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Geoff Burgan 23/03/2019 06:46
#FireTurgeon. One Sweet 16 in 9 years doesn’t cut it in College Park. https:// atus/1109490300022652929   …
After making four of his first 17 shots to begin the season, Anthony Cowan broke out of his shooting slump with a pair of jumpers towards the end of the first half of Maryland’s second game Friday ...
Scott Rivers 23/03/2019 06:34
@Evans_TerpsAD do the right thing and #FireTurgeon . Enough is enough
With four years remaining on a contract that leaves him owed nearly $13 million and no buyout, Maryland would owe half of that figure almost immediately if the school were to fire Turgeon. Considering ...
Colin Tully 23/03/2019 06:29
Still 100% #FireTurgeon
Let's all calm down about Mark Turgeon Fri, 19 Feb 2016 13:06:00 GMT
People aren't happy with Mark Turgeon. You can find just about any sentiment you want on the Internet, but a "fire turgeon" Twitter search will take you to a dark place right now. So will perusing our ...
Ryan 23/03/2019 06:27
Maryland loses by 2 in a game where Turgeon got a pointless technical. #FireTurgeon
Turgeon was blasted on social media — there were plenty of #FireTurgeon hashtags — and on message ... in early February that was addressed to Evans and obtained by The Washington Post. It began: ...
Trish 23/03/2019 05:47
Can we please get that trending? #fireTurgeon
Calgary Flames taking the train. Brent Burns’ mane. Shot blockers in the shooting lane. Luongo is witty. Kadri is gritty. Bob’s goals-against average is itty-bitty. Kessel has flash. Chara can bash. ...
Josh G 23/03/2019 05:38
Back to my #FireTurgeon tweets
Charley Doerrman 23/03/2019 05:37
Oh we’re down by 13, let’s get T’d up that’ll help #FireTurgeon
Jordan Monk 23/03/2019 05:37
16 mins left of the Turd era? #FireTurgeon
Justin Czerwonka 23/03/2019 05:37
And you got called for a tech? Jeezus get this guy out of here. #Terps #FireTurgeon
Charley Doerrman 23/03/2019 05:36
Cause you know what’s definitely going to work at this point? Bring in Tomaic.....#FireTurgeon
@waterboiler 23/03/2019 05:35
How about that coaching? #fireturgeon movement
Mitchell Sperling 23/03/2019 05:35
So who wants to start a go fund me for the @UofMaryland to raise enough money to be able to afford to #FireTurgeon ??
Zero NCAA wins in 8 years vs. Power Conference teams, or single digit seeds. #FireTurgeon
Kevin Tehan 23/03/2019 05:34
Why is Tomaic in the game????? #terps #fireturgeon
Bruce Huber 23/03/2019 05:29
SlyGuy 23/03/2019 05:07
Out coached again. Why is Wiggins not taking more shots?? Cowan to the bench. #FireTurgeon
Mike Pette 23/03/2019 05:01
Can’t wait to see what Turg dials up for the 2nd half #FireTurgeon
Scott Rivers 23/03/2019 04:56
Another game. Another reason to #FireTurgeon
Jordan Monk 23/03/2019 04:55
Anyone got Cowan’s number. Tournament started 2 days ago. Just let him know. #FireTurgeon
Jordan Monk 23/03/2019 03:57
Ok Mark Turgeon today is a chance to build that resume for your new job in Nebraska. Don’t let us down! #FireTurgeon
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