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bergmullenboi 13/12/2018 09:59
Jason Kessler Rick Eckberg Double String Duo Quot Concerto In D Major From Youtube - Valkyrian Descent bki.me/DXdYUvRW  
Metro was willing to work with the organizer of a white supremacist rally in Washington this summer to provide special accommodations for his group, according to emails obtained from the transit agenc...
bergmullenboi 13/12/2018 09:02
Jason Kessler - Right-Wing Activism: The Alt-Lite Disavows Free Speech Rally - Hour 2 - Red Ice Extra (podcast) bki.me/2U07ScmZ  
Michelle Renee Hoover Thu, 13 Dec 2018 05:09:00 GMT
children Chelsie Kessler and Scotty Kessler of North Vernon; 2 sisters- Kendra Anderson (husband Michael) of Columbus, Alescia Glossner (husband Greg) of Cincinnati, brothers- Jason Hoover (wife Amy) ...
JazzieeB 13/12/2018 05:59
A noble meme but America won't admit their original sin. Are you familiar with Lee Atwater? You may not want superiority, but your msg is being hijacked & not clearly articulated. Why were you in Charlottesville? Why was Jason Kessler initiated by Enrique Tarrio to be a PB?
Pencil Andrew Luck in for another three-touchdown game. No Fournette means no ball control and Cody Kessler is not an NFL starting QB. The Jags are beyond hopeless, and I don't think they care about g...
Dinesh D'Souza 13/12/2018 02:29
Most of the leading white nationalists come from the left. The organizer of the Charlottesville rally, Jason Kessler, is an Obama activist and Occupy Wall Street guy. The poster boy of white nationalism Richard Spencer is a self-described progressive https:// twitter.com/nytimes/status /1073189811748564992   …
Kessler completed 18 of 24 but for only 8.3 ... Five of them were by New York’s Jason Myers, who had made 28 of 30 tries this season. Six were kicked in the Los Angeles Rams’ 30-16 win at ...
Rob Tannenbaum 13/12/2018 12:48
“Don’t take a corrupt anti-Semitic dog-whistling governor’s word for it, read this laughable dog-whistling climate change-denying Jason Kessler-publishing website beloved by shitlords around the world.”
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and Brandi Carlile will headline ... In 2019, the festival will collaborate with independent Texas concert promoter Kessler Presents for the first time. With historic ven...
nodens 13/12/2018 04:40
Jason Kessler is a Proud Boy.
Jason Kessler is a Proud Boy. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/PmHB4p8n13
bergmullenboi 12/12/2018 06:40
Jason Kessler in Wisconsin - View 3 Results Found bki.me/c1AV9axr  
Jesse Hawken 11/12/2018 10:55
It would be nice if Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler would go visit him in jail, considering he's kinda in there thanks to them https:// twitter.com/washingtonpost /status/1072541341253623808   …
Wolf Blitzer PsychoJazz 11/12/2018 05:43
So why aren't Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler doing hard time over creating the rally in the first place?
Emily G 11/12/2018 12:30
Remember when Jason Kessler tried moving there?
I hope the estate of #HeatherHeyer sues every single one of these bastards for wrongful death: “The main alt-right figures that drew Fields to Charlottesville ... #JasonKessler, @RichardBSpencer, #BakedAlaska (#TimGionet), #EnochPeinovich, #DavidDuke, and #MattHeimbach.”
JazzieeB 10/12/2018 03:44
Trying to put lipstick on a pig using Lee Atwater code words are we? They love women so much, PB James Fields killed Heather Heyer. PB Enrique Tarrio led the hate in Charlottesville that PB Jason Kessler organized. Violence, Islamaphobia & misogyny are all encouraged. Nice try.
Emily G 09/12/2018 04:36
It's also good to remember that in Virginia probable cause is a bar to a malicious prosecution claim, and probable cause for my complaint was found TWICE. Also this story undermines Jason Kessler's latest lawsuit, too.
Djinn 08/12/2018 12:30
Good morning to everyone who ever went for Jason Kessler. Keep doing that shit! I will gladly pay the $5.
Matthew Christensen 08/12/2018 01:12
James Fields was convicted today on all charges. The men who organized and promoted the violence and hate of A12 still walk free. People like Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer. They too must be brought to justice.
cvillenews.com 07/12/2018 11:40
Jason Kessler invited James Fields to Charlottesville to kill people, as he invited hundreds of other people. All of this happened because Kessler wanted it to happen, and worked hard to make it happen.
A. J. Hollins 06/12/2018 08:41
I don't know how it works, but could we return Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, and get Bowie back? #barteringwithgod
Emily G 01/12/2018 10:35
Throwback to the time that Jason Kessler tried to tell me over DMs to delay my move to Berlin so he could serve me a subpoena. Fucking clown.
Throwback to the time that Jason Kessler tried to tell me over DMs to delay my move to Berlin so he could serve me a subpoena.  Fucking clown. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/GNBBTU3zvf
Dave Weigel 30/11/2018 03:54
Metro was willing to work with Jason Kessler to provide special treatment for ‘Unite the Right’ rallygoers, emails show https://www. washingtonpost.com/local/traffica ndcommuting/metro-was-willing-to-work-with-jason-kessler-to-provide-special-treatment-for-unite-the-right-rallygoers-emails-show/2018/11/29/6ceec172-f405-11e8-bc79-68604ed88993_story.html?utm_term=.01a730625b1e   …
spencer sunshine 30/11/2018 03:37
From David Icke to Jason Kessler & other Proud Boys, people are belatedly recognizing how there was a Far Right wing to Occupy Wall Street. I wrote two articles about this in 2014. https://www. politicalresearch.org/2014/02/23/the -right-hand-of-occupy-wall-street-from-libertarians-to-nazis-the-fact-and-fiction-of-right-wing-involvement/   …
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