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NYJ MEDIA  🛫 23/05/2019 07:15
Perfect example right here... One journalists starts a rumor and makes the whole world believe a complete lie that the jets were looking to trade Le’veon Gase didn’t even know anything about it
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Adam Gase said he had no role in Mike Maccagnan’s firing and denied that their disagreements led to his dismissal. The perception is that Gase won a power struggle with Maccagnan ...
Brian Costello 23/05/2019 05:53
C.J. Mosley says it is like Adam Gase and Gregg Williams are playing chess every day in practice #nyj
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — New York Jets coach Adam Gase and Le'Veon Bell haven't even had their first practice together, but things are already very complicated. After the Jets fired general manager Mike ...
Connor Hughes 23/05/2019 05:50
C.J. Mosley, when asked about the report Gase wasn’t happy with his contract, said the coach told him “Don’t listen to the media.” #Jets
The past week has been chock full of news that could have driven a wedge between Adam Gase and Le’Veon Bell. First, there were reports that the Jets’ head coach felt his new running back was overpaid ...
Benjamin Allbright 23/05/2019 05:48
What exactly are they practicing up there under Gase? https:// s/status/1131588227138293760   …
The Jets did the Jets-iest possible thing last week, firing general manager Mike Maccagnan after allowing him to direct the team’s free agent spending and select a top-three draft pick in this year’s ...
Nick Lee 23/05/2019 03:58
Adam Gase clearly knows how to build team chemistry.
May 23 (UPI) --New York Jets coach Adam Gase denied having a role in the firing of general manager Mike Maccagnan, while also voicing his excitement to work with Le'Veon Bell during a news conference ...
Connor Hughes 23/05/2019 03:36
#Jets coach Adam Gase spending time with two important defensive players: CJ Mosley & Jamal Adams – a Atlantic Health Jets Training Center Broadcast Dept
#Jets coach Adam Gase spending time with two important defensive players: CJ Mosley & Jamal Adams <br> – à Atlantic Health Jets Training Center Broadcast Dept
JetsOpinion 23/05/2019 03:20
Also Gase confirmed that the Leveon getting traded rumors were bullshit. Shows that some writer out there has an agenda
Eric Allen 23/05/2019 02:20
Gase gave you some insight into his DNA today. 'I think our fans care if we win or lose. If we win games, nobody is going to remember this. Our job is to win games. That’s it.'
NYJFO 23/05/2019 02:19
@ Gase
Connor Hughes 23/05/2019 02:18
I thought Adam Gase handled today’s press conference extremely well. Was testy. Difficult. Not sure he was thrown one softball the entire time. He didn’t dodge anything. #Jets
Drew 23/05/2019 02:18
#Jets got dragged through the mud for the better part of a week and Gase just lapped the entire media and hit a walk off. Amazing #Jets
Drew 23/05/2019 02:17
Wins and losses. That's all fans care about. Gase just spun the NY media into a circle in 10 mins after they thought they were gonna eat him #nh alive.
Rich Cimini 23/05/2019 02:15
The Jets will not be trading Le’Veon Bell, per Adam Gase. #Jets
Eric Allen 23/05/2019 02:10
Adam Gase on #Jets RB @LeVeonBell: I'm excited we have him. I have been in constant communication with him. He is a great player, a good person. I have enjoyed my interaction with him.
Connor Hughes 23/05/2019 02:10
Gase on Bell: “All those videos you see on Instagram? I get them first” #jets
New York Jets 23/05/2019 02:02
LIVE Coach Gase speaks to the media during Week 1 of OTAs. https:// rmGPepnyAZJN   …
Connor Rogers 20/05/2019 09:34
Adam Gase speaks for the first time since #Jets fired Mike Maccagnan
CleWest 17/05/2019 08:57
Why would you trade LeVeon Bell when you just signed him? Adam Gase #Jets
Joe Caporoso 16/05/2019 05:37
All true at once - Macc was bad & it is good he's gone - He should have been fired w/ Bowles - CJ sounded incompetent in his presser - Gase has proven nothing to merit power he has - #Jets are poorly run organization and don't deserve benefit of the doubt until they win more
Ross Tucker 16/05/2019 01:56
Adam Gase got the GM fired, alienated the team's best offensive player, became the only coach with a GM title, brought the circus back to town, and traded a starting LB for peanuts all within 10 hours. That's a heck of a day.
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