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Los mejores videos del EnVenezuelaChallenge el reto que lanzó el presidente Maduro feedyeti.com14133123519065 feedyeti.comVenezuela 1320x880 feedyeti.comjan hurtado feedyeti.comnico feedyeti.comKeydomar feedyeti.comNicolasGuerra22 feedyeti.com20111020JPC 04 feedyeti.comEugenio Suárez 06 05 feedyeti.comSeleVinotinto feedyeti.combarcelona feedyeti.comRonald Acuña Jr. Foto principal feedyeti.comEdwars Varela feedyeti.comBaloncesto feedyeti.comJudoca Marcos Blanco obtiene primera medalla de plata para Venezuela feedyeti.comAnthony Santander1 feedyeti.com20111020JPC 02 feedyeti.comangy feedyeti.com

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Nicolás Maduro 26/08/2019 03:09
I share an extraordinary piece of music that inspires us and fills us with deep national love. I summon a challenge: that each one of us post in their social network accounts a piece of this beautiful song: Venezuela. #EnVenezuelaChallenge
[email protected]: It is time for awareness, national unity, deep love & strength to always defend & protect the Homeland together as comrades, overcoming any difference. Long live Venezuela! #InVenezuelaChallenge #EnVenezuelaChallenge
MIPPCI 23/08/2019 08:44
¡SOMOS LEALES, SOMOS DE VERDAD! #EnVenezuelaChallenge #VacacionesEnPazYFelices https:// twitter.com/jorgerpsuv/sta tus/1165000885791055873   …
When we see young students from Dominica dedicate themselves from the heart to understand and learn our song #Venezuela we know that the seed of Bolivarian principle of solidarity shared among the peoples germinates in the Caribbean. #EnVenezuelaChallenge
#EnVenezuelaChallenge #Video from NIGERIA, the Aluta Band has made a performance inspired by the subtle music and lyrics of “En Venezuela” song. Watch out @ypimentel2021 @davidvpsuv @MFAVenezuela @Dimejimacaulay @SolidarityNiVen @liokluisa @_NoMoreTrump @CimarronWarao
teleSUR English 14/09/2019 05:00
#EnVenezuelaChallenge is a musical challenge proposed by President @NicolasMaduro. It consists of sharing fragments of the "#Venezuela" song on social media -one of the most iconic themes of the country. Video from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, #TheCaribbean.
#Kenya for #Venezuela. An expression of solidarity among peoples. #EnVenezuelaChallenge #NoMoreTrump #NoMasTrump #diplomaciadePaz @CancilleriaVE @ypimentel2021 @jaarreaza
Delcy Rodríguez 08/09/2019 01:46
The joy of our people is the reflection of love for their homeland, it is the resistance of a people that will not stop fighting for its independence, the bood of freedom run trough their veins. Long Live Venezuela! #EnVenezuelaChallenge
Nicolás Maduro 08/09/2019 01:16
RT @pinfantea: LONG LIVE VENEZUELA! Today, together with the children of the Homeland in the sector "Cruz Baja de Brisas" of Propatria in the parish of Sucre, we join the challenge of our President @NicolasMaduro #EnVenezuelaChallenge We [...] t.tuiteros.org.ve/RMEM  
Mc Crain, a citizen who arrived in Saint Lucia from the USA sends a message of solidarity to the People of Venezuela. He is saying to us #NomoreTrump and in his native language, he joins our #EnVenezuelaChallenge @maduro_en @jaarreaza @CancilleriaVE
Oswald Williams, saxophonist from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines plays the beautiful song “Venezuela” and he joins to #EnVenezuelaChallenge #NoMoreTrump #NoMasTrump @MFAVenezuela @DesbloqueaVE @FPerezSantana @telesurenglish @VTVcanal8 @jaarreaza @IVCC_SVG
James Gibson, treasurer of the Unity Labor Party Youth in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines joins to #EnVenezuelaChallenge #NoMoreTrump #NoMasTrump @DesbloqueaVE @CancilleriaVE @MFAVenezuela @FPerezSantana @ComradeRalph @telesurenglish @IVCC_SVG
Conrad Phillips, Saint Lucian and student of the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (IVCC), visited us today to show solidarity with the People of Venezuela in the opportunity to join us with is wonderful voice #EnVenezuelaChallenge @NicolasMaduro @jaarreaza
Alexa Benilan 28/08/2019 01:06
From every corner of the world they show us that Venezuela is not alone. #EnVenezuelaChallenge #BanderaAdmirableEnLaPqaSucre #SaludGratuitaYDeCalidad
From every corner of the world they show us that Venezuela is not alone. #EnVenezuelaChallenge #BanderaAdmirableEnLaPqaSucre #SaludGratuitaYDeCalidad<br>http://pic.twitter.com/1NvuJfN0mj
@NicolasMaduro @ConCiliaFlores @DrodriguezVen @dcabellor @VTVcanal8 @ Venceremos!!! #EnVenezuelaChallenge #MotorMinero
@NicolasMaduro @ConCiliaFlores @DrodriguezVen @dcabellor @VTVcanal8 @ Venceremos!!! #EnVenezuelaChallenge #MotorMinero<br>http://pic.twitter.com/Y6DobhyVNq
[email protected]: People around the world show their support to Vzla. From Japan, the volunteer youth group of the Peace Boat joins the #EnVenezuelaChallenge #InVenezuelaChallenge & expresses its solidarity by singing the song “Venezuela”. Thank you, brothers!
CesarBatallador 27/08/2019 04:41
Thank you for your solidarity with the group of Young Peace Boat volunteers joining the #EnVenezuelaChallenge singing the song notes #Venezuela #NoMasTrump #NoMoreTrump #VenezuelaEnLuchaYVictoria https:// twitter.com/i/status/11663 84426424655872   …
En Batalla! #EnVenezuelaChallenge #MisionesSocialesConElPueblo @ProfeGian @Culturazemonag @NicolasMaduro @noraboutt *╔══•ೋ° °ೋ══╗* #LaMareaHeroica #ModoActivo *╚══•ೋ° °ೋ══╝*
Sounds of the drums of solidarity from Kenya. The Haile Selassie Foundation expresses its solidarity with #Venezuela. #24Ago #EnVenezuelaChallenge #NoMoreTrump #NoMasTrump @CancilleriaVE @jaarreaza @ernestovillegaspol
Sorely Pereira 24/08/2019 12:34
¡ETIQ #VacacionesEnPazYFelices RETO #EnVenezuelaChallenge @ConElMazoDando @tuiteros_vzla #TuiterosActivos @Olsm09 @HozMasiel @Albani718 @NarbiRD25 @roiltmancortes @zao25 @NicolasMaduro @CarnetDLaPatria @Patria_ve https:// youtu.be/iVWtZK50MXU  
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