Pictures about K9Lor

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Best tweets:

Andrew Kelley 15/10/2019 03:04
Always a good night when you see @JamesCraigmyle and #k9Lor on Police Patrol. Miss you guys!
Janie 15/10/2019 01:31
They are so adorable. I feel sorry for K9Lor. Feeling left out! #sisters #LivePDNation
Teresa Bracken-O’Korn 15/10/2019 01:03
Hi Gracie, Olivia, K9Lor and Cpl Craigmyle
Pamela 14/10/2019 11:42
I love your family #K9Lor looks sad
Nancy Mack 14/10/2019 11:33
Big brother not interested in the girls today! Miss you #K9Lor. Hello girls
Carol Stuckman 14/10/2019 11:23
I had a dream, last night, that you and #K9Lor announced your return to #LivePD... Then, I woke up
Love, love, love!!! #Frenchies are a blessing, the little clowns that they are... And #K9Lor, just chilling.
Cathi 14/10/2019 10:49
There he is!! #K9Lor!! Sure do miss you on #LivePD
Congratulations Debbie!!! OMG!!! Can’t believe that I won the mug!!! I have @K9Garm mugs & #K9Lor mugs!!! Now, if possible, I might be able to have my souldog Marley, RIP, mug!!! Thank you @Love4PoliceDogs & @TacticalDogLive!!!
Steve Hardwick 12/10/2019 03:13
Miss seeing y’all in action. What a cool poochy dog. #K9Lor
BEST VID CLIP FROM LIVEPD EVER.#K9lor #HeDoesLaundryToo https:// twitter.com/talonemichelle /status/1182812852966559744   …
Shannon Kraft 12/10/2019 01:55
Add k9Lor
Shannon Gentile 12/10/2019 01:26
Miss you and @k9lor
Monica 12/10/2019 01:09
Love this good boy #K9Lor
Darlene Beilstein 12/10/2019 01:07
Love #K9Lor
Nope and it never will. Still the best intro ever.... And #K9Lor being the good boy he is!!! Y'all!!!
MrsBootc 12/10/2019 12:57
I miss #k9Lor https:// twitter.com/CraigmylesMob/ status/1182804470721327109   …
James Craigmyle 12/10/2019 12:33
Love this photo of #K9Lor, thank you @CraigmylesMob for sharing https:// twitter.com/CraigmylesMob/ status/1182804470721327109   …
James Craigmyle 12/10/2019 12:32
It never gets old! #K9Lor https:// twitter.com/TaloneMichelle /status/1182812852966559744   …
sandradee 10/10/2019 06:29
More pics of K9Lor please
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