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Mr. Alabi of Lagos 05/07/2020 10:01
What sort of motivational nonsense is this ?
What sort of motivational nonsense is this ?  <br>
Here are some quotes by successful and accomplished women to motivate you to follow your ambition, increase your drive, and desire.
Motivational Quotes 05/07/2020 11:42
Never expect, never assume, never ask, and never demand. Just let it be. If it is meant to be, it will happen.
Staley's younger teammates held so much respect for him, as you could see from the many who spoke publicly in the wake of Staley's retirement back in April. It appears even in retirement Staley ...
Motivational Quotes 06/07/2020 11:49
When you really love someone, age, distance, height and weight are just numbers
Mark Jarema, a published author, instructor, and motivational speaker who lives in Sykesville, didn’t really know or understand gospel music, nor did he sing or play instruments. Nevertheless, he made ...
Randy Orton is a great motivational speaker #WWERaw
A motivational speaking company has invested over £50,000 into launching a new virtual offer for businesses keen to improve their safety, health and wellbeing cultures and has welcomed on board a ...
MAKANAKI 05/07/2020 08:16
No motivational post today, if you like give up, that one concern you
A motivational speaking company has invested over £50,000 into launching a new virtual offer for companies keen to improve their safety, health and wellbeing. Lincoln-based Proud2bSafe (P2BS), which ...
supu ya mutura 06/07/2020 06:01
Motivational speakers be like "I started my butchery with a picture of a cow"
In all this hate and chaos. Here a motivational speech from Beyonce
Motivational Quotes 06/07/2020 10:30
Are you working hard enough?
@lupingcayisa 05/07/2020 05:58
One vacuous rant from a motivational speaker come financial expert and you impressionable lot exalt him to presidency .So seasoned a finance expert he couldn’t even keep his business afloat for 3months yet you pin your economic freedom hopes on him.Your futility runs deep shem
human error. 05/07/2020 01:07
you ever gave somebody else a motivational speech while you was hurt inside god it hits so hard
Motivational speakers: I started as a thief and now I have my police station
Motivational Quotes 06/07/2020 09:00
"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we are still living." - Norman Cousins
Motivational Quotes 06/07/2020 07:00
Keep smiling....
Keep smiling....<br>
mama karma 05/07/2020 08:44
That house is the motivational speech/ talk that I needed in form 4
DR.PENKING™ 07/07/2020 02:58
3 months ago, I decided to digress a little bit from Medicine into poultry farming after attending one Motivational seminar. I started with one fowl and the plan was to sell it and buy two, then 4 then 8 till I own a whole poultry farm. Fast forward to today, That fowl sweet die
Motivational Quotes 06/07/2020 05:00
When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door, we do not see the one which has been opened.
NaNa AKHUA 07/07/2020 07:22
I want to tweet something motivational but I don’t follow my own advice. Should I still go ahead and tweet it?
Motivational Quotes 07/07/2020 11:52
Psychology says, staying quiet doesn’t mean you've got nothing to say. It means you don’t think they're ready to hear your thoughts.
Sheen 06/07/2020 08:43
The livestream was educational and motivational as usual but Misha's struggles with technology always makes me smile. #mishacollins
도겸의 사랑둥이 06/07/2020 02:01
hoshi spending 20 minutes complaining that when he asked for a booster nobody gave him one vs seokmin winning a booster and hoshi instead deciding to just give him a motivational speech u cannot make this up
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