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Violette 16/10/2019 09:53
Macron’s France: police vs firefighters. #PompiersEnColere #GiletsJaunes
Macron’s France: police vs firefighters. #PompiersEnColère #GiletsJaunes <br>
Des #GiletsJaunes sont également présent en soutien aux pompiers et aux services d’urgences dans cette manifestation à Paris. Remy Buisine (@RemyBuisine ...
Oh boy what a shot 19/10/2019 10:32
49 (!) weeks of #GiletsJaunes protests in France. No mainstream media coverage. VIDEO: #Paris #Acte49
Over 89,000 police officers are expected to assemble across the nation of France Saturday. Twelve armored vehicles alone were sent to Paris. It is "Act IV," as some French media term it. This is now ...
According to MSM, this 'movement' is non existent?. Wake up my freedom loving people of the world! The enemies of freedom have seated themselves in every position of power in all countries, #GiletsJaunes is a major revelation to those that love freedom and hate tyranny. #Acte49
According to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, about 600 Twitter accounts known to promote Kremlin views have begun focusing on France, boosting their use of the hashtag #giletsjaunes, the French ...
Ian56 11/10/2019 06:55
#DayoftheGirl Fiorina Lignier, 20 yo Philosophy student, who lost her eye after being shot in the face at close range by Macron Regime Forces became a symbol of the #GiletsJaunes protests. "We will not give up for Fiorina." #MacronDemission
Roughly two weeks after they had first mentioned #GiletsJaunes in late October, the network of accounts was responsible for at least 1,600 protest-related mentions per day on Twitter, with daily ...
CityBoy 19/10/2019 12:46
Going mostly unreported by UK Remainstream Media who want us to believe it’s all harmony in the EUSSR! #GiletsJaunes https:// /status/1185509145312714752   …
This shot, in particular, went viral across social media: Когда пришла на обед, а тут какая-то революция за окном #Paris #YellowVest #GiletsJaunes A post shared by Ilya Varlamov (@varlamov) on Dec 4, ...
nonouzi 15/10/2019 04:37
Current tensons in #Paris - Protesting Firefighters are blocking the ring road. #pompiers #France #Macron #GiletsJaunes
Richard Wellings 12/10/2019 07:42
French police choked the centre of Toulouse with tear gas earlier today, as protests against the Macron government took place across France for the 48th weekend in a row. #GiletsJaunes #Acte48
The Alternative World 12/10/2019 04:29
Hello again Mainstream Media! Why aren’t you showing us these big Anti-Macron #YellowVests protests happening in #France today? #Toulouse People are suffocating on tear gas. #GiletsJaunes #Acte48 #Yellowvests #France #Macron
Oh boy what a shot 19/10/2019 04:26
#Trump anti war speech NO mainstream media coverage #GiletsJaunes protests France NO mainstream media coverage #Catalonia protests NO mainstream media coverage #HongKong protests NO mainstream media coverage #FarmerProtests NO mainstream media coverage
Afshin Rattansi 16/10/2019 02:21
Autumn in Paris ..not #HongKong #GiletsJaunes https:// 1184423744854351873   …
Oh boy what a shot 18/10/2019 11:00
EU: UK: #Brexit France: 48 weeks of #GiletsJaunes protests The Netherlands: #FarmerProtests Spain: Independence protests #Catalonia Greece: #Bankrupt Turkey: #invading Syria Mainstream media: biased, corrupt and propaganda channels of the globalist elite.
nonouzi 19/10/2019 12:55
#GiletsJaunes on the streets of Clermont-Ferrand despite the prohibition #Acte49 #Macron #Yellowvests #France
Ian56 11/10/2019 06:45
#DayoftheGirl Fiorina Lignier, 20 yo Philosophy student, who lost her eye at a #GiletsJaunes protest in #Paris: “Stop hurting your own people. This is not normal. We are in France, what is happening here is unbelievable.” #GiletsJaunes
B r e a k a w a y 17/10/2019 04:45
The trick is to “filter”, not block. The #GiletsJaunes understood this, as did the teachers who blocked roads in Mexico a few years back. Workers get through, capitalists & cops don’t. Trucks full of corporate goodies get communized. This “selection” produces partisan percepts https:// tus/1184723960270917632   …
With these images, Barcelona announces full support to the #GiletsJaunes of France !! #Barcelona # Act49 #Catalunya
Oh boy what a shot 19/10/2019 03:17
Firefighters are joining the #GiletsJaunes protests in the cities Pau, Lille and Nancy VIDEO: #Nancy #Acte49 #Pompiers
nonouzi 12/10/2019 02:17
#Toulouse Odile Maurin assaulted by the police, His chair is damaged, including parts of the remote that are broken. #Giletsjaunes #Yellowvests #France #Acte48
#GiletsJaunes #Acte 48 - Paris Despite the police repression, the police violence against journalists, the humiliations, GLI-F4 tear gas shells, LBD40 rubber bullets, silent regular media, despite everything, they are back! For the 48th Saturday in a row!
artemissara999 12/10/2019 02:06
#GiletsJaunes the wounded!
#GiletsJaunes the wounded! <br>
Tired Sparrow 15/10/2019 11:55
This is the #GiletsJaunes or Yellow Vests official charter. Explicit, concrete demands. It's a decree against Neoliberalism Does Extinction Rebellion have a similar charter? (Shouting 'system change' won't cut it)
This is the #GiletsJaunes or Yellow Vests official charter. Explicit, concrete demands. It's a decree against Neoliberalism  Does Extinction Rebellion have a similar charter? (Shouting 'system change' won't cut it) <br>
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