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British people: Why are the government ignoring of the housing of Grenfell victims? NHS funding? Brexit? The Government: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it The Government: Madeline McCain
Beforehand, the school's Morrill Scholars Program sent a memo telling students that Ben Shapiro's "rhetoric has the potential to threaten the emotional and mental safety of much of the campus communit...
Kay Shan 15/11/2018 02:16
Nancy Pelosi just oversaw a successful takeover by democrats. Here are wise words from McCain/Kasich advisor John Weaver: https:// 062885431157628928   …
Rep. Jason Lewis (R-Minn.), who lost his seat in last week’s midterm elections, is coming under fire for a Wall Street Journal op-ed in which he blames Republicans’ defeat at the ballot box on the lat...
John McCain's impact on Arizona politics was still on display months after his death in a race for another senator's seat. McCain, who lost his battle to glioblastoma days before the state's ...
hello 14/11/2018 10:04
How cold are we? Ice cold
How cold are we? Ice cold <br>
The daughter of late Senator John McCain ripped President Donald Trump and his administration on Wednesday over what she claimed was a failure to properly check Russian President Vladimir Putin. The V...
LBZ 14/11/2018 08:41
With all due respect Ana, it's not just Trump who is setting the moral compass. Trump has governed with the full support of the GOP-dominated House and Senate (with McCain exception for ACA and LM 2 SCOTUS) Trump is and has done what GOP has allowed him to be and do.
Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D), who was declared the winner on Monday in Arizona’s Senate race, called for bipartisanship and ending partisan gridlock in her victory speech, invoking the late Sen.
ajah mccain 14/11/2018 07:39
this is so embarrassing but hilarious #PubertyHitMeLike #daddylonglegs ?
this is so embarrassing but hilarious  #PubertyHitMeLike #daddylonglegs ?<br>
Bill Mitchell 14/11/2018 06:49
Comparing McCain to Romney: McCain was more of an asshole. Romney is more of a pain in the ass.
Cain   😤 14/11/2018 06:01
It’s already snowed in College Station, that’s the Christmas Spirit of Aggieland at work.
Silsbee Tiger Nation 14/11/2018 05:38
Jordyn Adams and Devon McCain ready to sign with @AustinPeayMBB
Jordyn Adams and Devon McCain ready to sign with @AustinPeayMBB<br>
Meghan McCain 14/11/2018 01:18
...while the Trump’s and their administration continue to be too ignorant or too unscrupulous to fight against Putin’s global expansion and murderous regime -I promise on behalf of my father to spend the rest of my life doing all that I can to help fight and speak out against it.
Meghan McCain 14/11/2018 01:17
I will be gone from @TheView tomorrow and Friday. I am going to London to speak @HouseofCommons and then to accept the Magnitsky award on behalf of my father and all who continue the fight against Putin’s tyrannous KGB dictatorship....
SyLicoNgaAko 裏科 14/11/2018 07:56
Andanar: "Many have tried but only Duterte succeeded in the return of the Balanggiga bells." Hssshh...US war veterans have been working quietly to return the bells; among those are, retired Air Force pilot Spike Nasmyth, who sought the help of the late senator John McCain.
Modest Molly 14/11/2018 04:49
I think what they mean is that since Reagan & your father are no longer here, the Rep Party is no more, rather it has been hijacked by Trumpers, Nazis & Shapiro’s brand of extreme right-wing Breitbart conservative... they’re saying the good ones, like Reagan or McCain are gone
Meghan McCain 14/11/2018 04:32
Hope all my followers join me in rooting for Michigan.... #OSUsnowflakes https:// tatus/1062562398375075840   …
Ryan Saavedra 14/11/2018 04:26
Leftist protesters chant "Reagan's dead" and "John McCain's dead" outside Ben Shapiro's lecture at Ohio State University
Christopher Swartout 14/11/2018 12:47
I’ll let the late Senator McCain speak for me here.
Ellen McCain 13/11/2018 07:45
"I'm being arrested because I refused to leave the floor of a body I serve in. I'm a state senator. I was not yelling. I was not chanting. I stood peacefully next to my constituents because they wanted their voices to be heard, and now I'm being arrested," Williams said.
Middle Age Riot 13/11/2018 06:21
Harry Truman: "The buck stops here." Donald Trump: "It's the Secret Service's fault. It's California's fault. It's the Democrats' fault. It's the media's fault. It's Barack Obama's fault. It's John McCain's fault. It's the voters' fault. It's God's fault. It's your fault."
GSG 13/11/2018 05:19
I think all the illegals should go to AZ move next door to her and see how she likes that. She’ll not only have the AZ meth heads but she’ll have the cartel working with them. As far as I’m concerned she is no different from John McCain, all’s we did was trade on Dem for another. https:// atus/1062066322652184577   …
Bill Mitchell 13/11/2018 01:20
I want to SEE these ballots with Ducey for Governor and Sinema for Senate. I don't believe it. McSally may have been a moderate, but AZ LIKES moderate Senators (McCain, Flake). There is simply no way this is not FRAUD. 100'S of thousands of R's voted Marxist?
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