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CMA Country Music 14/11/2019 03:41
@LukeCombs is your #CMAawards MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR! Congratulations!
@LukeCombs is your #CMAawards  MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR! Congratulations! <br>
Songs from the Nashville star’s new album “What You See Is What You Get” were streamed 74 million times, beating a record set by Gene Autry. Luke Combs’s “What You See Is What You Get” opened with ...
97.1 AMP Radio 15/11/2019 12:00
[email protected] and @OfficialMonstaX were also on the hot seat https:// com/lizzo-green-day-luke-combs-alice-cooper-read-mean-tweets   …
Luke Combs is on top of the charts. The 29-year-old American singer-songwriter debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for the first time with his studio album What You See Is What You Get as of Sunday ...
ABC 14/11/2019 03:41
"Country music means everything to me" - @lukecombs #CMAawards
Onstage, Combs isn’t a flashy performer. He strolled out hoisting a red Solo cup to the meandering bass line of “Honky Tonk Highway,” wearing a uniform of short-sleeved black shirt, jeans and a ...
iHeartCountry 14/11/2019 01:33
The genuine look of happiness on @lukecombs face is what the #CMAawards are all about! Congratulations on winning song of the year for your masterpiece 'Beautiful Crazy'
Combs’ 'What You See Is What You Get' breaks record for biggest streaming week for a country album. Luke Combs blasts in at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with his new release, What You See ...
Wiley Tomlinson 17/11/2019 03:06
Thank god for Morgan Wallen and Luke combs
The "Beer Never Broke My Heart" singer reveals what alcohol makes him a better vocalist and how excited he's to perform at the 2019 CMA Awards! Like us on Facebook to see similar stories Please give ...
Good Morning America 14/11/2019 03:41
The #CMAawards winner for Male Vocalist of the Year is @lukecombs! He went from singing on @GMA early this morning to winning twice tonight!
CMA Country Music 14/11/2019 03:57
@LukeCombs acceptance speech for his second #CMAawards win of the night for Male Vocalist of the Year! This highlight brought to you by our sponsor @CrownRoyal
CMA Country Music 14/11/2019 01:36
The #CMAawards Song of the Year winner is... "Beautiful Crazy" written by @LukeCombs, Wyatt B. Durrette III, and Robert Williford! Congratulations!
The #CMAawards  Song of the Year winner is... "Beautiful Crazy" written by @LukeCombs, Wyatt B. Durrette III, and Robert Williford! Congratulations!  <br>
chloe   ♥ 14/11/2019 03:39
#CMAawards @lukecombs are they booing LUKE COMBS!?!?! has the damn crowd at the CMA’s lost their fucking minds ??????
Tennessean 14/11/2019 03:39
Those are not boos at the #CMAawards . That’s @lukecombs’ fans screaming out his name as he takes home Male Vocalist of the Year. LUUUUUUKKKEEEE
Alyssa 17/11/2019 02:54
if you were at luke combs and morgan wallen... don’t talk to me for a solid month until i get over it
Grand Ole Opry 14/11/2019 01:32
First @CountryMusic award as an #OpryMember for @lukecombs! Congratulations on Song of the Year!!! #CMAawards
Brianne Bakkum 14/11/2019 03:43
Someone please confirm that the crowd was yelling “Luuuuuke” instead of booing him...... @lukecombs #CMAawards
CMA Country Music 14/11/2019 02:14
@LukeCombs acceptance speech for winning Song of the Year with "Beautiful Crazy"
Cathy Vollenbroek 14/11/2019 03:42
#CMAawards . Yeah, what she said. #HolyShit Yay @lukecombs
amy 14/11/2019 03:39
Please lord tell me the audience was yelling LUUUUUKE and not booing for Luke Combs #CMAawards
Country Words 18/11/2019 03:53
The way that she dances, ain’t afraid to take chances, and wears her heart on her sleeve, yeah she’s crazy, but her crazy is beautiful to me. -Luke Combs
Big Daddy  🤙🏼 14/11/2019 05:43
when luke combs said “stop taking me for granted like i’ll always be around” ...i felt that.
Erica Gimbel 17/11/2019 12:43
play luke combs at my funeral please and thank you
sydney elswick 17/11/2019 10:54
I think I would give my right arm to see Luke combs and Morgan wallen together
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