mueller report public, the Tom Steyer-backed Need to Impeach is targeting Graham with a TV ad in SC. "We need to remind Sen. Graham that he works for us—not Trump. Lindsey Graham needs to grow a backbone."
Bill Mitchell 21/03/2019 04:46
The fact Trump is anxious for the public to see the ENTIRE Mueller Report should make Democrats VERY nervous.
Judd Legum 21/03/2019 03:41
1. We are all waiting for the Mueller report. But what are we waiting for exactly? We've completely lost perspective. We already know plenty.
julie k. brown 21/03/2019 02:08
If the news gods cooperate, (meaning if the Mueller report is NOT released)>>I am scheduled to be on @KatyTurNBC during the 2 o'clock hour today. #PerversionofJustice #JeffreyEpsein #AlexAcosta
Devin Nunes’s Auntie. 21/03/2019 01:48
Unpopular opinion: The Mueller report won’t matter. If it lays out thousands of crimes committed by this administration nothing will happen.
David Corn 21/03/2019 11:53
Read this and share it as context for any Mueller report. https:// atus/1108579257389850625   …
Greg Sargent 21/03/2019 11:48
It's stunning how credulous some people are being about Trump's claim that he supposedly wants the Mueller report released. Some are even saying this shows "confidence." This is utter nonsense on every level. I walk through the reasons why here: https://www. 03/20/dont-get-snowed-by-trumps-supposed-support-releasing-mueller-report/?utm_term=.e84dd18e1c94   …
John Dean 21/03/2019 03:38
Just like he said he’d release his taxes: https://www. mueller-report-release.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share   … via ⁦@nytimes⁩
Tea Pain 21/03/2019 02:34
Remember, the same man who promised he would release his tax returns says he wants the Mueller report to be public.
Manu Raju 21/03/2019 12:17
“Executive privilege cannot be used to hide wrongdoing,” House Judiciary Chairman Nadler says to @andersoncooper, adding that Congress and the public must also see the underlying evidence of the Mueller report
Sean Hannity 20/03/2019 08:20
TRUMP: “Let People See It!” https://www. mp-on-mueller-report-let-it-come-out-let-people-see-it/   …
Wajahat Ali 20/03/2019 08:16
Neal, possible Mueller report lays the cookie crumbs for future prosecutions? He gives just enough basically without the damning indictment that others so desperately seek?
Joyce Alene 20/03/2019 08:13
1. Trump is going to spin the Mueller Report as a) proof that he’s innocent, b) evidence of no collusion & most importantly c) that any investigation in the House is an unjustified witch hunt. He’ll do this literally no matter what the report says. https:// us/1108458205758271491   …
Neal Katyal 20/03/2019 08:10
5 RULES FOR WHEN NEWS ABOUT MUELLER REPORT COMES OUT. 1. Believe only the text of the Report, not others’ characterizations of it. This WH in particular spins “up” as “down” (like the Nunes documents).
Deadline White House 20/03/2019 08:08
"Trump...embroiled in Twitter wars against the late John McCain and the husband of a senior aide... Today eagerly lobbed a last minute smear against Mueller… Also greenlighting the Mueller report's release with a Trumpian spin that he may live to regret…" - @NicolleDWallace
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