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Michelle Rempel 20/08/2018 06:00
Racism happens in Canada. It is a terrible thing that erects barriers to opportunity, and has a lasting negative impact on the lives of many. We must combat it. By cheapening use of the word, Trudeau demeans the importance and severity of it, and works in the opposite direction.
Christine Bosse, a Board member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), Allianz, TDC and BankNordik, argues that the world's Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (the "SDGs"), offer “… a golden o...
NVIDIA GeForce 20/08/2018 05:53
The impact of RTX Technology in @Battlefield V is nothing short of phenomenal. #GraphicsReinvented
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain’s Public Works Ministry declined to comment on Monday on whether a motorway bridge collapse this month in Genoa would affect a deal between Atlantia, whose subsidiary manages ...
Shannon  🍂 20/08/2018 05:38
You can know someone for 5 days and they have an impact on your life and then you can know someone for years and they know nothing about you
Daniel Roman of San Jose had a few free minutes at work that day, so he wrote a letter to a man he never met. Dwight Clark's leaping touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship ...
Janani 20/08/2018 05:36
This has gotta be one of d BEST episodes in #YehUnDinonKiBaatHai. HANDS DOWN. The whole Agarwal house confrontation will go down to b one of THE BEST in d whole of ITV. Show me a fam drama which makes u feel d impact of the situation w/o OTT drama! Yep. U can't. Our show's a GEM!
The owner of Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in West Virginia says the casino — located a little more than 60 miles from downtown D.C. — will start offering sports betting on Sept. 1. The casin...
Tallie Dar 20/08/2018 04:23
I really want to do Hajj. I’ve reached that age where I understand the significance of it and the impact it will have in my life. I literally get goosebumps when someone tells me they’re going for Hajj. Ya Allah give us all the opportunity to perform Hajj in our lifetime. AMEEN
More and more people are coming from away to kiss the cod in Gander ever since Come From Away hit the Great White Way. NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt did a feature on the hit musical and Gander's r...
i cant stanD namjoon,,,’iM LiStEniNg tO tHe ALbUm kEkEkE’ watch u kekeke-ing when i threaten to unstan but never will bc i love u too much n your music has such a powerful impact on my life and i wish u nothing but happiness and success i love namjoon so much in this essay i will
@TheLastLeg #isitok that you've seemingly been dragged into the anti-Corbyn smear campaign & that misrepresentation is having an impact on ordinary people?
L3 Chainz™ 20/08/2018 04:03
Mount Pleasant Area - my MacBook Air has been stolen - it has a big Batman sticker and a Zeta Phi Beta sticker on the lid. It was in my Maroon backpack with an IMPACT logo on it. PLEASE keep your eyes out for it!
jas  💔   🌕 20/08/2018 03:40
how to help the streaming numbers/sales: - request the singles (tempo, hyd, tmb, overdose ft. agnez mo, etc.) in my bio. - put songs on repeat over night - stream from digital platforms like spotify, tidal, apple music etc. NOT youtube since it has less impact.
Henry Fraser 20/08/2018 03:35
This is very important. - Don't park in disabled parking bays because disabled people NEED them. - Don't dump luggage in disabled seating areas on public transport because disabled people NEED them. Put yourself in our shoes and THINK about the impact on our lives.
Translate Trump 20/08/2018 02:52
Trump's slanderous tweets this morning accused others of the following: “received big money” “phony, dirty, & discredited” “total joke" “political hack” “corruption” “lies” "firings" “looking to impact the election” “National Disgrace” - Donald J. Trump, 'The Art of Projection'
Trump's slanderous tweets this morning accused others of the following:  “received big money” “phony, dirty, & discredited” “total joke" “political hack” “corruption” “lies” "firings" “looking to impact the election” “National Disgrace”  - Donald J. Trump, 'The Art of Projection' <br>
Do people know what topping GROWL means? GROWL is a national anthem with HUGE impact, 2M+ downloads, whole nation singing the song, exploding popularity. Imagine that but only much bigger. The definition of unstoppable and power. We WILL top GROWL @weareoneEXO #EXO #EXOPLANET
It is not wrong for British people to recognise the crimes of this country. It is not an attack on white people to recognise the impact of colonialism and slavery. Anyone who regards it as a threat is unable to engage intellectually and leave their ego at the door.
snappedtsus 20/08/2018 02:13
Hello I just realized that Got to Believe was a syndrome in the Philippines and left a huge impact to its audiences. I miss KathNiel in Rom-Com series to be honest.
Paul Hodgkins 20/08/2018 02:13
Never forget austerity was a political choice, not a necessity, which surely must have been made in the knowledge its impact would affect the poorest & most vulnerable the hardest & for the longest. The Conservatives implemented it anyway. #MondayMotivation
TTU Impact Movement 20/08/2018 01:25
Join us today at 4pm at Urbanovsky Park today for free Popsicles and Basketball!!! Hope to see you there!
Alexis Alexander 20/08/2018 01:01
We really missed Nadine. Di masyado obvious. Hehe. I really love her outfit. Matchy with James. Not so loud, just right amount of impact. #MissGrannyPHPremiereNight
We really missed Nadine. Di masyado obvious. Hehe. I really love her outfit. Matchy with James. Not so loud, just right amount of impact.   #MissGrannyPHPremiereNight<br>
do the showrunners even realize that over half of the fandom is still watching this show only for lance, like do they know his impact? his intelligence? his power? treat y'all's best boy better, ya heathens
Donald J. Trump 20/08/2018 11:38
....looking for trouble. They are enjoying ruining people’s lives and REFUSE to look at the real corruption on the Democrat side - the lies, the firings, the deleted Emails and soooo much more! Mueller’s Angry Dems are looking to impact the election. They are a National Disgrace!
Rich 20/08/2018 11:37
Palace Sunday & Scott Duxbury was Told by Steve Parish palace chairman that the noise the vic made last time we played & intimidation of Ref to sort Zaha’s antics had a huge impact on game & was reluctantly impressed by our fans , more of the same @The1881_wfc & #watfordfc Sunday
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