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Edwin 27/06/2020 05:37
Did your music career flopped ?
There’ll be another road trip soon. 😊#lovemyfamily ♥️#imthankful #imblessed #hugyourfamily." The proud mom appeared to be having a fantastic time with themCredit: Instagram It seems like ...
I Am Blessed 23/06/2020 07:19
We always hear "Think before you speak" but what exactly to Think? #think #iamblessed @ India https://www. ?igshid=f1jso1jojgkb   …
khayman. 30/06/2020 08:19
Say it one more ma’am. https:// us/1278057461321216000   …
khayman. 01/07/2020 03:22
Dawg the Obamas cancelled.
khayman. 01/07/2020 02:26
It sound like you eat chitterlings
khayman. 01/07/2020 12:27
They’re canceled though Greg
Lauren  👑 30/06/2020 01:10
Training day , new software. Easy day.
khayman. 30/06/2020 02:58
All I got from this was that she cheated on her white man with a black man and had a baby. https:// tus/1277655912975491075   …
Edwin 24/06/2020 09:52
Covid-19 negative thank you lord
khayman. 01/07/2020 06:20
Child Sex trafficking rings.
Jay Woods 28/06/2020 06:45
Facts and they will https:// tatus/1275851385289019394   …
Edwin 24/06/2020 05:32
My condolences to your family
khayman. 25/06/2020 11:48
Information be skewed as hell.
Edwin 01/07/2020 12:44
I wanna see this ass bounce on a dick https:// tatus/1278123500801347585   …
Jay Woods 25/06/2020 05:14
Texas for the 4th ?
Edwin 24/06/2020 01:13
Is stomach pain and chest pain symptoms of COVID ? Asking for a friend
Edwin 01/07/2020 07:00
Wide awake. Someone hmu
khayman. 01/07/2020 08:37
Don’t be scared to change your mind.
khayman. 01/07/2020 07:13
Exposing Pedophiles, stoping sex trafficking.
Jay Woods 29/06/2020 08:20
You have to wrong guy sweetheart
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