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ら(りあえもん!) 10/11/2018 01:59
mpbot <br>
11/02/2020 02:11
Mpbot #LGM 21/05/2018 02:19
Good job by MPBot on this one. Link: Mets prospect Peter Alonso having a huge year for Binghamton (Newsday) https://
Good job by MPBot on this one. Link: Mets prospect Peter Alonso having a huge year for Binghamton (Newsday)  https://     <br>
Dannyc Esq 26/05/2020 02:36
Detailed, reasonable, draw a line. Got your overlords key message across. This is less creative than some of your Fellow conservative MPs. It must have been tricky turning the WhatsApp bullet-points into exciting sentences. Try harder MPbot 4.83
Twin Turbo Cat 01/07/2020 01:43
(and if you're a tr*mpbot that comes in with that "WeH BuT aLl LiVeS mAtTeR!!!" fake centrist bull, you'll be muted without a reply or any remorse on my part)
Breeeeendooooon 26/06/2020 07:04
I'm open to collabs! If you need a mixer, or a tuner, just message me on here, YT, or Discord! Discord: MusicPride#6663 #MPBot
Tomarina of Oc 08/06/2020 03:26
That's 1000% a Tr*mpBot
Pete Armstrong 01/06/2020 04:09
#MPbot Hancock doing slides - where is the Pandemic Level slide? UK at Level 4 (where it was) or 3 (where MPs imagine we are)? Conveniently omitted.
Pete Armstrong 01/06/2020 10:43
#MPbot Sharma spewing the Govt lies again. Don't keep lying - why are the scientists/medical experts telling a different story? The chart and levels don't correspond to previously stated easing criteria. #timetogo
Pete Armstrong 31/05/2020 05:12
#MPbot Jenrick spewing forth the Govt line today. Not based on scientific evidence but political
Dannyc Esq 25/05/2020 09:39
Detail....check Looking after family...check Complied with guidelines...check Move on....check This is the worst one yet MPbot 4.53
Dannyc Esq 25/05/2020 09:19
Full, frank and fair is highly subjective and definitely not an opinion held by many ‘ordinary’ folk. This is an interesting variation on the standard drivel posted by the rest tonight MPBot 4.37.
Richey 25/05/2020 09:30
I should think our MPbot will stick to the party line until his software is updated by Boris' successor.
Blonde Isolation 24/04/2020 07:13
Also, how in God’s name can you be a Libertarian and also a “tr*mpbot”? The schools aren’t well in Ohio are they
brian mac ian   ⚖️ 14/04/2020 09:21
Great work Tr*mpbot!
Tell the boys in the lab to begin prototyping MPbot!
M Wolfe 11/03/2019 01:10
That is a very lifelike Female Liberal MPbot. A cross between the eco perkiness+enthusiasm of @cathmckenna +the idealistic/international smarts of [email protected] @lraitt @georganneb @jonkay @BarbaraRKay @brianlilley @AlexpiersonAMP
Craig Perko 06/02/2019 08:18
OH there actually is a Donald Tusk. I thought people had started saying Tusk to avoid tripping Tr*mpbot harassers.
MP Productions 21/01/2019 03:17
John Gillespie 16/12/2018 09:53
Please show your support for democracy, by not allowing a democratic vote? You do read what you tweet right? Wait....are you a bot? And if not how can you prove it? #MPbot
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