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Beverly Dailey 25/01/2020 12:37
Walking movement stirs African American women Wed, 20 Nov 2019 16:00:00 GMT
I got tired of feeling like life was passing me by.” That’s when she met Vanessa Garrison, the founder of GirlTrek, a walking group for African American women, and her life changed.
Maketa 24/01/2020 04:45
I just joined! Check out GirlTrek, the largest organization in America for black women’s health. We are on a march to get 1 million Black women walking! https://www. _id=462709   …
On a mission to encourage one million Black women to not only give themselves time but to also live their healthiest life, GirlTrek, the largest public health movement and nonprofit for Black ...
BriskWalkLady 24/01/2020 07:48
#BriskWalk #Day3 of this week #GirlTrek #SoloTrekker #LBC #Cali
For the past 8 years the nonprofit organization—dubbed GirlTrek—has been inspiring individuals to heal their bodies and reclaim their communities one step at a time, CNN reported. Black women ...
Erica Murphy 24/01/2020 12:53
Great walk and convo tonight for the Happy Hour 3 mile walk through Cambridge with the local @GirlTrek group. #selfcare
Great walk and convo tonight for the Happy Hour 3 mile walk through Cambridge with the local @GirlTrek group.  #selfcare<br>
WATERBURY — Improving the health of African-American women and, in turn, their neighborhoods, is the idea behind GirlTrek, a national initiative being adopted by Neighborhood Housing Services of ...
Check out GirlTrek. Sign-up for their weekly newsletter to get updates on events, weekly notes from our co-founders, and more. Keep up with local treks and national news within the GirlTrek community. https://www. ecruiter_id=463103   …
Vanessa Garrison and T. Morgan Dixon refuse to accept this future, and formed the nonprofit GirlTrek to reclaim their health through walking. "It wasn't because we were walking enthusiasts or ...
AtlTreks 22/01/2020 09:32
Welcome back #GirlTrek4Life #2020
Talibah Johnson 22/01/2020 06:59
GirlTrek 22/01/2020 04:34
& we back! The national staff is officially back in the office #1Milby2020
Angela Clabiorne 20/01/2020 06:41
Out her representing @girltrek in the Las Vegas MLK Day Parade! @ Downtown, Las Vegas, Nevada https://www. ?igshid=13epmdd0k5beg   …
DeborahMcGlawn 20/01/2020 01:47
Send nothing but positive vibes and some inner warmth to the #GirlTrek Team ATL ladies Have a GREAT race ladies! #MLKDrumRun Reposted from @Neci2u Take a walk. Join the Movement. It's a lifestyle.  Click… https://www. ?igshid=7tl75gluxywu   …
DeborahMcGlawn 20/01/2020 02:48
Reposted from @morgantreks GirlTrek Ghana!!!!! Big old-fashioned thank you to everyone who came out to yesterday’s walk. Can’t wait to see you back - bring a friend to the next Aburi Mountain 5K. Stay tuned!!!… https://www. ?igshid=w3nfkmbehrfl   …
PK 20/01/2020 12:23
@GirlTrek LOVE being a part of an amazing movement! Please post photos and videos of 2019's #STRESSPROTEST. Thx in Advance!!!
Gray Goods 19/01/2020 09:43
Hahaha! Ok, have fun, party girl!
Twanna A. Hines 19/01/2020 08:52
Members of our @GirlTrek DC group traveled to NYC to trek with the Brooklyn Trekkers. New tradition: mix birthday boozing with fitness goals.
Members of our @GirlTrek DC group traveled to NYC to trek with the Brooklyn Trekkers. New tradition: mix birthday boozing with fitness goals. <br>
DeborahMcGlawn 19/01/2020 12:11
Got my walk and talk on Before the Rain came down Grateful to be in the numbers Trek on sista's trek on #girltrek #ICONICIngrid Take a walk. Join the Movement. It's a lifestyle.  Click the link in the… https://www. ?igshid=11qiwzlc4h5si   …
PlantaSeedNow 19/01/2020 06:12
The 1st mile of my @girltrek #SuperheroSaturday was spent honoring the life and service of #DrKing with beauties @mmagal09 & tick915 We reflected on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s foundation, upbringing visiting his… https://www. ?igshid=1syhblxilxdr5   …
Storyteller Journal 19/01/2020 01:53
"The fourth annual Sioux Falls #WomensMarch took place this morning at the Multicultural Center of SF. The event was hosted by @GirlTrek SF, @LEADSouthDakota , South Dakota Voices for Justice/ South Dakota Voices for Peace, SDAR, and the @ACLUSouthDakota” https://www. march-sf-2020   …
Geaux Natural 18/01/2020 10:14
Happy Saturday! #Selfcare #NoPermissionNeeded #girltrek #nolatreks #4Miles @kimmj1515
Debe Davis 18/01/2020 06:30
We are Team Mission Possible and we walked last week in 60 degree weather and today in 19 degrees! Harriet did it and she did not have the option to go indoors after 5 Miles! No Excuses..#wedidit! #Girltrek… https://www. ?igshid=1fse4bdjs2yb4   …
Stockton Zetas 18/01/2020 03:10
Amicae Coleen @coleenrenee carrying the GirlTrek sign https://www. ?igshid=1xkpofa83cdhi   …
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