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Jake Spriggs 22/07/2019 09:25
Maye is starting to look like another Maccagnan draft bust
the firing of General Manager Mike Maccagnan. With training camp getting underway this week, the question for the Jets will be what the arrival of the likes of Le'Veon Bell, C.J. Mosley ...
sami darnold 22/07/2019 08:37
it’s a maccagnan mid round pick let’s be real here
Jets Training Camp Capsule Mon, 22 Jul 2019 17:06:00 GMT
LAST YEAR: Another poor showing cost coach Todd Bowles his job — and, months later, general manager Mike Maccagnan was gone, too. Jets failed to make playoffs in four straight seasons under Bowles and ...
Anthony Sciglitano 20/07/2019 12:56
Hah! I thought this was Maccagnan to CJ Mosley.
Joe Douglas replaces Mike Maccagnan as general manager and hired some veteran executives as his top lieutenants. Is this the year Gang Green dethrones the Patriots atop the AFC East? Giants ...
. 18/07/2019 04:54
God has blessed me by getting rid of Maccagnan
Former general manager Mike Maccagnan gave Enunwa that deal, so it will be interesting to see how new GM Joe Douglas and Gase feel about Enunwa. The presence of Jamison Crowder will allow Enunwa to ...
Keith Ensminger 18/07/2019 12:53
Yes, but Maccagnan was the one who traded a fifth round pick for him. (Are you really trying to out Jets knowledge me right meow?)
So the Jets figured they’d give him a try. A front office power struggle ensued, leading to the firing of General Manager Mike Maccagnan after he’d dished out huge contracts for Le’Veon Bell ...
Keith Ensminger 18/07/2019 12:46
Old enough to remember people saying the Jets shouldn’t have fired Mike Maccagnan. https:// tus/1151590163652333568   …
Dennis G Murphy 18/07/2019 12:26
Maccagnan passed up so many good players in the draft to draft a lot of guys who are no longer on the team. He should have taken Josh Allen with the 1st round pick this year. He made so many bad picks and never built the O line. Terrible.
Dennis G Murphy 17/07/2019 10:27
Maccagnan gave up a 5th round pick for this idiot. The great talent evaluator struck again with that one!
Terence Begley 17/07/2019 09:38
I hope Douglas starts bringing in players who don't get suspended. It was a hallmark of the Maccagnan "error".
Mike Nash 17/07/2019 08:35
The Jets should rehire Mike Maccagnan and then fire him again for how bad of a trade that was. https:// s/status/1151590624182902784   …
Ben 17/07/2019 08:32
Remember when MacCagnan gave up a 5th round pick for him? good times https:// tus/1151590163652333568   …
Joe Heldmann 17/07/2019 07:07
A lot of people pointed out how Joe Douglas got a long deal for 6 years, but this year sits primarily in Mike Maccagnan's pocket with the choices that he made this offseason. There really isn't much Joe Douglas can take credit or be blamed for in 2019. So more like 5 years? #jets
Jim Geraghty 17/07/2019 05:50
Had to vent. Feels like this upcoming #Jets season is set by Maccagnan’s last round of high-risk, high-reward gambles. Sorting out any problems of Gase from Mac roster-assembling problems is going to be a challenge. https:// us/1151532924094898176   …
Marshall Siegel 17/07/2019 02:25
Maccagnan had his fair share of misses, but to say he stunk and did nothing to help the Jets improve is unfair and incorrect.
Let's Talk Jets! 17/07/2019 12:30
"What I'll always remember Mike for is bringing Sam Darnold here...we were longing for a franchise QB and he got it done without giving up a first round pick" -Ed on Maccagnan #Jets
The aging app? I didn’t know there was an app that helped Mike Maccagnan make his freaking draft picks!!!
JB can deliver what Maccagnan could not
. 15/07/2019 06:24
How I sleep knowing Adam Gase got Mike Maccagnan fired
How I sleep knowing Adam Gase got Mike Maccagnan fired <br>
PauloAfonsoMaccagnan 15/07/2019 04:55
Test cam Watch .... https://www. pL7YFr-eyk_qpDXgD6RamciHk80/?igshid=xuwqrzbhani0   …
Adam Caplan 15/07/2019 12:34
Can recall this one: No meaningful negotiations over several months...then with deadline overhead, Maccagnan felt pressure to get it done. https:// us/1150744266991439872   …
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