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Oliver bakkensen 25/05/2020 11:42
@michaelbay Can you tell me if you are going to make a new Transformer Movie, since I really would like to see a new one. And I know you prop not going to see this tweet, but I may wish you do. Thanks alot for your creation of many great Transfromer movies in the past 13 years
Michael Bay will produce what may be the first major film shot in Los Angeles during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Deadline reported Tuesday that “Songbird,” directed by Adam Mason, will begin ...
A nice little interview from 2017 with @SophiaMyles talking to @RedCarpetNewsTV about Motherhood & @michaelbay A beautiful smile from Sophia yet again & she never can look bad in any video or photo. Another example of her being so friendly & natural towards someone. A true angel.
Sony Pictures has acquired Armored, a film adaptation of the new audio book written by Mark Greaney, who’s best known for writing the Gray Man bestsellers and who is also ...
Korneev Roman 25/05/2020 08:39
@michaelbay overdid it with 6 underground
The lockdown has wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry. Film and TV projects have been either stalled or canceled entirely. But now that the lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, studios ...
SUMANT9343 25/05/2020 06:58
Wonderful action movie @michaelbay @VancityReynolds @netflix Hope indian cinema makes this kind of movie @iamsrk
http://pic.twitter.com/4KmHNIDjnU #6Underground
Deadline reports that the film, which is set to start filming in the next five weeks, will actually be about a coronavirus-like pandemic as well. Songbird is described as a found footage thriller film ...
Vulgar Auteurs Podcast 25/05/2020 06:24
The next two years out are going to be must-listen podcasts all about Michael Bay.
Former Paramount production chief Adam Goodman’s Invisible Narratives has teamed with Michael Bay to produce Songbird, a pandemic thriller that plans to take an unusual approach ...
Juicy Adry 25/05/2020 05:35
Please continue Transformers Film We fans support if you continue Transformers 7 film so please continue @michaelbay @transformers we always support if you continue to make this film We Need TRANSFORMERS 7
Vulgar Auteurs Podcast 25/05/2020 03:31
We’re going to then change the format, and have an 18-part retrospective, where we rewatch all of them again with no sound and see if @michaelbay uses clever techniques to communicate the language of cinema
merve defne akbulut 25/05/2020 02:38
Transformers continue, a movie with the BEST SERIES please continue...
[email protected] 25/05/2020 07:37
Budget- $140m Box Office- Domestic $198.5m, Overseas $250.6m, Total WW $449.2m Domestic 7th HGOTY, WW 6th HGOTY IMDb Rating- 6.2/10 Metascore- 44/100 Rotten Tomatoes- 24% Awards- Won 1 Oscar, another 13 Wins 51 Nominations #19YearsOfPearlHarbor @michaelbay @BenAffleck
Andrew Barlow 25/05/2020 01:36
"Transformers" featuring @thecampaignbook is a timeless classic that I will watch anytime it comes on TV. @michaelbay is a legend. #AmericanMasters
"Transformers" featuring @thecampaignbook is a timeless classic that I will watch anytime it comes on TV. @michaelbay is a legend. #AmericanMasters<br>http://pic.twitter.com/ZjqUEdXfz0
Jay 24/05/2020 08:23
#Michaelbay directs good movies like bad boys ,transformers,quiet place,pearl harbour and more
The Ragin Nation 24/05/2020 12:09
#MichaelBay is producing a pandemic movie
Alessandro Vana 22/05/2020 09:05
@michaelbay After 10 times wiews of 6 UNDERGROUND! #6underground
Enlightning Hopkins 21/05/2020 03:12
Just rewatched #13hours and first thing @johnkrasinski along with the rest of the cast were fantastic. 2nd, @michaelbay works far better with “based on trues stories”. Still too much #leniRiefenstahl, but nice work.
onthisdayfilm 20/05/2020 10:12
Pearl Harbor was released on this day 19 years ago (2001). #BenAffleck #JoshHartnett - #MichaelBay http://www. mymoviepicker.com/film/pearl-har bor-10318.htm   …
Pearl Harbor was released on this day 19 years ago (2001). #BenAffleck #JoshHartnett - #MichaelBay  http://www. mymoviepicker.com/film/pearl-har bor-10318.htm   … <br>http://pic.twitter.com/wfvgJh6C0K
daisy ridley hot 20/05/2020 06:59
Quick while the traction is going #ReleaseTheBayCut @michaelbay
The Real Joe Duckster 19/05/2020 10:21
As an educator, who the FUCK thought it was a good idea to put @michaelbay in charge of a film about Pearl Harbor?
Optimus Prime° 19/05/2020 02:30
I don watch Transformers again kpa for these past couple days and faaaaaaammm So many eyegasms because what the fck even if the plots ain't it, I'm okay w just watching Autobots transform and move because that shit nice asf Hear Optimus speak Thank you @michaelbay
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