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Koreaboo 17/09/2019 07:00
Tattoo Shop Manager Who Commented About BTS Jungkook's False Dating Rumor Reportedly Got Fired By Their Boss https://www. koreaboo.com/news/bts-jungk ook-dating-rumor-tattooist-manager-fired/   …
Fans went wild after Jungkook from BTS was spotted hanging out with a female tattoo artist, leading his agency to issue a statement regarding whether or not he’s dating the mystery woman.
Koreaboo 17/09/2019 02:00
Tattooist Lee Mijoo Denies Dating Rumors With BTS’s Jungkook https://www. koreaboo.com/news/bts-jungk ook-dating-rumor-lee-mijoo/   …
The dating rumours surrounding BTS’ Jungkook are ‘absolutely not true’, according to label Big Hit Entertainment. The agency has published a statement, apologising for the singer’s private ...
cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ Jungkook’s literally anything vocals else
Just hours after BTS’s break ended, photos of Jungkook with a female tattoo artist spread throughout social media. Someone leaked the images from CCTV footage. Fans then found the tattoo artist’s ...
May   💫 17/09/2019 06:25
jungkook’s high note in dimple.
Rapper Hash Swan has urged people not to harass him about the photo that led to BTS’s Jungkook’s dating rumors. On September 16, a photo surfaced on an online community of a man that was alleged to be ...
People who are on Twitter are surely aware of who is BTS. The K-Pop boy band is a phenomenon on social media. The craze for them is global and their fandom that is collectively referred to as ARMY is ...
soum 17/09/2019 02:22
are knetz dumb? jungkook ALWAYS had this kinda style ,, jk always liked wearing black clothes! lil jk even had an emo phase n in the past he even told us he wanted piercings n tats so why is everybody so shocked
are knetz dumb? jungkook ALWAYS had this kinda style ,, jk always liked wearing black clothes! lil jk even had an emo phase n in the past he even told us he wanted piercings n tats so why is everybody so shocked <br>http://pic.twitter.com/ipE8juyQVn
ًdanielle 17/09/2019 11:23
in the year 2070; namjoon will be 76 yrs old seokjin will be 78 yrs old yoongi will be 77 yrs old hoseok will be 76 yrs old jimin will be 75 yrs old taehyung will be 75 yrs old jungkook will be 73 yrs old it will be their 57th anniversary as bts how old will you be?
juls ✩ 17/09/2019 01:50
jimin running all the way across the stage just to get to jungkook never fails to make me super emotional :(
taekook 17/09/2019 04:50
when taehyung was speaking but then stopped after noticing jungkook was working out with his bags, pls the way he said "you're working out again" sendsksjdhjs
May   💫 17/09/2019 03:11
i’ll never forget that moment when jungkook sang in french
샬럿   ✨ 17/09/2019 08:14
Hi, it’s Jungkook and welcome back to my channel!
  🚀 17/09/2019 04:09
Jikook laughing together and Jimin throwing himself onto Jungkook
αgʑ ♡ jungkook 17/09/2019 11:52
his big doe eyes and his little pout HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS TINY BABIE???
his big doe eyes and his little pout  HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS TINY BABIE??? <br>http://pic.twitter.com/e9qdoQYqZU
𝓁𝒶𝓊 ♕ 17/09/2019 02:05
Let’s bring back this video of Pied Piper Jungkook to clean our timelines of today’s bullshit #AlwaysWithJK
incorrect kimjin 17/09/2019 02:50
namjoon: call out ‘babe’ and see who looks up first namjoon: babe seokjin: no one even flinched lmao namjoon: you try it then seokjin: ok...babe taehyung: yes? jimin: yeah? hoseok: you called? yoongi: what? jungkook: yes hyung? namjoon: what the fu-
Jungkook sniffs before he eats something. This cute baby :(
mak ♡ 17/09/2019 04:17
jungkook steps into his black converse and throws his beautiful dark hair into a messy bun as he runs out the door. there he is..... he’s my y/n .
Here’s a thread of jungkook smiling to cleanse and spread positivity in your tl #AlwaysWithJK
matty 17/09/2019 07:59
namjoon: i’m fed up of having a 13 inch monster cock jungkook’s holes:
Alicia ♡ 17/09/2019 08:47
Me pretending to be the electric fan inside BigHits practice rooms so I can see Jungkook put his hair up
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