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BookSmark 25/05/2020 05:45
I got this feeling Elias might win the #ICTitle tournament. Maybe he gets a Jeff Jarrett/Honky Tonk type run
While not delivering the splashy headlines of many WWE television efforts, SmackDown did come through with a solid top-to-bottom night of wrestling action on Friday. The biggest note coming out of ...
Chris 25/05/2020 12:40
This is a little disappointing, even though I hope Styles faces Bryan in the finals of the #ICTitle tournament and they get to put on an awesome match. I just really wanted to see a McIntyre/Styles feud and match. https:// twitter.com/WWE/status/126 3994899780812801   …
Sami Zayn has not appeared on SmackDown since retaining the Intercontinental Championship against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 36, which prompted WWE to announce it was ...
My thoughts on Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy, First Round #ICTitle Tournament on #SmackDown : This match told the story, with Sheamus trash-talking, berating Jeff based on his troubled past and torturing him. Jeff had to dig down deep to upset Sheamus. This made for a really great match.
Sami Zayn was stripped of the WWE Intercontinental Championship. WWE Friday Night SmackDown featured the kickoff of the Intercontinental Championship tournament amid WWE’s controversial decision to ...
WWE 23/05/2020 09:00
Semifinals bound. #ICTitle #SmackDown @JEFFHARDYBRAND
Semifinals bound.    #ICTitle #SmackDown  @JEFFHARDYBRAND<br>http://pic.twitter.com/5zQm6InhHp
If you did not know Otis was in store for a massive push coming off his victory at Money in the Bank, in the namesake match, you sure as hell did after Friday's edition of WWE ...
Hank   🇪🇨 23/05/2020 03:06
I could watch AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura FOR-EV-ER. #ICTitle #SmackDownOnFox
WWE should have handled its removal of Sami Zayn's title better, both in storyline and backstage in real life.
WWE Business 23/05/2020 05:07
Catch the semifinal round of the #ICTitle tournament next Friday on #SmackDown !
Catch the semifinal round of the #ICTitle tournament next Friday on #SmackDown !<br>http://pic.twitter.com/eD3OMnPhJU
WWE 23/05/2020 02:44
It's down to . Here's how things stand in the #ICTitle tournament. #SmackDown
It's down to .  Here's how things stand in the #ICTitle tournament. #SmackDown <br>http://pic.twitter.com/NoxxbdrvLH
I’d love to see @JEFFHARDYBRAND @AJStylesOrg #SmackDown #ICTitle
WWE 23/05/2020 01:59
NEXT WEEK on #SmackDown ! #ICTitle @WWEDanielBryan @JEFFHARDYBRAND @IAmEliasWWE @AJStylesOrg
NEXT WEEK on #SmackDown !  #ICTitle @WWEDanielBryan @JEFFHARDYBRAND @IAmEliasWWE @AJStylesOrg<br>http://pic.twitter.com/9BqsFbKhvA
WWE 23/05/2020 01:58
[email protected] has done it!! #SmackDown #ICTitle
D.A. Brewer 23/05/2020 01:55
Might be a good idea for Michael Cole to bring back the Cole Mine to protect himself from @WWESheamus. #ICTitle #SmackDown
BookSmark 23/05/2020 01:33
Are we getting AJ vs Daniel Bryan for the #ICTitle #SmackDownOnFox
Rick Hennig  🇺🇸 23/05/2020 12:42
AJ Styles Wins! That was a great match! #ICTitle #Smackdown
WWE 23/05/2020 12:42
Here's where things stand... #ICTitle #SmackDown
Here's where things stand...  #ICTitle #SmackDown <br>http://pic.twitter.com/l2zLCHeR8S
WWE 23/05/2020 12:41
In his return to #SmackDown , @AJStylesOrg ADVANCES in the #ICTitle tournament!
WWE 23/05/2020 12:32
[email protected] is FEELIN' IT on #SmackDown !! #ICTitle
WWE 23/05/2020 12:29
Here. We. Go. #SmackDown #ICTitle @AJStylesOrg @ShinsukeN
WWE 18/05/2020 10:00
[email protected] and his training partner square off in the first round of the #ICTitle Tournament! #SmackDown
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