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KoB 03/04/2020 02:37
Judge a book today! #TwitterOfTime #memesoftime #WheelOfTime #TheWheelOfTime #KoB @WOTonPrime
Judge a book today! #TwitterOfTime #memesoftime #WheelOfTime #TheWheelOfTime #KoB @WOTonPrime<br>
Don’t Make Trump Worse Wed, 25 Mar 2020 14:00:00 GMT
The president is not America. Our fortunes are not his fortunes. He is not, as Chris Rock once said of President Obama, “the dad of the country.” If we happen to be of an opposing political faction, ...
#TwitterOfTime #memesoftime I can hear this conversation play out with these two in the show
#TwitterOfTime #memesoftime I can hear this conversation play out with these two in the show  <br>
Beauties may look beastly Sat, 28 Mar 2020 02:40:00 GMT
Amidst the lockdown, ladies are missing their salon and grooming routine. Bushy eyebrows, hairy arms, legs and face... a nightmare now! As one would assume, right now most are concerned about the ...
Wheel of Time ReMeme 01/04/2020 07:15
The Great Hunt Chapter 19: Beneath the Dagger #TwitterofTime #MemesofTime #WheelofTime #WoTWednesday
The Great Hunt Chapter 19: Beneath the Dagger #TwitterofTime #MemesofTime #WheelofTime #WoTWednesday<br>
On a normal day, Maddie LaRue would wake up, head to her lab and get to work. As a PhD candidate at New York University studying pancreatic cancer, and just months away from defending her thesis ...
Christina 01/04/2020 06:38
Love having more time with my son! Hate. Having. More. Time. With. My. Son...
Mr Morrison announced people could see hairdressers but only for 30 minutes Many questioned how they would be able to have their hair cut within the time Others said how would they stay 1.5 ...
Christina 31/03/2020 11:33
I was thinking Kathy Bates as Verin, and Maggie Smith as Cadsuane, but Carrie Fisher would have been amazing too!
A Pipeworks Quarantine Mission Sun, 29 Mar 2020 14:35:00 GMT
Can we all agree that beer and memes of Lori Lightfoot are saving us at the moment? I’m on a mission to see how many beers I can drink from Pipework Brewing during the Corona Virus quarantine.
Mr C 31/03/2020 10:15
Kathy Bates or helen mirren They are alive and would be perfect
Josh Larkin 31/03/2020 05:33
I’m thinking Pevara
Andrew 31/03/2020 04:05
Fight you? I'll fight WITH you. That's perfect.
Thomas 31/03/2020 03:28
They work wonders with CGI and we have young photos of her to work with from movies. Just the personality fits for me and every time I reread that’s who I pictured.
Meh. I always see someone more like Maggie Smith.
Lemon Oreo 31/03/2020 02:54
Really stretching ageless though...
The Eyeless 31/03/2020 02:48
"Lord" "Lord" "Lord" Perrin and Mat: #TwitterOfTime #memesoftime
"Lord" "Lord" "Lord" Perrin and Mat: #TwitterOfTime #memesoftime <br>
Wheel of Time ReMeme 31/03/2020 02:44
While you were making friends, I studied the blade.
...dougie jones 31/03/2020 02:28
This is samurai-level precision fancasting.
Nerd of Chaos 31/03/2020 11:23
She would have been an absolutely HEARTBREAKING Vandene Sedai. Thanks for opening my mind to these possibilities!
Thomas 31/03/2020 10:44
No way! Betty White is Verin
Mat Bloody Cauthon 31/03/2020 04:13
I'm glad things are finally coming together for my friend @DefaultRand #TwitterOfTime #MemesOfTime #FlamingSwirlingColorsAtYourBloodyMentionRand
I'm glad things are finally coming together for my friend @DefaultRand  #TwitterOfTime #MemesOfTime #FlamingSwirlingColorsAtYourBloodyMentionRand<br>
Leah Marsh 31/03/2020 01:48
WOW and just like that I no longer hate Cadsuane, thanks for the headcanon!
Wheel of Time ReMeme 31/03/2020 12:44
Carrie Fisher would have made an amazing Cadsuane fight me #TwitterofTime
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