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Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:42
B O B B Y #LFCPreSeason
B O B B Y    #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/r4QPjJDS2I
Liverpool face Napoli tonight, as Jurgen Klopp's men warm up for next week's Premier League opener against West Ham. The meeting between Liverpool and Napoli takes place at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin ...
Liverpool FC 30/07/2019 12:39
Bobby Mo Naby Shaq #LFCPreSeason
Bobby  Mo   Naby  Shaq   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/QjEjqsCdv0
LFC Pre-season Tour Sun, 24 Jul 2016 06:20:00 GMT
Who’d have thought, Liverpool concede from a corner. Looks like the set piece woe could well continue this season. Ejaria was definitely the best LFC player and really classy. The positive thing with ...
Liverpool FC 01/08/2019 01:30
Bobby's back in the goals #LFCPreSeason
Bobby's back in the goals   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/zPuz7fu23Z
BOSTON - Even through it was a preseason game with no tangible ramifications, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp was disappointed with his team’s 2-1 loss to Sevilla, Sunday at Fenway Park. In addition to ...
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 04:39
The returning Reds #LFCPreSeason
James Milner has branded Joris Gnagnon’s tackle a ‘disgrace’ after the Sevilla defender was sent off in a friendly in America. Gnagnon, 22, received his marching orders 14 minutes from time for ...
Liverpool FC 30/07/2019 05:46
Rondos with the Reds #LFCPreSeason
Nathaniel Clyne scored Liverpool’s first goal of pre-season this evening, as the former Southampton man bagged a fine effort vs Tranmere. With the game just eight minutes old, Clyne gave the Reds the ...
Liverpool FC 29/07/2019 04:36
From Edinburgh to Evian #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 02/08/2019 02:03
Always competitive Football, table tennis, it doesn't matter #LFCPreSeason
Always competitive   Football, table tennis, it doesn't matter   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/M8jt6pCY1D
Liverpool FC 30/07/2019 05:01
#LFCPreSeason work continues in Check out our full training gallery from today's second session... https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/bnqrd/7s reb   …
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 06:11
WOWWWW - WHAT A STRIKE FROM HARRY WILSON! Wilson unleashes a STUNNING left-footed strike into the top corner from 25-yards. What a goal!! [3-1] #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:19
GOAAALLL - BOBBY IS BACK! Firmino nets our equaliser with a sublime left-footed strike from a tight angle. Quality finish!! [1-1] #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 30/07/2019 01:16
Firmino, @MoSalah and @Alissonbecker all trained for the first time this #LFCPreSeason earlier today Latest edition of 'Inside Training' now available
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 07:08
A great way to end #LFCPreSeason Thank you for your brilliant support, as always, Reds
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:23
GOOOOALLL!! The Reds take the lead after an own-goal. A BRILLIANT ball from Hoever is turned into his own net by Andersen. [2-1] #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 03:53
Tonight's venue #LFCPreSeason
Tonight's venue   #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/OrB92REESt
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:17
15' - Mo Salah cuts in from the right but his long-range effort goes over the bar. [0-1] #LFCPreSeason
15' - Mo Salah cuts in from the right but his long-range effort goes over the bar.   [0-1] #LFCPreSeason <br>http://pic.twitter.com/cg5kq1Ykvg
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 03:15
[email protected], Roberto Firmino and @Alissonbecker will start in tonight’s #LFCPreSeason friendly against @OL https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/bnqrd/7s zba   …
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 05:03
We're underway in our final #LFCPreSeason game Let's go, Reds
Liverpool FC 01/08/2019 05:03
Unlucky @andrewrobertso5, @trentaa98 wasn't hanging around...make sure you watch until the end #LFCPreSeason
Liverpool FC 31/07/2019 03:30
Reds line up @OL... #LFCPreSeason https:// cards.twitter.com/cards/bnqrd/7s zh5   …
Liverpool FC 02/08/2019 04:15
The boss is pleased! Firmino, @MoSalah, @Alissonbecker, @XS_11official and Keita all back to action this week #LFCPreSeason
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