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Sαnα  🔥 05/04/2019 05:53
Allah Has a Plan,Trust Him #Jummah_Mubrack_To_EverYone Remember Me In Your Prayerx
Allah Has a Plan,Trust Him #Jummah_Mubrack_To_EverYone Remember Me In Your Prayerx <br>http://pic.twitter.com/Fki1zljwMe
Thank you to our brothers for coming along and supporting. Jummah mubarak to everyone.” Moerat’s cousin Junaid – who is also a Western Province Rugby Union executive member, but spoke to IOL ...
Sҽɳσɾιƚα  🌸 03/05/2019 05:07
“On the day of Resurrection, Allah will not look at the person who trails his robe behind him out of pride.” (Bukhari, Muslim) #Jummah_Mubrack_To_EverYone
Sҽɳσɾιƚα  🌸 05/04/2019 06:04
We all have highs and lows in our deen, but don’t ever let your highs make you feel superior and don’t ever let your lows make you feel unworthy.... #Jummah_Mubrack_To_EverYone #JummaMubarak #styblessedall
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