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BRIAN H KEARNEY 22/04/2019 10:39
#goptaxcuts $1.8 trillon to Corporations Republicans Senators made loopholes for the rich. #TaxScam Trump Paul Ryan Koch Family transfer wealth in their estates and never pay taxes again.
WASHINGTON - After its first year in effect, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which passed entirely on Republican support, is still unpopular. But Republicans close to President Donald Trump are not ...
Darwun St James 16/04/2019 05:09
Our Taxes Subsidizes the GOP Congressional Rat Bastards who are Stealing our Money, our Rights, and Our Dignity. #Resist #Trump #GOPCorruption Stop #GOPTaxCuts for the Rich #VoteBlue2020 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #VoteTheGOPOut #FlipTheSenateBlue #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteOutGOP
With tax season ending this week for most Americans, Howard Gleckman of the Tax Policy Center has boiled down the effects of the new tax law for the average citizen into just a few numbers.
Insane Hussain 16/04/2019 01:57
Yep, we all found out the hard way when sitting down with our neighborhood friendly tax professional... Me: let's talk deductions! Tax professional: Me: but he said middle class tax cuts! Tax professional: #GOPTaxCuts
Tax system must work for working Americans Mon, 22 Apr 2019 02:16:00 GMT
If you are among the 95.7 percent who did not, here’s why: The 2017 Trump-GOP tax cuts favored the wealthy and corporations and will explode the national debt to the tune of $2 trillion.
The #GOPTaxCuts added trillions to the debt and didn’t put dime one back into the pockets of hardworking Americans, you lowlife motherfuckers.
Tax day has long been the worst day of the year for American taxpayers, bringing us face-to-face with the reality that our government takes too much of our hard-earned money. However, thanks to the ...
Lady Jane 16/04/2019 02:52
Thanks @GOP #TaxScam #GOPTaxCuts-Not #Liars
Trump continues slam of Omar in Minnesota Tue, 16 Apr 2019 01:18:00 GMT
The president also paid a Monday visit to Omar's home state of Minnesota, where he touted the 2017 GOP tax cuts as the "largest in history." Omar says she's faced increased death threats since Trump ...
LeAnn Murphy 16/04/2019 02:03
People really need to post how this #GOPTaxCuts #GOPTaxScam has hurt them. MY Total Income Taxes Before & After #TrumpTaxScam 2017 : $264.00 2018: $2,915.00 That isn't refund or withholding or with any credits. That's Total Tax. I DO NOT even make a living wage. I'm low-inc
Tommy Hicks 15/04/2019 11:18
After the passage of #GOPTaxCuts, Dems immediately began pushing their doom & gloom narrative and predicting a long-term recession. To Dems dismay, paychecks are growing their fastest in a decade & 91% of the middle-class got a tax cut. HUGE! #MAGA https://www. vin-brady-democrats-as-usual-were-wrong-on-trumps-tax-cuts   …
E Armijo 15/04/2019 10:34
For the first time in 10 years, I actually got a federal tax refund (thanks, #GOPTaxCuts and @realDonaldTrump). However, as usual, I owed money to NM. @GovMLG, enjoy spending my money, and that of the rest of your working class.
Tommy Hicks 15/04/2019 09:16
Thanks to a well-coordinated campaign w/ the #MSM, Dems have been deceiving the American people & lying about the benefits of the #GOPTaxCuts. Fact is the majority of Americans paid less in taxes this yearβ€”and that is BAD news for Dems. #TaxDay https://www. iness/economy/income-tax-cut.html   …
Vi 15/04/2019 07:17
I have a friend who makes $11/hr sobbing on my couch because not only does she not get a refund this year, she owes $587.00. So you can go fuck yourself, @GOP and you too @realDonaldTrump. #GOPTaxScam #GOPTaxCuts
Rep. Doug Collins 15/04/2019 05:48
Thanks to #GOPTaxCuts, hardworking Georgians in #GA09 have an average of $1,232 more in their pockets this year. #TaxDay #YouKeepMore
Diane Williams ART 15/04/2019 05:21
We really need to shift the conversation to the fact that the #GOPTaxCuts for the wealthy means the working middle class Americans are paying all of the taxes!
Michael McCaul 15/04/2019 04:46
Today marks the first #TaxDay where #YouKeepMore. Thanks to #GOPTaxCuts, Americans will file under a fairer, simpler tax code. Families, small business, and single moms across the nation will enjoy bigger paychecks, new bonuses, and more job opportunities.
Today marks the first #TaxDay where #YouKeepMore. Thanks to #GOPTaxCuts, Americans will file under a fairer, simpler tax code. Families, small business, and single moms across the nation will enjoy bigger paychecks, new bonuses, and more job opportunities. <br>
NonYourBiz 15/04/2019 04:24
You are delusional.... federal taxes may have decreased, however, increases in health insurance and other cost of living expenses has negated any perceived financial "windfall" in your pathetic #GOPTaxCuts initiative! Keep deluding yourself that you're making any difference! LOL
ResistTrump 15/04/2019 04:21
#GOPTaxCuts blew up the deficit, raised taxes on people in several states, and overwhelmingly benefited the top 1%. People are finding out as they file their taxes this year that they got shafted. #BlueWave2020
NonYourBiz 15/04/2019 04:15
Yeah, right.... like an increase to health insurance costs!! That cost has negated any perceived financial "windfall" from your pathetic #GOPTaxCuts initiative... Keep kidding yourself that you're making a difference for the better... CLOWNS!
Zack Calhoon 15/04/2019 04:15
My taxes went up this year thanks to your avaricious political party. Your #GOPTaxCuts suck the Donkey Phallus of Death. I hope you all get kidney stones. https:// 7532982812844036   …
Rep. Kevin Brady 15/04/2019 04:15
If you are a single mom with two kids making $52,000 a year, you saved $1,892 off your taxes this year. #TaxDay #YouKeepMore #GOPTaxCuts
Erin Haughawout 15/04/2019 03:57
This is a lie. Middle Class, Family of 4. Scraped by this year with our taxes. Husband & I had to change all withholdings to hopefully prevent this next year. #GOPTaxCuts is nothing but a scam to hurt hardworking Americans and line the pockets of the wealthy. #Propaganda #BS
stupified 15/04/2019 03:53
Neither is true. My take-home went up by ~$60/month (up but not way up), and my refund went down by ~$1500. The result was a net tax increase of about $900 (also up). #goptaxcuts
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