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Great Brexit Debate 12/01/2019 03:54
Members of Parliament walk past this spot outside Parliament every day - so this campaign is highly effective in communicating opposition to ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday (vote in Parliament). Please Retweet! #Brexit #LeaveMeansLeave #GrtBrexitDebate
sanaz davarzani 17/12/2018 06:20
@GrtBrexitDebate hello there i am looking for an expert to talk about british politics with Press TV can you help me.
Great Brexit Debate 10/12/2018 05:56
An Extraordinary Revelation from the Attorney General! Please RT!
5cc 07/12/2018 03:18
@GrtBrexitDebate The truth about Brexit https://  
Great Brexit Debate 23/11/2018 07:00
Please LIKE to endorse and Retweet #UKSovereignPeople
Please LIKE to endorse and Retweet #UKSovereignPeople<br>
Great Brexit Debate 19/11/2018 03:06
An Inspiring Story! Please RT!
An Inspiring Story! Please RT!<br>
Brexit: Why Leave? 26/06/2018 09:19
@GrtBrexitDebate An Intro to this major PRO-BREXIT campaign project. Register for your FREE Priority View of the final movie at   Lets set the record straight about why we voted to Leave the EU! #Brexit #BrexitWhyLeave #RT - Please retweet!
Brexit: Why Leave? 25/06/2018 07:38
@GrtBrexitDebate Please can you retweet this introductory video of this major PRO-BREXIT campaign project: https:// /status/1010856343052353537   … Let's set the record straight about why the majority of us voted to Leave the European Union! Thanks so much! Nicky x
Rickon Nye 18/05/2016 06:37
great video vote leave on the 23rd June
Great Brexit Debate 25/04/2016 11:54
Is ours the most extraordinary national story ever? https://www. fwD3Q   …
Great Brexit Debate 25/04/2016 11:53
How can we make a decision on the Referendum question without understanding how the EU Works? https://www. _xczc   …
TeresaManning x QFD 24/04/2016 09:42
@GrtBrexitDebate am following, will share, I'm sorry this is happening to the UK. The US has a lot to learn here with this! Prayers.
Great Brexit Debate 03/04/2016 04:09
The First Great Brexit Debate video has just been published here!!: https://www. c3M-c   …
Paul Deach 18/03/2016 11:59
Surrey Heath resident launches 'The Great Brexit Debate' facebook page @GrtBrexitDebate… dlesham-resident-launches-great-brexit-debate-facebook-page/   …
Surrey Heath resident launches 'The Great Brexit Debate' facebook page @GrtBrexitDebate…  http:// dlesham-resident-launches-great-brexit-debate-facebook-page/   … <br>
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