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World Music Awards 03/03/2020 07:27
ALBUMS IN FRANCE MapOfTheSoul:7 #BTS Versus #Vitaa and #Slimane Brol #angele LesDerniersSalopards #MAES Phoenix #Soprano SainteVictoire #ClaraLuciani Myopia #AgnesObel MVP #MisterV NosVies #ImenEs AmeFifties #AlainSouchon
 ALBUMS IN FRANCE MapOfTheSoul:7 #BTS  Versus #Vitaa and #Slimane Brol #angele  LesDerniersSalopards #MAES Phoenix #Soprano SainteVictoire #ClaraLuciani Myopia #AgnesObel MVP #MisterV NosVies #ImenEs AmeFifties #AlainSouchon <br>
Planin – Suzano Media Relations Angélica Consiglio, Beatriz Imenes and team – Contact: Eduarda Lopes [email protected] - Tel.: (11) 2138-8949 SOURCE Suzano ...
Martha Imenes 31/03/2020 08:03
One day the brazilian nation will wake up. I just hope it's not too late. Many brazilians believe in fake news distributed by the government itself. And it will certainly result in many deaths because of Covid-19. I'm so sorry, @DrTedros
Martha Imenes 31/03/2020 08:02
@DrTedros I am Brazilian and I am ashamed of the distortion of his speech to justify an irresponsible act by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. I apologize on behalf of all good Brazilians who do not agree with this gentleman's actions. Sorry...
aquariana chata 31/03/2020 01:39
i’ve always picked the giver cause i’ve always been the taker i’d rather just do it then i think about it later gives me bad karma
AFRO K-POPPER 30/03/2020 11:00
Karen, we are all fucked up in here. Can we try to REALLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE? CAN WE, KAREN???????????
aquariana chata 30/03/2020 02:06
Every long lost dream led me to where you are, others who broke my heart they were like northern stars pointing me on my way into your loving arms
ㄨIMENES 29/03/2020 01:11
I see your face In every sunrise The colours of the morning Are inside your eyes The world awakens In the light of the day I look up to the sky and say You're beautiful
aquariana chata 28/03/2020 10:54
take my hand take my whole life too
aquariana chata 28/03/2020 03:20
But she's just like a maze where all of the walls all continually change
Martha Imenes 27/03/2020 03:06
Think about... empaty #besafe #takecare #behuman https://www. ?igshid=b2gdmm9pcwtr   …
@imenes direct https:// s/1242913944798408708   …
aquariana chata 25/03/2020 05:35
with every broken bone i swear i lived
aquariana chata 25/03/2020 04:25
but in 2123 hours a bend in the universe is gonna make everything in our whole world change
bandiva trembarbie 24/03/2020 05:04
@imenes_ana Justin Bieber Sandy e Junior Maroon 5
AFRO K-POPPER 24/03/2020 03:36
AFRO K-POPPER 24/03/2020 02:39
Wait... what?
Rune Imenes 24/03/2020 12:57
Shearer vs Sheff W
bouneau 20/03/2020 05:27
Top Albums S12 suite: Top15 @MisterVonline 2507 Top16 @Dadju 2483 Top17 @jul 2409 Top18 #ImenES 2400 Top19 @AyaNakamuraa 2354 Top21 @Larrysogood_ 2228 Top22 @AntoineLomepal 2183 Top23 @Niska_Officiel 2179 Top25 @MaitreGIMS 2147 Top26 @JeyLaylow 2106 Top29 @GRADIDUR 1586
bouneau 13/03/2020 04:17
Top Albums S11 suite : Top18 #ImenES 3452 Top19 @MisterVonline 3338 Top20 @Dadju 3331 Top21 @jul 3073 Top22 @PNLMusic 3040 Top24 @AyaNakamuraa 2927 Top25 @MaitreGIMS 2795 Top26 @HatikMusic 2763 Top27 @Larrysogood_ 2761 Top28 @AntoineLomepal 2703 Top29 @Niska_Officiel 2558
bouneau 06/03/2020 03:15
Top Albums S10 : Top2 @timaltropchaud 14629 Top3 @Napsvraicompte 13279 Top4 @JeyLaylow 10582 Top6 @angele_vl 9003 Top7 @MaesOfficiel 8462 Top8 @Sopranopsy4 5318 Top10 @MisterVonline 4273 Top11 #Nekfeu 4122 Top12 #ImenES 4086 Top13 @ninhosdt 4068 Top15 @Dadju 3748
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