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Girls Who Code 15/11/2019 12:43
there’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. have you donated to Girls Who Code yet?  
Back in 2012, when Reshma Saujani founded the nonprofit Girls Who Code as a way to teach computer science to girls and help achieve gender parity in tech, she didn’t have a full grasp on all the ...
Merve GÜNGÖR 14/11/2019 09:05
Light Up #unicornhorn Paper Circuit We love making #papercircuit projects. Because just by adding a simple #circuit you can make your paper project even more spectacular! #makersgonnamake #GirlsWhoCode #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInSTEM
Since 1980, the Lord Foundation of California has funded a variety of teaching and research initiatives at USC, including the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, the social enterprise lab and ...
Girls Who Code 16/11/2019 03:28
We know it's not just about hiring - it's about culture change, so women and girls know they belong in tech. https://  
Citrix Reloaded Fri, 15 Nov 2019 03:40:00 GMT
Citrix helps local nonprofits including the South Florida Institute on Aging (SoFIA) and Girls Who Code to boost the number of tech workers in vulnerable populations. It also works with local colleges ...
Mindful Academics 19/11/2019 11:13
Say no to multi-tasking today. Mindfully focus on one task at a time, inviting yourself to be present and connected to what you’re doing. Notice how this feels different. You deserve to feel this way! @gratitudePHD @WomenWhoCode @herstemstory @smrtgrls @GirlsWhoCode #phdchat
Kavya started a Girls Who Code club at her high school to help combat this, which is amazing. The tech industry needs to do better and prioritize diversity of all kinds -- gender, ethnicity, ...
Being the DSC Lead of @MmustDsc has inspired me to write my very first blog.I hope anzi   … inspires someone #womenintech #GirlsWhoCode #DeveloperStudentClubs #growwithgoogle #medium @auwalms @aniediudo @EricaKHanson
Slalom’s Denver office will hire more than 100 people this year, prompting her to search for prospects at Girls Who Code and WomenHack, as well as the Latino Leadership Institute. “We don’t just post ...
Beatrice Ebirim 19/11/2019 10:19
What is the difference btw Chrome and Mozilla dev tools? I just used Mozilla to test for my code's responsiveness and it was all good. But, I switched to chrome later on, and the code needed debugging. Why did that happen? Which is best to use? #BlackTechTwitter #GirlsWhoCode
Grace Funke 13/11/2019 11:14
Day17/100. I was able to create a calculator. #womenintech #100DaysOfCode #javascript #GirlsWhoCode #womenwhocode #womeninstem #webdevelopment #CodeNewbie
Grace Funke 18/11/2019 10:28
Katie Swindler 16/11/2019 08:43
OMG the expressions my daughter makes as she debugs her @arduino code. Who can relate to these feels? She is all of us. @GirlsWhoCode #stemgirl
Tami Stewart 15/11/2019 06:32
Proud to wear our new shirts! Brainstormed project ideas and language to learn. #GirlsWhoCode – a Spring Hill High School
Eleftheria Batsou 17/11/2019 03:19
Hey twitter friends, how are you, really? Don't hide by saying 'fine', 'good' or 'ok' Say something you really mean! I'd like to chat with you #100DaysOfCode #301DaysOfCode #GirlsWhoCode #elefDoesCode #peopleWhoCode #DEVcommunity
Girls Who Code 10/11/2019 08:42
when you finally find that misplaced ; after two hours of searching
Chipping Campden School 19/11/2019 10:38
In 4 days time our 53 Y8 students will be joining nearly 200 others for a fabulous day of code-breaking, puzzle solving and brain-teasing helping develop the cyber security expert of the future @NCSC #CyberSchoolsHub #EmPowerCyber #GirlsWhoCode
DIGIT 19/11/2019 10:37
Fuel for the hackathon! @dressCodeHQ @ScullionToni @SP_EduSkills @ScotParl #STEM #GirlsWhoCode #WomenInSTEM
Code Like a Girl 19/11/2019 09:59
Young girls need role models to look up to. Creating early pathways for young girls to start coding is important. #GirlsWhoCode
Girls Who Code 18/11/2019 08:44
me leaving class after my code compiled on the first try https:// status/1195319800181870592   …
Kevin Whelan 17/11/2019 04:26
It is unbelievable to me that there is still a struggle for women in the tech industry. I have been raising my daughters to not only know how to do an oil change but how to write good code and swap their RAM...cheers to the ladies making it happen #GirlsWhoCode #webdevelopment
Full Stack Developer 17/11/2019 12:30
Back-end developer road map #WomenWhoCode #GirlsWhoCode
Full Stack Developer 17/11/2019 10:48
Idea:Develop a system that can be utilized for both online and off line mode to avoid workflow interruption. #100DaysOfCode #Developer #GirlsWhoCode
Rosalyn Barnes 15/11/2019 02:47
This makes me proud! #GirlsWhoCode
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