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Sauce Prince  ⚜ 07/09/2019 04:11
You guys need to follow this movement @GreenForSudan if you're not following it already. We said we'll build our country and these people are doing so in there own lane and kindda in ours too. Lets make sudan better yeah ? Props to one of the co founders @awab09
dark green for Sudan, white for Humanitas and light grey for Expedition), on either side of which are stripes of white and red.For a large-format image of the Operational Service Medal, please click ...
Green Sudan 26/08/2019 12:38
Follow us on Instagram! Username: greenforsudan https://www. r=nametag   …
Follow us on Instagram! Username: greenforsudan  https://www. r=nametag   … <br>
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#green color of hope Color of #natur Color of the #future Color of #life #GreenForSudan A drop in the ocean of the environment. While forests around the globe suffer the Sudanese youth started a wonderful community project. @GreenForSudan #SudanUprising #NewSudan
β‹€Ξž 22/08/2019 11:49
My friends are my plants my friends and my plants #greenforsudan #Green_For_Sudan Special shout out #bluefoundation. Wouldn't have been possible without y'all @ Khartoum, Sudan https://www. ?igshid=1xj47e0ri021v   …
hot singles in your area! 22/08/2019 03:36
#GreenForSudan if you'd like to participate, please call the number mentioned & ask for the location please share
The movement is under way. Go look up #greenforsudan / #Green_For_Sudan And let's make Sudan a greener place . It all starts by planting a seed https://www. ?igshid=d3u1dwmrm2pk   …
β‹€Ξž 08/08/2019 03:56
I just think it sucks that a hot girls pic can get a 1k rt but a whole initiative to make SUDAN a GREENER place takes as long. Where are our priorities right now ? #greenforsudan
Let’s make this happen! #GreenforSudan
Awab 06/08/2019 09:36
We're accepting volunteers Dm me and I'll show you how can help #GreenforSudan @AECRES_249
We're accepting volunteers Dm me and I'll show you how can help #GreenforSudan @AECRES_249<br>
This is an amazing idea following in the footsteps of our Ethiopian neighbors #GreenForSudan https:// tus/1157658893234966530   …
IAmTheSudanRevolution 04/08/2019 10:25
Guys i can't explain how long I've been wanting this to start #greenforsudan is going to be one of the best things to ever happen to sudan!!! https:// tus/1157658893234966530   …
γ…€ ‏ 03/08/2019 09:43
I love the work my friends are doing, they actually started this whole project of farming in Sudan a while ago. Support and follow them. #GreenForSudan https:// tus/1157658893234966530   …
Yousif El-Amin 03/08/2019 06:55
Let make it 500m but all over the country who is with me #GreenforSudan https:// n/status/1157673683453915137   …
We’ve all seen videos of Urban & country areas being planted & how much it greatly effects the climate & lifeforms later on #GreenforSudan is aiming for that It’s never too late to start such change, we can help our country both politically & environmentally at the same time
Just 1000 rts #greenforsudan https:// tus/1157658893234966530   …
rema 03/08/2019 05:17
Yooo yes please #GreenForSudan https:// tus/1157658893234966530   …
Ω„ΩŠΩ†Ψ© 03/08/2019 05:16
Simple actions and great impacts #GreenforSudan
Ω„ΩŠΩ†Ψ© 03/08/2019 05:15
#GreenforSudan Sudan will be rendered uninhabitable in the next few decades if we don’t act NOW!
Maysaa 03/08/2019 05:01
A simple contribution will have a massive impact. Do it for Sudan! #GreenforSudan
Hussein 03/08/2019 03:54
I'd love to see my #Sudan full of trees. This is very doable and the benefits that come with it are great. Let's do the #milliontreechallenge. Let's have #GreenForSudan.
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