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Duncan Robinson 20/03/2019 09:25
I really want a Gogglebox analysis of that speech.
The usually lighthearted Gogglebox took a dark turn this week as the cast reacted to the Christchurch attacks. Many of the stars expressed disbelief that the accused perpetrator behind the attack, ...
eleni  👄 19/03/2019 07:20
petition for gogglebox to release the unseen footage of louis and liam bc i’m sure they did some hilarious stuff like this during filming https:// twitter.com/olisales/statu s/1107263489679261697   …
When the Christchurch mass shooting unfolded last week, the world was glued to news reports in disbelief. The cast of Gogglebox reflected the sentiments of every person following the events in what ...
Gogglebox 19/03/2019 06:44
When someone asks why I never have any money....
When someone asks why I never have any money....<br>http://pic.twitter.com/7D5S441py2
Former Gogglebox star Chris Ashby-Steed has claimed that he wasn't given enough support by the show after leaving last year. The hairdresser opened up about the issue of reality show aftercare in the ...
lewis bassett 19/03/2019 09:26
My faith in the people of Britain has been restored. Thank you GoggleBox.
Chris Ashby-Steed has said that his surprise departure from Gogglebox in February of last year happened because he was “bullied” off the show by ex-boyfriend and co-star Stephen Webb. He said that he ...
Helena Gogglebox 18/03/2019 07:38
Mum and dad in a wool shop in Japan
Mum and dad in a wool shop in Japan <br>http://pic.twitter.com/17i7tKESj5
Former Gogglebox star Chris Ashby-Steed tells the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme a lack of aftercare for stars of some reality TV shows is an "industry-wide failing". It comes after the deaths of ...
Goggleboxfanpage 17/03/2019 12:09
"If I were a peado you’d be safe, you tubby little ginger c**t." #Gogglebox #AfterLife
Gogglebox 16/03/2019 07:51
Biggest fail ever?
Lee And Jenny 16/03/2019 12:46
I can still taste it #facemask #Gogglebox https:// twitter.com/C4Gogglebox/st atus/1106667444565929989   …
Laura 15/03/2019 10:35
When you realise the mint dip is a face mask #gogglebox @leegogglebox
When you realise the mint dip is a face mask  #gogglebox @leegogglebox<br>http://pic.twitter.com/fJM1sFtalU
Carolyn Davies 15/03/2019 10:35
Still laughing #Gogglebox Jenny and Lee especially tonight, very funny . Love all of them really, a proper tonic - and we need a laugh now - thanks all xxx
MIKE 15/03/2019 09:57
"Peado" "What?" "Peado" "I'm not, even if I was you'd be safe you fat ginger c*nt." #Gogglebox
C4 Gogglebox 15/03/2019 09:55
When you’re laughing so much you have to go to the loo… @rickygervais #AfterLife #Netflix #Gogglebox
C4 Gogglebox 15/03/2019 09:31
Would you recognise your husband’s penis? @katherine_kelly #Cheat #Gogglebox
Gogglebox Malones 15/03/2019 09:29
I never knew 3 kisses meant a blow job !!! #countingkissesfromnowon
C4 Gogglebox 15/03/2019 09:28
Xxx = blow job #Cheat #Gogglebox
C4 Gogglebox 15/03/2019 09:24
Face mask fail @leegogglebox #Gogglebox
C4 Gogglebox 15/03/2019 09:04
Are the quarter finals the same as the semi finals? #OnlyConnect #Gogglebox
Goggleboxfanpage 15/03/2019 08:49
Send us a if you’re watching #Gogglebox tonight!
Send us a  if you’re watching #Gogglebox tonight! <br>http://pic.twitter.com/JCbyBQv0hd
Gogglebox 14/03/2019 09:19
When you start proof reading your essay...
When you start proof reading your essay...<br>http://pic.twitter.com/qd3Xjg8FSh
Gogglebox 13/03/2019 07:14
Me with my current essay...
Me with my current essay...<br>http://pic.twitter.com/I2Gpyh83vP
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