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Corruption of Australian border force Ali has been in Immigration Detention for over 5 years. Far too long for anyone to have to endure Detention facilities. About 6 weeks ago he was put on an aircraft from Adelaide Detention to go to PERTH no room given sleeping on the floor https:// s/1218415810873454592   …
LUMPKIN, Ga. (AP) — In a locked, guarded courtroom in a compound surrounded by razor wire, Immigration Judge Jerome Rothschild waits -- and stalls. A Spanish interpreter is running late because of a ...
British brexiters living in Spain told Ch.4 News they felt remorse at their decision to vote Leave as they now face an uncertain future after Brexit. They only voted Brexit as they were worried about immigration back in the UK & didn't realise FOM rules would also apply to them
Three are minors and were transferred into the care of social services. In connection with the same incident, two Spanish men, aged 43 and 44, have been arrested on suspicion of assisting illegal ...
Rep Andy Biggs 18/01/2020 03:33
This is the tragedy of illegal immigration. These crimes against innocent Americans are preventable. Enforce our laws! https:// 1218296778078007297   …
Dreamers, doers, underdogs and outcasts populate “Little America,” Apple TV+’s vibrant and moving anthology series dedicated to the immigrant experience — not the politics of immigration. No two ...
Kyle Griffin 17/01/2020 06:15
U.S. border agents turned away a 6-year-old child with Down syndrome and a heart condition seeking to enter the U.S. for medical treatment and court proceedings, according to an immigration lawyer and doctor who accompanied her from Matamoros, Mexico. https://www. gents-turned-away-a-6-year-old-with-down-syndrome-and-a-heart-condition-lawyers-say_n_5e2111e2c5b632117610df42   …
Employees on the front lines of helping the sick or victims of sexual assault in Kentucky would be exempted from a high-profile immigration bill under changes its lead sponsor is making.
Judicial Watch   🔎 18/01/2020 03:00
Judicial Watch announced it hand-delivered ethics complaint to the House Chairman of OCE David Skaggs calling for a full investigation into potential crimes tied to allegations that Rep. #IlhanOmar may have married her biological brother. MORE HERE:  
Immigration can invigorate the country. But when it is poorly managed, it can cause social division — just as it’s doing right now. In 2001, when I was the new Washington correspondent for The Arizona ...
Ben Mathis-Lilley 18/01/2020 03:31
20 years ago a young Tucker Carlson was warning "respectable" conservatives not to associate with John Tanton's racist-sewer anti-immigrant groups. Now the Times is giving one of them op-ed space. https:// ics/2020/01/times-op-ed-white-nationalist-center-for-immigration-studies.html?via=recirc_recent   …
Jeremy 18/01/2020 03:55
It’s official. I’m in the #YangGang. I don’t think any other candidate understands the modern (and future) economy, immigration scape-goating, international/global economic trends and trade better. #RealTime
New York Times Opinion 17/01/2020 10:07
Some argue that mass incarceration and mass deportation simply reflect sincere (but misguided) efforts to address crime or surges in immigration. These people "tend to underestimate the corrupting influence of white supremacy," writes Michelle Alexander. https://  
The following disturbing images of Customs and Border Protection short-term detention facilities in Tucson, Arizona show that inhumane conditions persist despite an earlier court order. These images are part of our ongoing litigation to end these horrifying conditions.
Alison Greene 18/01/2020 02:27
Imagine if Melania Trump was finally arrested for breaking immigration laws... Donald Trump would say "I didn't really know her that well. I would see her sometimes in the White House but there are a lot of people in the WH"
Ilhan Omar 16/01/2020 11:21
This should never be the case. The cruelty of our immigration system becomes clearer every day. We must stop detaining immigrants and start giving them pathways to citizenship. https:// tory/tiny-town-immigration-detainees-outnumber-residents-68327407   …
FAIR 17/01/2020 11:30
‘Height Of Hypocrisy’: ICE Rips New York For Not Turning Over Illegal Alien Now Accused Of Killing 92-Year-Old Woman https://   via @dailycaller @thejasonhopkins
John Dodge 17/01/2020 10:59
What part of legal, LEGAL IMMIGRATION doesn't Jared.... and *cough Melanie *cough.... understand? https://www. ed-kushner-confronted-over-grandfather-lying-on-immigration-forms-to-enter-u-s/   …
Gerard Batten 17/01/2020 09:03
Then why do we have more crime, violence & regressive social pratices than before we had massive ‘diversity’? He uses ‘diversity’ as a justification for mass uncontrolled immigration despite its adverse effects being obvious to all who have eyes to see. https:// status/1217846058014990339   …
Hey Guys we arent doing enough. Immigration Voice and their members are "Expecting a positive Surprise" So now my question is: What are we going to do about it? Are we going to let them plow us over with it OR are we going to stand up and STOP IT? CALL YOUR SENATORS!
PragerU 17/01/2020 10:04
Can America solve its illegal immigration problem both justly and humanely? Yes, but it requires first building a border wall. Charles Krauthammer explains why.
Michael Johns 17/01/2020 05:22
Don't build it (the wall)--and they will come: Caravan with 1K Hondurans en route to U.S.: https:// nt-caravan-rumbles-guatemala-202145836.html   … #BuildTheWall #immigration #TeaParty #MAGA
Haringey Anti-Raids 17/01/2020 07:43
Here’s how you stand up to immigration cops! ICE were sent packing today in Walthamstow by a man that knew they could not enter his home without a warrant. Sent via our raids alert network @AntiRaids
Immigration Voice 17/01/2020 02:07
IMPORTANT NEW ACTION ITEM Call all Senators who have NOT co-sponsored #S386 and ask them to support the bill when it comes on the floor for a vote.
  IMPORTANT NEW ACTION ITEM    Call all Senators who have NOT co-sponsored #S386 and ask them to support the bill when it comes on the floor for a vote.<br>
Alec   🇺🇸 18/01/2020 02:15
President Trump Although I'm upset with you making my immigration case stuck in limbo & depriving me of seeing my #Visaban family in last 5 years, my distress doesnt make me not to appreciate your right policies against regime. I'd sacrifice my own interests for sake of Iranians https:// us/1218299429565820928   …
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