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Omere Stanley 20/08/2019 01:36
If you Stand for a reason be prepared to stand alone like a tree and if you fall down like a seed, Grow back and Fight again #GodIsTheGreatest ProductOfGrace #AbleGod — at Delta State https://www. facebook.com/10000809548235 8/posts/2397887653824394/   …
“Let us continue to live with gratitude & hope,” she signed the note. “Life is a gift; the promise of Eternal life with God is the greatest gift of all.” ...
WORD OF THE DAY. #INGRATIATING #wotd #investinyourself #readabook #knowledgeispower #GODISTHEGREATEST https://www. instagram.com/p/B1YohcNF5fW/ ?igshid=1lutzyo1tpz3q   …
Family members shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest) and he raised his hand in greeting from the courtroom cage. A small number of family members were permitted inside the cage after ...
IG Tcool01 20/08/2019 11:53
Na sun o dey see for here oo ... #Godisthegreatest ... carry plenty casa come oo
During the rampage, witnesses said the man was attempting to attack people while yelling "Allahu akbar" –"God is the greatest" in Arabic – before he was restrained by bystanders. Video taken by ...
NovaMom 19/08/2019 08:50
\\V// 's UP #TAPTHEROCK #NOVAMOM #42 #GODSPLAN #GODISTHEGREATEST <br>http://pic.twitter.com/P3K6YlONzq
God is the Greatest," he wrote on Facebook. The declaration from Affran has caused a stir on social media with many Ghanaians sharing varied opinions. While some belief what the prophet is saying and ...
Julius Quist 19/08/2019 11:04
You might get stuck in the cause of elevating and putting your country in a certain class,but with time all negative brackets will be eliminated. #MondayMotivation #Godisthegreatest #NAMSPEAKS
He credits his demeanor to his religion and upbringing. "Obviously, you know, I'm God's child," he said. "God is the greatest. And my parents always treated me with love and showed me love. They also ...
Godisthegreatest 19/08/2019 07:07
Well spoken
Osagie George 19/08/2019 07:04
As long as my momma is praying for me I'm safe but I'm also praying more than I wish. #GodIsTheGreatest https://www. instagram.com/p/B1ViXK7gfRP/ ?igshid=oj1itep6tn5a   …
Liberty 19/08/2019 12:09
Birthday Blessings To Myself... Only GOD Made It Possible #LeoSeason #LibertyWays #GODisTheGreatest https://www. instagram.com/p/B1Uy50TAR82/ ?igshid=v6ot1wvazta   …
Hawey   🌹 17/08/2019 05:58
“And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22 You speak the truth and people will come at you I love you regardless though! #GodIsTheGreatest
Humble as ever but aware of my value #GodIsTheGreatest
Humble as ever but aware of my value  #GodIsTheGreatest  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/U4KLvoI0x8
We have more than Enough Participants for the Tournament GodistheGreatest #ufat2019 #fifaandfood
We already in 2020 #Godisthegreatest
Kevin Powell 16/08/2019 03:57
Last night was epic man. just some more pics captured from last night! Living proof that you don’t have to compromise who you are for ppl to know who you are. #common #kevinpowell #godisthegreatest Thanks… https://www. instagram.com/p/B1Ow-S-nFI9/ ?igshid=1765fj4ryaxez   …
Godisthegreatest 15/08/2019 09:59
Have a nice day!
Godisthegreatest 15/08/2019 09:21
Good morning
Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, but TODAY is a GIFT. That is why it’s called the present. #GodisTheGreatest
Joven Jefe 13/08/2019 02:04
When @rockiefresh said #GodIsTheGreatest he wasn't telling a lie. GOD IS INDEED THE GREATEST
Emem Eduok 12/08/2019 09:36
THE PRODUCT OF GRACE ! Not the result we wanted, unto the next one GODISTHEGREATEST #dbestfootballeralwayz
IG : landoluisrosario 12/08/2019 07:57
Day 1 vibes. #GodIsTheGreatest
Day 1 vibes.  #GodIsTheGreatest <br>http://pic.twitter.com/AwyBpj4vxn
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