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No Pinche Wall 23/02/2020 09:42
The League of Extraordinary Con Men is made up by one - Donald Trump. #maga #nopinchewall ~
The League of Extraordinary Con Men is made up by one - Donald Trump. #maga #nopinchewall ~ <br>
A group calling itself P.U.T.I.N., "Pigeons United To Interfere Now," claimed responsibility for the stunt with the birds.
Chestesd3ds 23/02/2020 09:30
TR3AJ <Save $300 for you.I've got my goods yesterday,88jkpg #MAGA @annie_woodard @ellenmbr8 @frostaus
TR3AJ <Save $300  for you.I've got my goods yesterday,88jkpg #MAGA @annie_woodard   @ellenmbr8   @frostaus<br>
First, cowboy hats. Then, sombreros. Now? “Make America Great Again” hats and Donald Trump wigs. Pigeons wearing MAGA hats and Donald Trump wigs have been released by a shadowy protest group calling ...
Billy LeBlanc 23/02/2020 09:25
Not true @RealDeanCain and two are just not good enough for great movies. Your just not good enough but keep playing the #MAGA card to make yourself the victim. https:// tus/1231357151089696770   …
The large cartoon poster featured the mascot giving a thumbs-up and smiling, while wearing a hat emblazoned with the President Trump campaign slogan "Make America Great Again." ...
  ❌ nuuzfeed 23/02/2020 08:59
Gateway Pundit News Coronavirus Spreads in Italy – 40 Confirmed Cases – 50,000 People under Quarantine in Lombardy Region — “Index Person” Shows NO SIGN of Illness   #MAGA #2A #Prolife
First it was cowboy hats. Then it was sombreros. Now, Las Vegas pigeons are wearing MAGA hats and animal advocates are left wondering when all this is going to end. An anonymous group calling itself ...
  ❌ nuuzfeed 23/02/2020 08:59
Gateway Pundit News REPORT: Secretary of State Pompeo NEVER Told President Trump that Cyber Expert Bill Binney Had Proof DNC Emails Were NOT Hacked by Russia   #MAGA #2A #Prolife
President Trump, at a rally in Phoenix on Wednesday night, took shots at fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg at the same time the former New York City mayor was in Las Vegas, taking fire from fellow ...
Cassandra Payne 23/02/2020 08:42
RT DonnaWR8: Troll level 10,000 This needs to be in the Best Troll Ever Hall Of Fame. #KAG2020
Rationalist Yoda 23/02/2020 08:24
Time For a US-Brazil Free Trade Agreement   #MAGA #TRUMP
TomSlothrop 23/02/2020 08:10
[email protected] nice try but NO. http://www. ban-marginalize   … #MAGA
Sheka 23/02/2020 07:53
VOTE GOP, RED, Maga #Trump2020, No to socialism
ConserValidity 23/02/2020 07:22
BRAVO! Supreme Court Lifts Last Bar To @realDonaldTrump's Common Sense Immigration Rule, Over 'Unprofessional Leftist Democrat Hack' Sotomayor's Furious Dissent #MAGA #KAG https:// -court-lifts-last-bar-to-trump-immigration-rule-over-furious-sotomayor-dissent/   …
Keep underestimating Trump. You and your party of imbeciles do that well. By the way, there's a 99.9% chance it won't be you debating Trump, but arrogant stupidity is bliss for you. Enjoy another loss. #KAG2020 #Trump2020 @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods @TuckerCarlson https:// /1231082628129918976   …
Laverdiere63 23/02/2020 06:29
#MAGA Trump #2020
#MAGA Trump #2020 <br>
Brock 23/02/2020 06:12
The king has returned ! #furyvswilder2
The king has returned ! #furyvswilder2<br>
Franken Berry 23/02/2020 06:10
A maga doubling down on stupid. #BernieWinsNevada
A maga doubling down on stupid. #BernieWinsNevada<br>
Matt Gaetz 23/02/2020 05:56
The @JoeBiden Nevada speech was pitiful. Democrats, welcome your new Socialist Overlord - @BernieSanders. See ya on the field in the General Election, Bernie. #MAGA
You're not making any sense as always. Who do you really think #Putin would want: Somebody who sells him uranium, or somebody like Trump who has balls, backbone, and who refuses to sell this country out like you and your friends did? #idiot @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods https:// /status/1230904643393335298   …
Lee Zimmerman 23/02/2020 04:59
trump #maga
trump #maga <br>
Yash Boss Birthday ge Teaser Bittila atleast Nim Birthday ge #KGFChapter2 Teaser Update kodi Anna. Rqst from Worldwide Karthik anna Fans Club #HBDLegendKarthikAnna #WeWantKGF2TeaserUpdate
Squeaky Wheel 23/02/2020 03:06
Perhaps it's because on the WEST COAST it's only 7 PM! Go to bed @andersoncooper. Democrats will be counting for days to unravel @Bernie2020. Communism has taken over the DemoUSSRcrat Party. #tcot #maga https:// 31414128864038912   …
Kedzie Teller 23/02/2020 02:30
- Keep all Jessicas out of your life - Barnett’s family screams MAGA - Kelly and Kenny will last - Lauren needs to be my friend - Mark, call me. #LoveIsBlind
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