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This is art
This is art<br>
LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said on Wednesday he was not willing to rule out the possibility that Britain leaves the European Union without an exit deal. Asked if ...
star 17/01/2019 02:16
taehyung cantando someone like you eu:
taehyung cantando someone like you  eu: <br>
European Union Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says the bloc is stepping up preparations for a chaotic no-deal departure of Britain from the bloc after the rejection of the draft withdrawal deal ...
Sofia eu te amo  ❤ 17/01/2019 01:26
daddies que queremos sentar Kevin Mckidd
daddies que queremos sentar   Kevin Mckidd<br>
The scale of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit defeat has convinced the European Union to demand she radically rethink the U.K.’s red lines as the bloc signaled its willingness to delay Britain’s wi...
STRASBOURG, France — European Union leaders were pleading Wednesday with the U.K. to finally get its act together on Brexit, end internal strife and come up with a realistic plan to leave the bloc — w...
eU | Samsora 17/01/2019 01:17
In this edition of The Brief from Brussels: After the Brexit chaos in London, EU Parliament sees the ball squarely in the British camp Also in brief: NATO sees Russia, international terror groups as b...
steh × ͜ × 17/01/2019 01:01
Louis: Who’s gonna be the last one to drive away? Who’s gonna be the last one to forget this place? eu:
The Spectator Index 16/01/2019 11:25
POLL: British voters if another Brexit referendum was held. Remain in EU: 53% Leave the EU: 47% (ComRes)
EL4C 16/01/2019 11:14
YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS: For all those saying Labour's idea to renegotiate the deal with the EU is "fantasy".... here is the EU's CHIEF NEGOTIATOR saying that if a different approach came from the UK, the EU would RECIPROCATE. There you have it.
Churros <br>
David Schneider 16/01/2019 11:09
Such a shameful part of the Brexit catastrofuck: the treatment of EU Citizens in the UK, like Brits in the EU, still in limbo after 937 days. So vital to show them our support. #HandsOff https:// tatus/1085649651741552644   …
this is real !!!
this is real !!!<br>
Christopher Meyer 16/01/2019 10:46
How can anyone possibly think that staying in the customs union is consistent with the Ref. result? The customs union was enshrined in the Treaty of Rome, a founding pillar of the EU. If we are not out of the Rome Treaty, we are not out of anything.
Irishmonk 16/01/2019 10:44
The EU did not invade Ireland. The EU did not partition Ireland. The EU did not blow up 200 roads crossing Ireland. The EU did not use 30,000 troops to maintain its border in Ireland. The EU did not ask for Brexit. Own YOUR own shit. GB.
king m 16/01/2019 10:31
eu no comeback
eU Saintt 16/01/2019 10:28
Something doesn’t add up here
Something doesn’t add up here <br>
Where's Murphy? 16/01/2019 10:26
Just to be clear, I have no fucks to give whether the UK stays in the EU or not, my only concern is that Scotland does.
Robert Peston 16/01/2019 10:17
How many times has @theresa_may sworn blind her Brexit deal is only one on offer from EU? Well tonight she confirmed she will talk to all party leaders, including @jeremycorbyn, to construct a Brexit deal that could get through parliament. Flexibility? Desperation? Pointless?
David Schneider 16/01/2019 10:15
Theresa May still only talking to Leavers, still ignoring Remainers, still talking about this mythical “overwhelming majority” that wants us to get on with it, still saying it’s time to act in the national interest without admitting that the national interest is to stay in the EU
LabourAgainstBrexit #FBPE 16/01/2019 10:10
"Overwhelmingly the British people want us to get on with delivering Brexit" @theresa_may We don't, the majority of us want to Remain and have done so for over a year. You are full of shit.
Michael Heaver 16/01/2019 10:08
May should be making clear we're leaving on 29th March with No Deal unless EU get real, make changes and renegotiate. Disappointing.
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