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Conservatives 18/11/2019 09:31
“I'm an ex-miner and worked at Warsop Main Colliery for nearly three decades. But I'll be voting for the Tories in December because we need to get Brexit done.” It’s only a Conservative majority that’ll Brexit done so we can move on as a country. https:// lection-2019-miners-vote-tory-bolsover-derbyshire-shirebrook-brexit-1262531   …
A new majority Conservative government in a new Parliament will #GetBrexitDone.#VoteConservative — Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) November 5, 2019 His attack is in response ...
Peter Foster 18/11/2019 11:28
Get #Brexit done! Do a zero-tariff FTA with the EU and be free! Well, here's a story about why it won't be as simple as that, politically or economically. It involves the £1bn UK egg industry...but others will have similar stories to tell. 1/thread https://www. 11/17/brexit-could-destroy-british-egg-industry-warns-trade-association/   …
A single phrase flashes over, over and over again. #GETBREXITDONE it cries out. #GETBREXITDONE it weeps, in a font nicked straight from the sleeve for Kayne West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ – and recent NME ...
Matt Hancock 18/11/2019 11:24
I think this man has a message the whole country can get behind #GetBrexitDone
Love him or hate him, but Boris Johnson is a character who's hard to ignore. He's brash and boisterous, impetuous and arrogant, contemptuous and cheeky. The British Prime Minister was fired from his ...
Boris Johnson 17/11/2019 07:20
Our new campaign bus is fantastic! #GetBrexitDone #VoteConservative
Mr Johnson trumpeted his success on Twitter at 10.40am, writing: “We’ve got a great new deal that takes back control — now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday so we can move on to other ...
Boris Johnson 17/11/2019 10:18
Let's get Brexit done!
Brexit: EU says UK team agreed to draft deal Thu, 17 Oct 2019 02:52:00 GMT
The pound rallied and U.K. stocks turned higher. We’ve got a great new deal that takes back control — now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday so we can move on to other priorities like the ...
Boris Johnson 19/11/2019 09:08
I say, let’s get Brexit done so we can get on with making this the best country in the world to live for you and your family.
I say, let’s get Brexit done so we can get on with making this the best country in the world to live for you and your family. <br>
Michael Gove 17/11/2019 07:28
It was great to launch our Conservative campaign in Surrey Heath this week - if you want to get Brexit done and secure better transport links, a greener environment, improved policing, more funding for healthcare and investment in schools in Surrey Heath then come and join us!
Jacob Rees-Mogg 13/11/2019 01:32
We must get Brexit done and we must stop Jeremy Corbyn. #VoteConservative
Boris Johnson 17/11/2019 02:01
We should be so much more positive about the UK and what we can do. I want us to get Brexit done and unleash the potential of this great country.
Boris Johnson 17/11/2019 10:04
We want to get Brexit done and get on with our fantastic domestic agenda - better schools and hospitals, safer streets and a strong economy.
Boris Johnson 17/11/2019 09:53
This is an amazing country - let’s move on with a new Parliament that can get Brexit done, and unleash this country’s potential. Vote Conservative on December 12th.
Boris Johnson 19/11/2019 10:13
This election is about what we can do for you and your family. A majority Conservative government will end the uncertainty, get Brexit done, and focus on making this country the best place in the world to live.
Conservatives 15/11/2019 04:38
#BackBoris to get Brexit done with a new deal so we can get on with the country's priorities.   #GetBrexitDone #VoteConservative
Tom Harper 16/11/2019 10:11
Senior Whitehall source: “Downing Street are concerned that if this emerges it would raise questions about the validity of the referendum result, which is the central issue in the general election campaign & could compromise the Tories pitch to the electorate to get Brexit done.”
Conservatives 17/11/2019 11:01
All 635 Conservative Party candidates at this election have pledged to vote for Boris Johnson's deal and deliver Brexit. A Conservative majority is the only way to get Brexit done, end the uncertainty and move on as a country. https://www. 11/16/boris-johnson-every-tory-election-candidate-has-pledged-back/   …
Boris Johnson 12/11/2019 03:56
We will get Brexit done. We will get Parliament working for you again. We'll put uncertainty behind us so that families and businesses will be able to plan. Let's make 2020 the year of investment and growth, not the year of two more chaotic referendums.
Deborah Meaden 18/11/2019 08:04
GET BREXIT DONE IS a LIE. Let’s get us trapped into years of negotiation from a very weak position is true.
Boris Johnson 19/11/2019 07:07
Let’s get Brexit done and get to work on the things that matter to you.
Let’s get Brexit done and get to work on the things that matter to you. <br>
Guido Fawkes 16/11/2019 10:40
This is what the election is about when you boil it down. #GetBrexitDone or Second Referendum (x2)
James O'Brien 19/11/2019 09:04
I don't think they focus group actual policies. They focus group slogans. 'Get Brexit Done'; 'Australian-Style Points-Based Immigration'; 'Full Life Terms For Child Killers'; '20 New Hospitals'. They're not just false or misleading, they're abject denials of reality. Like Brexit.
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