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david 17/01/2020 06:54
How can you see this funny & entertainment?Are u ok with that? Why you go to #Thailand and buy tickets just to see these poor elephants riding Bicycle & forcing them to do something they don’t want to do Look at them they are so scared #FridayFeeling
Tim Ferris sold more than 1.3 million copies of the Four-Hour Work Week, though whilst it's a popular concept, the average business is still struggling with the idea of a four-day work week, never ...
Wolf Conservation Center 17/01/2020 12:10
Let's do this. Fist bump #FridayFeeling
Let's do this. Fist bump  #FridayFeeling <br>
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl 2020 Live After three wins in their final four games, the Nevada Wolf Pack will look to continue their positive trajectory in a bowl setting. Jay Norvell’s team will square ...
NewAge   ✈️ 17/01/2020 03:15
Happy Friday friends. #FridayFeeling
That Friday Feeling - Networking Breakfast Fri, 06 Dec 2019 01:00:00 GMT
You know that feeling we get on Fridays: the feeling that something is about to change. It's the end of the week, let's end it with a bam! Let's use that burning sensation and positive energy to focus ...
Cincinnati Zoo 17/01/2020 05:11
Treat yourself! Fiona enjoys a spa day inside! First a warm shower, then maybe a soak in one of her two heated indoor pools. #fridayfeeling #teamfiona – a Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Michigan State vs Wake Forest Live: How to Watch 2019 New Era Pinstripe Bowl head coaches press conference. Manchester City vs Wolverhampton Live Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio and Wake Forest’s Dave ...
I don’t know if it’s this new strain of weed or this relentless twitter feed that’s making me paranoid, but I just checked my driver’s license photo to make sure Lev wasn’t posted up next to me. #FridayFeeling
I'll admit things are a little different now with the workweek, what with flexible scheduling, gigging and so many people working multiple jobs. Still, if Friday were a color, it would be Happy ...
Miukin Eriyo 17/01/2020 08:32
Are You still wondering why a Turkish company was given the contract to make our security uniform? CBN leaked phone call confirming that Turkey is funding Boko Haram & Fulani Herdmen & supplying them with illicit weapons Please watch. #UsmanDanFodioChallenge #FridayFeeling
How adorable! See this lucky rescued pig enjoying playing with the water with her human friend . She’s love him and trust him a lot. Animals trust us please love them . #Vegan #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling
Jamiroquai 17/01/2020 05:00
It's that #FridayFeeling Watch here: https://www. 7a2JE&list=PL6x9BNiJPyMsiKTvjrS0eA5P08Ik6lLKd   …
There’s the man of the show Thabang Glen #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling https:// tatus/1218242796425031682   …
Mk 17/01/2020 07:18
#justicefordjevolve This is bad #SomeonetellUhuru This kind of humiliation is not healthy for our country Like for William Ruto Retweet for Uhuru Kenyatta #Majengo #BabuOwino #InfluentialKE #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling #WeekendWithBetty #TTTT
Louie Pickle Binx 17/01/2020 10:12
I haven’t posted lately cuz I had a vet appt today to check a lump on my chest so we’ve been spending extra time together IRL But I have great news! It’s a lipoma = benign fatty tumor! Got my 1st puppacino to celebrate! #DogsOfTwitter #Dogs #FridayFeeling #NoCancer
Titmouse 17/01/2020 09:08
#FridayFeeling " I just want this one huge piece right here..." source ttgotguts IG
Tom Hall   ☘ 17/01/2020 11:25
So far, Friday is looking a lot like Monday... Except - there's the Weekend! #FridayFeeling #Work #FlashbackFriday #Caturday via @helikeswine
Oceana 17/01/2020 05:23
Dancing around because it's Friday! #FridayFeeling
Hazel & Remy 17/01/2020 07:26
A Lesson in Counting Kitties with that #FridayFeeling, by Hazel and Remy #CatsofTwitter
Liam Ball 17/01/2020 06:44
My favourite photos I've taken around Shropshire from the past week. #FridayFeeling
My favourite photos I've taken around Shropshire from the past week. #FridayFeeling <br>
Claire   💛 17/01/2020 03:17
Hope your having a good afternoon! #myviewnow #FridayFeeling
Hope your having a good afternoon!  #myviewnow #FridayFeeling <br>
Ceren Yurt 17/01/2020 09:33
Here's a trick for a temporary tattoo! #BlackSwan #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts
Elayne Boosler 17/01/2020 09:10
"Trump to Roll Back Michelle Obama's School Lunch Rules on Vegetables, Fruits." And will implement Third Lady Melanie Trump's "I Never Give Fuck Vat Happens to Udder People's Kids" program. #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling #FridayFunday
MingxiTzu   🇨🇦 17/01/2020 03:17
It’s #friyay frens! Oooh and I don’t know who needs this right now but I loves you! Just in case you forgot. #dogsoftwitter #FridayFeeling
It’s #friyay frens! Oooh and I don’t know who needs this right now but I loves you! Just in case you forgot.  #dogsoftwitter #FridayFeeling <br>
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