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Rap Generals 22/02/2019 10:10
Cardi shares a new video of Baby Kulture with us , too cute!!
The "Money" rapper shows her infant daughter smiling and giggling to Offset's song "Rick Flair Drip"--and it's totally the cutest thing we've seen all day. Watch! celebrity gossip. Check out the hotte...
Tray 22/02/2019 06:21
By the time Apple Music uploads offset’s album he’s going to be father of 5 #Fatherof4 #Kulture
“This is one my favorite songs from my daddy the other ones you’ll hear it tonight !! Go PAPA Go PAPA,” Cardi, 26, captioned the post adding the hashtag “#Fatherof4,” which is the title ...
Cameron Grant 22/02/2019 03:51
When Kulture has more money than you’ll ever have and she’s not even age 1
Kulture is Offset‘s little princess and it showed when she got the royal treatment ahead of his other three kids on his Father of 4 album cover. The Migos rapper dropped his solo album Friday at midni...
DeMarko Gage 22/02/2019 03:28
Baby Kulture not even 1 years old yet and already broke the internet twice
Baby Kulture not even 1 years old yet and already broke the internet twice  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/iCofEqvOoO
Offset released his debut solo album Friday, and he dedicated the project’s title and artwork to his children, including Kulture. » RELATED: Report: Cardi B and Offset reunite; Offset vows to 'no grou...
Complex 22/02/2019 03:24
Kulture vibin' out to her daddy @OffsetYRN's music is everything
Cardi B and Offset are a pair of proud parents! On Thursday, the couple each shared adorable new videos of their 7-month-old daughter, Kulture Kiari, on social media as they prepared for the release o...
  ✨ Bonnie P.  ✨ 22/02/2019 03:20
Disappointed Kulture’s debut had to be for that ashy nigga should’ve been Cardi’s album cover
Oh Hai 22/02/2019 03:19
Y'all thought Travis used Kylie/Stormi for sales he aint got nothing on Offset with Kulture right now
Rap-Up 22/02/2019 03:17
Kulture listening to her father @OffsetYRN
E! News 22/02/2019 03:12
Nothing in this world that we like more than KULTURE.
india. 22/02/2019 03:09
So Cardi wasn’t showing Kulture just to debut her with Offset’s album?
WORLDSTARHIPHOP 22/02/2019 03:09
Kulture jammin to her dad Offset! @IAmCardiB @OffsetYRN
bre.  🖤 22/02/2019 03:07
Black History Month might be salvaged yet....We saw a picture of Baby Kulture,LeBron James gave us family goals, then Nipsey & Lauren slayed their magazine shoot
UPROXX 22/02/2019 02:56
Aww meet Cardi B and Offsets daughter Kulture!
J. 22/02/2019 02:53
Kulture is gorgeous.
Str8 from fuckin Booklyn 22/02/2019 02:49
Look at baby Kulture
Cardi B Fan Team 22/02/2019 02:40
Baby Kulture with her daddy and other siblings!
Queen Bitch 1.0.1 22/02/2019 02:24
Me trying to look at Kulture on this Father of 4 album cover
Kween 22/02/2019 02:18
Offset is one manipulative ass mother fucker. He knows the public would love this little family man persona for his album and he put Kulture on the cover knowing the world wants to see more of that baby. He’s riding Cardi’s clout for sure.
XXL Magazine 22/02/2019 02:18
[email protected] shares the cover art for his ‘Father of 4’ album featuring his children: Jordan, 9 Kody, 3 Kalea, 3 Kulture, 7 months
.@OffsetYRN shares the cover art for his ‘Father of 4’ album featuring his children:  Jordan, 9 Kody, 3 Kalea, 3 Kulture, 7 months <br>http://pic.twitter.com/sa0SYZQ24r
Kendra Gaines 22/02/2019 02:14
I'm just realizing that Kulture is actually photoshopped in. Jesus. I'm actually not positive any of his kids are actually there. https:// twitter.com/landoughcal/st atus/1098767228323782656   …
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