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All non-Africans are more closely related to east-Africans, than east-Africans are to, e.g., south-Africans. The unscientific concept of human races is the result of racism, not its prerequisite. https://www. erErklaerung_EN.html   … #JenaerErklaerung #JenaDeclaration
IQWiG supports the 'Jena Declaration' Thu, 13 Feb 2020 08:27:00 GMT
As the authors of the Jena Declaration emphasize, there is no biological justification for using the typological construct "race" to classify human beings, such as into a white, black, or Asian race.
Japh 27/10/2019 07:55
In this context have a look at #JenaDeclaration (#JenaerErklarung) "as academics we can help to ensure that racism is no longer able to invoke us as a justification. The malign biological substantiation of races had its beginnings in Jena and it is in Jena that it will now end.” https:// /status/1188080267786903553   …
Ameto 23/09/2019 02:36
"Racism created (the notion of race) and not the other way round" @MPI_SHH #JenaDeclaration https://
"Racism created (the notion of race) and not the other way round" @MPI_SHH  #JenaDeclaration  https://     <br>
Universität Jena 19/09/2019 07:30
The full text of the #JenaDeclaration is available here https://www. erErklaerung_EN.html   …
Universität Jena 19/09/2019 07:15
As the #JenaDeclaration says: "However, the taxonomic evaluation of this differentiation (as race or subspecies, or not) is arbitrary." Your sexual apparatus' abilites might therefore not be suffcient to serve as a standard in order to define "human races".
teifei   🇮🇱 16/09/2019 07:42
That's politics, not science! #JenaDeclaration https:// tus/1173669759478579201   …
Orangenöl 16/09/2019 06:47
Also, any wannabe evolutionary whatnot should maybe first take note of the current consensus in actual evolutionary/human biology: "The concept of race is the result of racism, not its prerequisite." #JenaerErklarung #JenaDeclaration @UniJena https://www. rklaerung.html   …
#JenaDeclaration The concept of race is the result of racism, not its prerequisite. https://www. niversit%C3%A4t/Abteilung+Hochschulkommunikation/Presse/Jenaer+Erkl%C3%A4rung/Jenaer_Erklaerung_EN.pdf   …
Kai Müller 14/09/2019 06:11
@UniJena Cool stuff! #JenaDeclaration
Kai Müller 14/09/2019 06:06
The University of Jena just pointed out something important about "human races". That they are a wrong social construct. Awesome people. See the declaration at the link below. #racism #JenaDeclaration #neveragain #retweet #biology #evolution https://www. rklaerung.html   …
Gregor Kalinkat 14/09/2019 03:42
ICYMI this past week: #JenaerErklaerung #JenaDeclaration released at #DZG2019 #noracism #unteilbar #WirSindMehr https:// us/1171917040598339585?s=21   …
MPI-SHH Jena 13/09/2019 03:15
"The concept of race is the result of racism, not its prerequisite" - in a joint declaration, the German Zoological Society and Friedrich Schiller University Jena take a stand against the scientific legitimization of racism. Read the #JenaDeclaration here: https://  
B. Ricardo Brown 12/09/2019 12:49
Jena Declaration: The concept of race is the result of racism, not its prerequisite. From the event ‘Jena, Haeckel and the question of human races, or racism creates races.’ #HistSTM #JenaDeclaration can be downloaded here: https://www. erErklaerung_EN.html   …
they aren't real experts like grifters who write for Quillette, but scientists just issued this #JenaDeclaration: "there is no biological basis for races, & there has never been one. The concept of #race is the result of #racism, not its prerequisite" https://www. e-term-race-german-scientists-urge/a-50390582   …
Gregor Kalinkat 11/09/2019 10:42
Zoologists at the #DZG2019 conference in Jena, Germany, reject the concept of human races as there’s absolutely no scientific basis that would support it #noracism #JenaDeclaration cc @AngelaDSaini https:// /1171458004752822274   …
Universität Jena 10/09/2019 04:22
The #JenaDeclaration can be downloaded here: https://www. erErklaerung_EN.html   … https:// /1171458004752822274   …
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