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Y’all know I love Tom Hiddleston with all my heart but can y’all shut up and let Idris Elba be James Bond snsnsn
It’s been over ten years since Casino Royale and the debut of Daniel Craig as James Bond, which means we’re overdue for a new 007. The British tabloid the Daily Star published a rumor that Bond produc...
Channel 4 News 18/08/2018 12:21
“Just hurry up and make him Bond.” Aml Ameen, star of Idris Elba's new film Yardie, says black British actors are going through a “renaissance” - and that Elba should be cast as 007.
James Bond 25 is now headed into production with director Danny Boyle (127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire) at the hem, and Daniel Craig once again stepping into the role of 007. But while it seems like Cr...
The Rochdale Herald 18/08/2018 11:49
Leaked Bond script just ninety minutes of Idris Elba's Aston Martin being stopped by police https:// ked-bond-script-just-ninety-minutes-of-idris-elbas-aston-martin-being-stopped-by-police/   …
Leaked Bond script just ninety minutes of Idris Elba's Aston Martin being stopped by police   https:// ked-bond-script-just-ninety-minutes-of-idris-elbas-aston-martin-being-stopped-by-police/   … <br>
It's 2018 and people are still discussing whether or not Idris Elba should be allowed to play James Bond because he's black. Now, Ice-T has jumped into the discussion with some choice words for Elba d...
Laura Kate Dale 18/08/2018 10:52
So many people who are adamant Idris Elba’s skin colour should preclude him from playing James Bond are simultaneously very quiet about cis actors being cast in trans roles. It’s almost like it’s not about “best actor for the role”, but just maintaining a Hollywood status quo.
After years of low whispers and closed-door conversations, Idris Elba has finally entertained rumors that speculate he will be the next 007. While the Luther star did not confirm his role as James Bon...
&Flix 18/08/2018 07:18
Two worlds, one war! Who do you think wins? Catch @idriselba and @McConaughey in action in THE DARK TOWER, our Flix First Premiere, tomorrow at 1PM & 9PM, #LeapForth #BAE @DarkTowerMovie
Rapper Ice-T blasted Katie Hopkins, a conservative British journalist, who said that Idris Elba can’t play the part of James Bond because he’s Black. For years now, there’s been talk about Elba replac...
m 17/08/2018 11:17
the mcu rlly had idris elba and paid him DUST
Philip DeFranco 17/08/2018 07:43
LIVE! YouTube Burnout Goes Mainstream, Elle Mills, Idris Elba Bond Backlash, University Scandal, & More... https://  
Cedella Marley 17/08/2018 06:18
"Johnny Was is a true classic, not just in my grandfather’s catalogue but in reggae music overall & it still resonates today as truth for my generation. It’s an honor to be a part of the @Yardie Project @idriselba. In UK cinemas August 31" @SkipMarley Marley
Russell Crowe 17/08/2018 06:26
[email protected] as James Bond? Absolutely. What a great idea. Are tickets on sale yet ?
Saran Anandan 17/08/2018 03:48
White people will have no problem with portraying Jesus (who was Middle Eastern) as a bearded white man but lose their shit over Idris Elba being the new James Bond hahahaha cool cool
Isaac K. Wright  📸 16/08/2018 07:19
“IdRIs ElbA CaNT Be jAMes BoNd CaUSe BoND Is WhITe” Well Tanner, Jesus wasn’t white and yet here we are
Gillian Anderson 16/08/2018 04:09
Hype shaken not stirred. #tbt @idriselba
Hype shaken not stirred. #tbt @idriselba <br>
Best Of Tom 16/08/2018 12:09
Tom Hiddleston & Idris Elba blessing your timeline.
Tom Hiddleston & Idris Elba blessing your timeline. <br>
KeithB10 15/08/2018 09:41
James Bond: ENGLISH Barry Nelson: American Sean Connery: Scottish David Niven: English George Lazenby: Australian Roger Moore: English Timothy Dalton: Welsh Pierce Brosnan: Irish Daniel Craig: English Idris Elba: English James Bond: FICTIONAL Katie Hopkins: Douche
RedRobin   🌹 #JC9 15/08/2018 05:11
In light of Hatie Slopbins, I mean @KTHopkins quasi-racist diatribe about her opposition to @idriselba being the next 007, who would like to see Idris as the next James Bond just to shut her foul trap?
Mustapha 14/08/2018 07:13
Every time I hear rumors about Idris Elba becoming the new James Bond, I remember this Trevor Noah joke
Boon Cotter 14/08/2018 05:32
Look, honestly, you can cast Idris Elba in any role and I'm down. Bond. Luke Skywalker. Lara Croft. My husband. It all works.
Toby Young 14/08/2018 07:30
Do the social justice warriors objecting to Jack Whitehall being cast as a gay man on the grounds that he’s not gay realise that, by the same logic, they should object to Idris Elba being cast as Bond? Its called “acting” you censorious little twerps.
Julian 14/08/2018 12:20
Idris Elba is “””too old””” to be James Bond but Tom Cruise is fifty-fucking-six and still jumping off buildings I’m ᴶᵁˢᵀ ˢᴬʸᴵᴺᴳ
Katie Hopkins 13/08/2018 07:22
"No, Idris Elba. You cannot be #JamesBond, no matter how many tweets you put out fishing for attention. It’s not because you are a gentleman of colour. It’s because James Bond isn’t..."#IdrisElba007
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