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BrownsBackersnewz 17/08/2018 03:29
At the same time I am worried about Bryant's baggage & stunting Higgins development we still got Njoku and Duke Johnson who can catch passes too inless your going all in for a playoff run now with Tyrod and gonna trade for Mack while you have the cap .
SAN DIEGO, CA - OCTOBER 04: Running back Duke Johnson Jr. #29 of the Cleveland Browns catches a touchdown pass in front of Donald Butler #56 of the San Diego Chargers in the second quarter at Qualcomm ...
Frank McGowan 17/08/2018 02:57
@Fantasy_Guru offered John Ross &Duke Johnson for Brady. Already have Rodgers and A. smith at QB in auction 1 QB start league. Do I pull trigger or keep Brady and platoon with Rodgers all year. Top 3 RBs are Freeman, Miller, and Coleman. Top3 wrs Diggs,Cobb, Jordy.
Duke Johnson will remain at running back this season. The 24-year-old told Cleveland.com at the start of training camp he was interested in becoming a wide receiver. But, Browns coach Hue Jackson said ...
Jake Burns 17/08/2018 01:43
Next the RB position is vastly improved from a depth standpoint. 2 downhill backs in Hyde & Chubb who can produce from the gun offset or the I-form/single back. Mix in Duke Johnson's versatility and you have an improvement.
BEREA, Ohio -- Duke Johnson might want to switch to wide receiver, but his head coach isn't about to make that move. "I want to be a slot receiver," Johnson told cleveland.com at the start of training ...
Sam @ BIGPLAY 17/08/2018 01:04
BEREA, Ohio -- Since the Cleveland Browns selected running back Duke Johnson Jr. out of the University of Miami (Florida) in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft, his greatest contributions have come ...
Perfect Browns 17/08/2018 01:03
Browns win 46-16! QB Kevin Hogan airs out 168 yards through the air, WR Josh Gordon snags 75 receiving yards and RB Duke Johnson Jr. bolts for 155 yards on the ground.
Duke Johnson Jr. is one of the Cleveland Browns most electrifying playmakers on offense. Although his team went 0-16 last season, the third-year running back showed off his versatility no matter where ...
Ocho 17/08/2018 12:50
Duke Johnson? RB by committee too much talent and shared wealth. Staying away especially with that dude Hue Jackson as HC
Anomalisa (2015) | Dir. Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson "Look for what is special about each individual, focus on that."
Anomalisa (2015) | Dir. Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson  "Look for what is special about each individual, focus on that." <br>http://pic.twitter.com/EVtLH91Wls
Mathew Taylor 17/08/2018 10:45
You forgot Seth Devalve and Duke Johnson
Perfect Browns 17/08/2018 06:56
Browns win 46-6! QB DeShone Kizer hurls 242 yards through the air, WR Corey Coleman snags 97 receiving yards and RB Duke Johnson Jr. ran for 73 yards on the ground.
Dirty Rob. 17/08/2018 02:32
Picture this. Dez and Josh on the outside, Landry and Callaway in the slots with Duke Johnson come at you. It could be magic.?!
Bitter Sandra 17/08/2018 02:17
Got a few dope things in the mail today. 1) my UM flag that Iโ€™m holding high for @MajorNine @David_Njoku80 @DukeJohnson_8 & #twitterlessjermaine from the 1st row at the @Browns game tomorrow /// 2) @Give2UM @CanesFootball black lot passes finally arrived
Got a few dope things in the mail today. 1) my UM flag that Iโ€™m holding high for @MajorNine @David_Njoku80 @DukeJohnson_8 & #twitterlessjermaine from the 1st row at the @Browns game tomorrow /// 2)  @Give2UM @CanesFootball black lot passes finally arrived <br>http://pic.twitter.com/bOGqsIX711
With Njoku and Duke Johnson. The weapons
TrillBillie 16/08/2018 07:51
Might just be me but workman kinda looks like duke Johnson. I might just be too sober but idk man.
Julio Brown 16/08/2018 06:15
Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey, Duke Johnson, Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield, David Njoku, do you want me to keep going?
If Dez signs in Cleveland then these players stocks drop for me based on targets alone that Dez will amass -Jarvis Landry -Duke Johnson -Callaway -Especially Njoku If Landry was playing strictly slot I wouldnโ€™t worry but with him being all over it matters @DynastyHHPod
Chat Sports 16/08/2018 03:13
NFL Fun Fact: Duke Johnson Jr. can become the first running back in NFL history with at least 500 receiving yards in each of his first four seasons. @DukeJohnson_8 career rec yds: 2015) 534 2016) 514 2017) 693 Will Duke get 500 receiving yards in 2018? #Browns #NFL
Mike 16/08/2018 02:54
Duke Johnson, Njoku, Callaway, Gordon our offense is loaded
Justin Lonero 16/08/2018 12:57
Duke Johnsonโ€™s round 8 PPR ADP is a joke. He finished RB 11 in 2017. (Spare me the Hyde and Chubb nonsense) heโ€™s 24 and just got paid. Johnson is essentially a glorified Gio Bernard ( I also dig Bernard at his current cost).
Heath Cummings 15/08/2018 05:23
One thing about Chris Thompson & Duke Johnson vs. Gio Bernard. All have value in PPR regardless of injuries. But Gio is 1 injury away from feature role. Duke is 2 injuries away. Thompson is an infinite number away.
StateOfTheU.com 15/08/2018 02:18
Duke Johnson and Jermaine Grace with early screen time in addition to the Njoku feature #HardKnocks
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