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Joseph Adrian Dougla 03/06/2020 12:17
Tomorrow I celebrate 3 things! 25 years with my Wife Valerie. My 44th Birthday and 2 years cancer free! and i just bought 2 bottles of your bbq sauce
Super Bowl MVP quarterback Joe Flacco is thrilled to be a member of the New York Jets. When he met the media last week in a virtual Zoom chat, he sang the organizationโ€™s praises and welcomed the ...
Joseph Adrian Dougla 02/06/2020 11:48
This whole world is going tits up!
While he has to settle for being a backup with the New York Jets in 2020, veteran quarterback Joe Flacco still harbors hope of starting in the NFL ...
Wtf is this shit https:// status/1267321172309544960   โ€ฆ
The New York Jets and general manager Joe Douglas face a crucial test in how they handle the Jamal Adams situation.
Mood https:// tus/1267900673095462912   โ€ฆ
Joe Flacco, who signed with the Jets last week, says he can start in the NFL. But his focus this season is working as a mentor to starter Sam Darnold.
His PD wouldnโ€™t even let him take a knee!!! #BlackLivesMatter
Joe Flacco believes he still can be a good and productive starting quarterback in the NFL, but for this year at least heโ€™s embracing being Sam Darnoldโ€™s backup. โ€œObviously, I still believe that Iโ€™m a ...
Joe Douglas XXX 02/06/2020 10:16
alright gays, you know what to do. #BlackLivesMatter
Jets had a top 10 defense next year. Maybe go watch tennis or something, you obviously don't know football
Adam Hunsucker 01/06/2020 04:26
For a certain generation, Bobby Joe Douglas was NELA's basketball Paul Bunyan. https://www. igh-school/2020/06/01/nela-sessions-q-a-lhsaa-hall-famer-bobby-joe-douglas/5276694002/   โ€ฆ
Joseph Adrian Dougla 01/06/2020 01:20
2 more days till my 44th Birthday
Missing Joe Douglas 01/06/2020 01:19
Peaceful enough for you. https:// o/status/1267210834238988289   โ€ฆ
Missing Joe Douglas 01/06/2020 12:01
If you really don't want to be like the "Vote Blue No Matter Who" crowd, then don't be afraid to call out the one you support.
Missing Joe Douglas 31/05/2020 11:26
Worry about the freaking Liberty Bell and people's lives. Not a statue that's owned by Bud Light.
Missing Joe Douglas 31/05/2020 10:23
Seriously https:// s/1267219993407754241   โ€ฆ
Good Tipper Joe Douglas 31/05/2020 02:34
Happy birthday to the one and only..
Happy birthday to the one and only..<br>
Missing Joe Douglas 31/05/2020 11:26
U.S. Government in a nutshell. #teamfourstar #GeorgeFloydProtests #COVID19
Missing Joe Douglas 31/05/2020 06:08
#FuckRacism "All lives matter." Me: https:// tatus/1266974240823263237/video/1   โ€ฆ
Missing Joe Douglas 31/05/2020 05:33
Just deactivate https:// p/status/1266914470066036736   โ€ฆ
What good is this doing??
Who gave white men access to twitter?? If your name is Joe, Douglas, Mike, or some other boat-shoes-with-no-socks ass, greasy scalp, Pacsun gift card ass name you have no obligation to comment on recent events. Your opinion means jack shit to me and everyone else. Thank you <3
Good Tipper Joe Douglas 29/05/2020 10:47
ew ugly ass red unis @Giants
ew ugly ass red unis @Giants  <br>
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