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Per Axbom 07/12/2019 02:06
1) In 2008 a salmon (yes the fish) was put through an MRI scanner. The salmon was shown a series of photographs of humans in social situations, and asked to determine the emotion of the person in the photo (yes, really).
Structural and functional brain alterations are common in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD). In this review, we assessed the recent literature (1995–2018) on the structural and functional ...
Medical Videos 08/12/2019 03:55
Real-time MRI of a beating human heart demonstrating the cardiac function and flow!
Guice left the game after being tackled awkwardly in the second quarter of the team’s 20-15 loss to the Green Bay Packers, and was scheduled to have an MRI afterward. Guice declined to speak to ...
barr  💋 12/12/2019 06:13
I ada jumpa ayat ni kat fb mom I "If you're beautiful, but your attitude is ugly, then you're ugly" https:// tus/1205005530051166208   …
In this work we present a framework to efficiently quantify velocities and Reynolds stresses in the aorta in-vivo. Using a highly undersampled 5D Flow MRI acquisition scheme with locally low-rank ...
Ian Rapoport 08/12/2019 07:17
Source: #Raiders RB Josh Jacobs (shoulder) is not able to play today. He’s slated to be inactive. A big challenge for Oakland. He has an MRI scheduled for this week.
League sources told ESPN and NFL Media that Guice will undergo an MRI Monday to determine the severity of the injury. According to NFL Media, the second-year tailback is believed to have suffered an ...
Sheever 06/12/2019 08:58
Recent MRI check: all clear! (Will receive checks once a year for a while)
CHICAGO — The novel approach of MRI-guided transurethral ultrasound ablation (TULSA) shows efficacy in the treatment of localized prostate cancer that can be performed on an outpatient basis, inducing ...
Alice_jump 12/12/2019 11:11
#colorectalsurgery I m 62F old colorectal Tumour patient.earlier T3N2M0 after 25 IMRT 50.4Gy and 6 Chemo.tumour size reduced from 5.6cm to 2.4 cm with no lymph node involvement as per MRI. doctor here advising me wait and watch as Tumout size reduced.Cea 4.9 do suggest me.
Paperbirds_Neurology 12/12/2019 11:03
New article: Spatial-Temporal Dependency Modeling and Network Hub Detection for Functional MRI Analysis via Convolutional-Recurrent Network.   #alzheimers #neurology
Lindsay 12/12/2019 10:43
Feeling festive in MRI @NUHRadiology and cheering up patients with a bit of Christmas creativity. #xmas
Feeling festive in MRI @NUHRadiology and cheering up patients with a bit of Christmas creativity. #xmas<br>
Dr Joris Galland 12/12/2019 10:14
#SNFMI80 #MRI #myocarde conclusion
#SNFMI80 #MRI #myocarde conclusion<br>
Delilah Everclear @ MFF! 12/12/2019 06:41
Actually what is the fucking point of insurance if they dont cover shit. They decided my knee MRI wasnt necessary so they wont pay for it. You know, the knee I fractured and they thought I could have had a severe tear in. I'm so fucking mad I could cry.
2 butt 2 fearz 11/12/2019 08:38
virgin ancoms: arguing about mri machines me, a chad: we’re running out of helium so this whole conversation is pointless
Bernard Pollard Jr 11/12/2019 08:28
Got a MRI on my brain and it looks “awesome.” Covers were on because it was freezing in there. #NoCTE
Got a MRI on my brain and it looks “awesome.” Covers were on because it was freezing in there. #NoCTE<br>
yesterday discovered that frontal MRI scans make for amazing creature design
yesterday discovered that frontal MRI scans make for amazing creature design <br>
11/12/2019 05:26
my final project coming to life. -Aliens amongst us-
my final project coming to life. -Aliens amongst us- <br>
Ian Rapoport 11/12/2019 05:13
#Raiders RB Josh Jacobs underwent an MRI on his ailing shoulder after not playing on Sunday. But the scans checked out very positively, sources say, and Jacobs is expected to return to the field this week. Barring a setback, should be just a one-week absence.
audrey wollen 11/12/2019 04:57
as a teen cancer survivor living in the states, my mother is GIVING me a follow up MRI to check if my (50%+ recurrence rate) tumor is back after i’ve had increased pain this year.... it is a CHRISTMAS GIFT bc i have no insurance. don’t let this happen to the NHS #votelabour
Moeed Pirzada 10/12/2019 06:53
Was it always small even when he was ruling or misruling Pakistan or it just happened? Doctors must clarify! https://www. -size-is-smaller-mri-reports-reveals-health-conditions/   … via @@GVS_News
● Oor Steve 10/12/2019 02:24
I saw a story somewhere about porta cabins being used at a Scottish Hospital. These have been in use for decades and have also been used widely in private medicine. I know I had an MRI scan in one outside a private hospital in Dundee.
Ian Rapoport 10/12/2019 01:17
#Redskins RB Derrius Guice was diagnosed with an MCL sprain following his MRI yesterday, source said. The ACL was intact, which is the best news. He won’t play this week & WAS will be cautious — so he may not play again this season. But all things considered, pretty positive.
Ian Rapoport 09/12/2019 10:01
#Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny tore his ACL in last night’s loss to the #Rams and is out for the season, source said. The MRI confirmed the news for the former first-round pick, who also has additional damage to his knee. He’s out until training camp. Tough injury.
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