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At this meeting, IFB CEO explained the different types of crowdfunding, like reward-based, equity, debt-based and donation-based which later he mentioned that the equity type of crowdfunding is the se...
IFB Industries has reported a standalone total income from operations of Rs 592.29 crore and a net profit of Rs 14.16 crore for the quarter ended Jun-2018. For the quarter ended Jun 2017 the standalon...
kc100chirenje 20/08/2018 06:11
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A statement from the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), which investigated the scam with the Metropolitan Police, stated that Ajay Haque, 35 of Salisbury Road, London โ€“ described as the mastermind behind t...
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Thursday, Charleston County Council approved a motion 7 to 1 to have "staff coordinate with consultants on options for demolition and construction subject to the IFB." The vote followed a two hour exe...
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The boxing event organized and scrutinized by the IBF has been gaining momentum, with the president of the IFB, Daryl James Peoples, stating that more and better audiences may be anticipated for such ...
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Follow these nice people and get FB Like, RT, Comment IFB @pure_pendu1 @zunaira_kahn @IramChoudary @MEriawan752 @Heer_Da_Heera @Rt_Group11  @_shezalhaj @Zulqanain6 @MohsinK86701452 @ChNaveedd @shadi_na_walima @Sajjad_khanXada @AsadRehman_ @UmairGurmani_ @UsamaSyed14 @M_Shafay863<br>http://pic.twitter.com/6a010mRmnP
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