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Liverpool FC 02/08/2019 04:15
The boss is pleased! Firmino, @MoSalah, @Alissonbecker, @XS_11official and Keita all back to action this week #LFCPreSeason
#LFCPreSeason form, @sscnapoli and how #LFC will change... Jürgen Klopp's post-match reaction https://t.co/WRfNCTFtIn — Liverpool FC (@LFC) July 28, 2019 Liverpool are still missing a handful of first ...
Liverpool FC 02/08/2019 02:03
Always competitive Football, table tennis, it doesn't matter #LFCPreSeason
Always competitive   Football, table tennis, it doesn't matter   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/M8jt6pCY1D
The skipper asked the question... ...and Brewster answered in style! 👌#LFCPreSeason🇺🇸 — Liverpool FC (@LFC) July 20, 2019 Klopp has a record of promoting youngsters and being immensely loyal to the ...
Liverpool FC 01/08/2019 06:53
Stunning!! #LFCPreSeason
Firmino, @MoSalah, @Alissonbecker, @XS_11official and Keita all back to action this week 💪 #LFCPreSeason The quest for silverware in 2019-20 will begin on Sunday at Wembley Stadium when Liverpool and ...
Liverpool FC 01/08/2019 05:03
Unlucky @andrewrobertso5, @trentaa98 wasn't hanging around...make sure you watch until the end #LFCPreSeason
Disgraceful tackle in a pre season friendly!! Sevilla’s Joris Gnagnon on Liverpool’s Yasser Larouci. Dreadful stuff #LFCPreSeason #Liverpoolfc pic.twitter.com/AswOBwZA8M — Benjamin Chevreau ...
Liverpool FC 01/08/2019 01:30
Bobby's back in the goals #LFCPreSeason
Bobby's back in the goals   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/zPuz7fu23Z
It was built in 1884. Liverpool has played their since 1892. Out for the warm-up! 💪#LFCPreSeason🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/3lugWd7yRw — Liverpool FC (@LFC) July 21, 2019 Klopp praised Fenway’s grounds crew ...
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 07:08
A great way to end #LFCPreSeason Thank you for your brilliant support, as always, Reds
LFC MEDIA 31/07/2019 06:12
Friendly Match : ( Liverpool 3 × 1 Lyon ) - Liverpool third goal scored by Wilson ..#LFCOL #LFC #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 06:11
WOWWWW - WHAT A STRIKE FROM HARRY WILSON! Wilson unleashes a STUNNING left-footed strike into the top corner from 25-yards. What a goal!! [3-1] #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:48
We lead at the break, after an entertaining first half in Geneva Who impressed you most in the first 45 minutes? #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:42
B O B B Y #LFCPreSeason
B O B B Y    #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/r4QPjJDS2I
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:23
GOOOOALLL!! The Reds take the lead after an own-goal. A BRILLIANT ball from Hoever is turned into his own net by Andersen. [2-1] #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:19
GOAAALLL - BOBBY IS BACK! Firmino nets our equaliser with a sublime left-footed strike from a tight angle. Quality finish!! [1-1] #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:17
15' - Mo Salah cuts in from the right but his long-range effort goes over the bar. [0-1] #LFCPreSeason
15' - Mo Salah cuts in from the right but his long-range effort goes over the bar.   [0-1] #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/cg5kq1Ykvg
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:03
We're underway in our final #LFCPreSeason game Let's go, Reds
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 04:39
The returning Reds #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 03:53
Tonight's venue #LFCPreSeason
Tonight's venue   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/OrB92REESt
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 03:30
Reds line up @OL... #LFCPreSeason https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/bnqrd/7s zh5   …
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 03:15
[email protected], Roberto Firmino and @Alissonbecker will start in tonight’s #LFCPreSeason friendly against @OL https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/bnqrd/7s zba   …
Liverpool FC 30/07/2019 05:46
Rondos with the Reds #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 30/07/2019 05:01
#LFCPreSeason work continues in Check out our full training gallery from today's second session... https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/bnqrd/7s reb   …
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