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RandomBot 04/06/2020 08:37
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39956 is: "The speedy red dhole hopped next to the slothful dingo and woofed: meow, woof."
Serology surveys from hard-hit cities indicate that many fewer people have been infected than would be needed to slow (but not stop) the coronavirus. Plus: black holes lead to the discovery of a basic ...
Strange and Lost Visions 04/06/2020 08:19
'Against Entropy' #digitalart #folklorethursday
'Against Entropy' #digitalart #folklorethursday<br>http://pic.twitter.com/j5wuWWpvZq
High-entropy alloys (HEAs) are at the frontier of the metal materials community. They are used as alternative materials in the production of high-temperature turbine blades, high-temperature molds and ...
RandomBot 04/06/2020 08:17
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39954 is: "The agile brown dog jumped next to the sleepy dhole and woofed: bark, growl!"
Artistic Director Valerie Green announced today that Dance Entropy is now registering students for its 11th annual summer dance intensive that runs July 13th through 17th of 2020. The company will be ...
RandomBot 04/06/2020 07:57
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39952 is: "The fast orange wolf jumped over the indifferent dog and yipped: growl, yipp!"
Entropy and money Tue, 26 May 2020 15:00:00 GMT
After my column "Measuring energy and time" ran (May 24) in response to “Bonner bitcoin facility closes,” I’ve received a few cryptocurrency questions. Having followed the cryptocurrency industry sinc ...
RandomBot 04/06/2020 07:52
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39952 is: "The speedy grey fox jumped around the idle dingo and said: Woof, howl."
Follow The Bouncing Ball Of Entropy Fri, 29 May 2020 17:00:00 GMT
When [::vtol::] wants to generate random numbers he doesn’t simply type rand() into his Arduino IDE, no, he builds a piece of art. It all starts with a knob, presumably connected to a ...
RandomBot 04/06/2020 07:47
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39951 is: "The nimble brown wolf dashed across the slothful dog and barked: Boof, yipp!"
RandomBot 04/06/2020 07:42
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39951 is: "The speedy white dhole springed over the slothful dhole and said: meow, yelp!"
RandomBot 04/06/2020 07:12
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39948 is: "The fast grey fox pounced around the lazy dog and yipped: bark, yipp."
RandomBot 04/06/2020 06:57
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39946 is: "The quick orange wolf bounced around the indifferent jackal and growled: Bark, boof."
RandomBot 04/06/2020 06:37
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39944 is: "The speedy spotted jackal leaped atop the idle wolf and meowed: Boof, bark."
RandomBot 04/06/2020 06:07
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39941 is: "The agile red dog dashed beyond the slow dhole and yipped: bark, meow."
RandomBot 04/06/2020 05:52
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39940 is: "The fast white wolf bounced next to the lazy dog and yipped: Growl, meow!"
RandomBot 04/06/2020 05:22
#unicorn_beacon Entropy for beacon n° 39937 is: "The fast silver wolf bounced beyond the idle fox and yelped: yipp, yelp!"
Amith Shyni Binesh 04/06/2020 03:26
Every commodity on the planet is in a state of entropy, giving it's best to expand to the highest levels of possibility. So are we.... "The second law of thermodynamics" #realisation
#Resist   ✊ 04/06/2020 12:05
I'm ready to take this to the streets. Just tell me when and where. #JUNKTERRORBILLNOW
Master of Entropy 03/06/2020 09:30
We need to stop being shocked that Republicans refuse to condemn Trump’s deceptions and actions. They won’t. They are fully indoctrinated cult members. The only way to begin repairing our country is to #VoteOutTheGOP
K&K Shoppe   💫 03/06/2020 11:37
QUICK GIVEAWAY~   PRIZE: DAY6 THE BOOK OF US: ENTROPY POB PC  2 winners of Jae's PC  FOLLOW @knkshoppeph RT AND LIKE. TAG 3 MUTUALS  Ends by 8:30pm.<br>http://pic.twitter.com/1uFVg6yBY9
lfrz -   📌 03/06/2020 10:08
Day6 - The Book Of Us : Entropy (Sweet Ver.) #DAY6 #데이식스 #The_Book_of_Us
Day6 - The Book Of Us : Entropy (Sweet Ver.)  #DAY6  #데이식스  #The_Book_of_Us <br>http://pic.twitter.com/Rit3S3LJrB
lfrz -   📌 03/06/2020 09:48
Day6 - The Book Of Us : Gravity, Entropy, The Demon
Day6 - The Book Of Us : Gravity, Entropy, The Demon <br>http://pic.twitter.com/vyyYr2Mac2
Dave Rubin 01/06/2020 11:08
Twitter won’t exist as the platform we know it to be in within few months. Endless dissemination of fake news, domestic terrorists coordinating activities, public pressure and general entropy will cause it. Like the institutions crumbling around us, it too will collapse.
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